Justin Trudeau Silent Attack On English Canada

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Ancient Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu said it best:

“The most effective war is a silent war.”

Considering the recent dust-up regarding alleged Chinese government interference in Canadian federal elections, the timing is right for further exploration of the  phenomenon of covert warfare.

Times change, and so do tactics utilized in successful warfare. Post-modern warfare is waged from within a society.

Today’s weaponry includes government propaganda, media obfuscation, and in terms of Canada specifically, what one may call the woke liberal ethos. In truth, our nation has been transitioned to a status unique among countries of the world.

One primary demarcation is found in the area of national self-loathing. In 2015, PM Justin Trudeau got the globalist ball rolling with a series of apologies to Canada’s “special interest” communities.

“We failed them,” uttered Mr. Trudeau when addressing historical racism in Canada. Aboriginal, Sikh, Jewish, Muslim, Chinese, Gay, Transgender. Each and everyone.

By doing so, Trudeau laid the groundwork for what was to follow. A debasement of national pride, the rise of the masochist woke Canadian. self-battery on the part of the liberal “snowflake” citizens.

Pre-meditated in intent, the silent goal set-up what was to follow. In a covert fashion, without media saying so, came what Cultural Action Party call “the running of the Anglophone.”

No one has said it outloud. Mainstream media won’t touch it, and to this day, continue to bury the flipside of the woke equation: the impact upon Canada’s Anglophone communities.

In 2023, PM Trudeau has given new meaning to the term the “silent majority.”  CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star. Not one has ever touched the topic of Canada’s rapidly shrinking Anglo-European communities. They must want the same things that Trudeau, New Democratic Leader Jagmeet Singh and the rest of the Liberal-NDP Socialist Coalition government are pining for.

And what would this be? We lay it on the line: English Canada, and all it has represented since our nation’s founding in 1867, is finished. Shock and awe arises among the minions of Canada’s naive citizenship. CAP maintain our position. Just because you haven’t heard of it, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

‘Canada’s McCarthyism And The Spies Stirring A Yellow Peril Scare’

“Anonymously but very effectively, they’re peddling racist tropes about the loyalty of Canadians of Chinese descent.”

Those who assume this is sourced from the Trudeau government-funded Sing Tao News should think again. No– this is Al Jazeera, media hypocrites who specialize in branding Canada a racist society.

Talk about teamwork. Serving as a quality microcosm for our thesis, we begin to pick up on the true meaning of “progressive” politics in Canada. As in, our Anglophone peoples are to be progressed right out of the gate of society.

This month, Canada’s annual Islamic promotion month arrives in the form of  Ramadan. Canadian media’s approach to the event comes across like a tidal wave of pro-Islamic sentiment.

CIC News, a branch of federal government, position it like this:

“How Do Canadians Celebrate Ramadan?”

Correct answer: we don’t. Just 4% of the Canadian demographic indulge in the practice. Not that it stops government from propagandizing society into believing the religious celebration is a core component of contemporary Canada.

Naturally, the marginalization of “Old Stock” Canadians wouldn’t be complete without serving up a generous portion of so-called “Islamophobia.”

One has to wonder. How can it be that Muslim Canada is thriving at the same time as virulent hatred is directed at their communities.? If said community is so hated, how can the following exist.

Canadian MPs, Senators:

Salma Zahid, Omar Alghabra, Iqra Khalid, Ali Ehsani, Faycal El-Koury, Lena Diab, Majid Jowhari, Sameer Zuberi, Shafquat Ali, Talib Noormohamed, Yasir Naqvi, Salma Atalljahan, Sabi Marwah, Mohamed Iqbal, Hassan Yussuff, Ziad Aboulaif.

Can’t quite hear you, Canadian media.“Go ask your mother,” being the assumed retort.

And, of course, there is much more of this to come. Justin Trudeau and back-up quarterback Jagmeet Singh have only begun to get the ball rolling.

Upon which we delve into an area CBC and the rest refuse to touch: the future of our country. Think about it for a moment. How often is it that CTV, Montreal Gazette or Ottawa Citizen delve into the future political status of our country?

What will this situation be like in 2038? How about 2044? Notice how future dates never appear within Canada’s political media narrative. Know why this is? Because our government does not want citizens to think about the future of our country.

By 2038, white Canadians will have transitioned into a minority community. We present the verboten: 1988- 2088– A One Hundred-Year Social Trajectory.

In 1988, Multiculturalism in Canada became official policy. According to our uber-powerful multicultural lobby, representation in government must reflect the demographic make-up of any particular riding.

In 1988, Anglo-Europeans dominated our national demographic, as well as political leadership. By 2088, perhaps 10% of our population will be of caucasian descent.

What a giant favour to our communities– not! And to think that the individual who did it to us is ex-Liberal PM, Pierre Trudeau. Readers might want to do themselves a favour. Take a look at the number of MPs who qualify either as Quebecois, or 3rd World-derived.

Did you know? Among PM Justin Trudeau’s 39 members of the Liberal Cabinet, just 9 are Anglophone males. In 2023. What will Parliamentary composition look like in, let’s say, 2048?

