Justin Trudeau SILENT Regarding China’s Concentration Camps For Muslims

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The man is one heck of an ODDBALL. Justin Trudeau will go to bat for ANY issue related to so-called “Islamophobia.” From the Quebec mosque murders to a teenager who had her hijab pulled off in public, Mr. Trudeau is a staunch defender of every aspect of Islamic belief, practice and ideology.

And yet, when it comes to oppression against ONE MILLION Muslims in China, Mr. Virtue-Signal has turned his headlights off. CAP is puzzled. The fate of estimated up to a million Muslims is unknown and most of the detainees’ families have been kept in the dark.

China has intensified its campaign of mass internment, intrusive surveillance, political indoctrination and forced cultural assimilation against the region’s Uighurs, Kazakhs and other predominantly Muslim ethnic groups.

Wow. What a GIANT case of racism against Trudeau’s chosen people. This, of course, creates a giant DILEMMA for Justin Globetrotter. Who to back– China, or Islam?

For Mr. Trudeau, this is not simply a choice of one or the other. It is, in fact, a EXISTENTIAL question of huge proportions. After all, China and Islam are both TOP priority for the Trudeau family. Based on Justin’s behaviour as prime minister, CAP maintain these are the two MOST IMPORTANT entities on earth for our PM.

Therefore, Justin is STUCK. Speak out against mass oppression in China, and he angers China’s government. Stay silent, and the thousands of Islamic non-profit organizations Trudeau funds with our tax dollars will be angry.

Therefore, Justin remains SILENT.  Is China committing a “genocide” of these Chinese Muslims? Obviously, Trudeau doesn’t think so. But what he does consider genocidal is the treatment of Aboriginals by way of English Canada. At the time of the founding of Canada in 1867, our nation had a population of 150,000 First Nations peoples. In 2019, there are 1.6 MILLION indigenous peoples in Canada.

The internment of predominantly Muslim ethnic groups in the XUAR intensified after highly restrictive and discriminatory “Regulations on De-extremification” were adopted in March 2017.  At this time, Justin was already sitting on the throne of Canada. What were his comments on this global human rights violation— an issue normally near-and-dear to Trudeau’s “heart?”

Nothing. Not a peep. Yet, our PM has plenty to say about the short comings of the nation he was elected to lead. On how many occasions has Trudeau branded Canadians racist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic and genocidal?

Yet China is INNOCENT as the lambs. What a maroon. Whenever there’s a political dispute in the United States, the Canadian media elites demand that Canadian politicians make some sort of virtue-signalling statement. Yet, why don’t those SAME media elites make those SAME demands when it comes to the concentration camps being operated by Communist China

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CAP has written extensively on Trudeau family favouritism toward China. Suffice to say that for decades a “special” relationship has existed between the Trudeau family and the communist nation.  For reasons Canadians will never be privy to by way of establishment media, the Liberal Party of Canada and the communist government of China have very close ties. Therefore, King Justin REFUSES to call out China’s government on the mistreatment of a million of its citizens.

Hypocrites much? Yes– all the time. For Justin Trudeau and his cronies, the covert relationship with China is more important than the lives of millions its citizens. Funny, Chairman Mao Tse Tung was the same–except in his case he wiped out 10 MILLION people. The Trudeau family never said a SINGLE WORD condemning this mass murder.

You see, for the Trudeaus– Pierre, Justin and commie-brother Alexandre, ideological goals TRUMP every other purpose of national leadership. Therefore, if millions have to die in the name of an ideological cause– so be it!

CAP will caution this dynamic ALSO APPLIES to the treatment of Anglophones and Christians in Canada. These folks better watch their backs–a Trudeau is in charge of our nation. Meaning we are living in a political environment with a prime minister willing to SACRIFICE to achieve an ideological goal.

This was Pierre. This is Justin. The fact sonny-boy has remained silent regarding Muslims in China SPEAKS VOLUMES.


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