It doesn’t take Professor Stephen Hawking to deduce the outcome. But it does take a fair bit of work on behalf of a concerned Canadian to figure all this out. After all, establishment media are never going to spill the globalist beans.

Our 100-year trajectory becomes clear. Immigration, multiculturalism and anti-Anglophone sentiment will result in a total inversion of not only demographic representation, but that of political control in Canada.

Newly elected Premier of Yukon Ranj Pillai has issued the following statement:

“Muslims around the world and here in the Yukon are preparing for Ramadan.”

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wishes all Muslims in Canada and around the world a blessed and peaceful Ramadan.”

Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen, Canadian Minister of Multiculturalism:

“Tonight, at sundown, Muslims across Canada and around the world mark the beginning of Ramadan.”

What, pray-tell, is the message inherent in the consistency of the “around the world” rhetoric? Are these folks the future of Canada. Did you know? The number one source nation for immigration at this moment is India. 25% of migrants in 2022 were sourced from the Hindu-Sikh state.

This, fellow patriots, is the future of Canada. To rub salt into the Anglophone wounds, we offer the following quotations:

“The reality is, our Canada is a place of racism, of violence.”

—NDP Party Leader Jagmeet Singh, June 14th 2021.

“There are stories of us scapegoating minorities in this country that, unfortunately, is a part of our past — to leave aside the shameful colonial history that we’re trying to reconcile.”

“There are many institutions that we have in this country, including that big building across the street from us, Parliament, that has and is built around a system of colonialism, or discrimination or systemic racism.”

Justin Trudeau.

The paradoxical nature of Canadian politics is thus revealed. The more a politician loathes English Canada, the higher they climb on the political totem pole.

And here some people still believe our society is imbued with “white privilege.”

11 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Silent Attack On English Canada”

  1. These two SOB’s are out to kill Canada as we know it……..be sure to vote for your Conservative candidate’s to get some logical people into our Government and keep us from becoming a third world desert

  2. It will require huge effort to reverse the anti white hatred that is disguised as “multiculturism”. This subversion of Canadian society has been growing since its early figure head, Pierre Elliot Trudeau first sat in th Prime Minister’s offic in 1968. Successive governments have failed to thwart the Marxist encroachment on Canada. The gradual infiltration of Marxism into institutions such as academia, media, the legal profession, justice system, financial services, corporations, and other institutions has gone largely unchallenged. Conservative voices are either ignored or villified by government and media. Alternate internet based media is now under threat from the Liberal/NDP Marxist government via their anti freedom Bill C-11. What will it take for vast numbers of Canadians to challenge the accelerating subversion of our society?

    • “Anti-white hatred disguised as multiculturalism”…exactly what it is, as founded by Quebecois communist Pierre Trudeau.

  3. Well Canada had a good run….until the first Trudeau.. The people will get what they deserve. People keep their heads in the sand and refuse to talk about or do anything about many issues whether immigration to reforming healthcare.

    I guess the media and public education system s brainwashing worked. People are petrified of being called racist.

    Sad how the greatest generation fought and died for freedom only to have their kids piss it all away…. The late silents and boomers have no concern about their kids being denied jobs, post secondary education, housing etc and being blamed for everything, but they got theirs, and to hell with those that follow…

    • I’m 77 and I’m always emailing that horrid Trudeau, the provincial government and city council about the ‘woke’ and rotten things they are doing, have done or are going to do. I keep telling my friends and children to email as well. If enough people raise their voices against this woke communist mess, maybe politicians will listen, but I doubt it. The only thing that might work is a nation-wide tax revolt, but Canadians are too apathetic to even do that.

  4. Left to right pictured in the article’s photo

    1. Harjit Singh Sajjan – Minister of National Defense
    2. Justout Turdeau – P.ansy M.an of wanna-be Post-National State of un-Canada
    3. Navdeep Bains – Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development
    4. Goldy Hyder – President and Chief Executive Officer – Business Council of Canada
    5. Amarjeet Sohi – Mayor of Edmonton

    Looks to me in the prime minister’s cabinet then and now that there’s a definite plan, just call it an advancing East-Indianization of Canada!

    Check out Green Space Alliance and their affiliation with the city of Edmonton who has a former Khalistan proponent as mayor.
    Check out their ‘principals’ and realize the operative of “The Great Replacement” is unfolding.

  5. I’m 77 and I’m always emailing that horrid Trudeau, the provincial government and city council about the ‘woke’ and rotten things they are doing, have done or are going to do. I keep telling my friends and children to email as well. If enough people raise their voices against this woke communist mess, maybe politicians will listen, but I doubt it. The only thing that might work is a nation-wide tax revolt, but Canadians are too apathetic to even do that.

  6. Multiculturalism was designed to marginalize both anglophone and francophone Canadians, so the feds could uproot them, and replace with voters, who vote Liberal. Pierre Trudeau as much said so, Pluralistic society w a non pluralistic or singular government. The Trudeau’s have been leading us down one blind alley to the next, based on ideology of cultural Marxism. Multiculturalism was implemented for division not cohesion, to take out the anglophone hegemony. The more extreme ideas the better — the more discourse against the host culture.


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