Justin Trudeau SILENT As UK Child-Killer/Pedophile Prepares To Move To Canada

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The first thing which must be understood in this case is that the person who murdered the two-year old child was 10 years-of-age at the time of the murder. He was not an adult, he was a child himself.

Notorious child-killer and paedophile, Jon Venables, will be given money to MOVE to Canada in a few short days because “it will be cheaper for UK taxpayers,” according to a report in the Daily Mail.

“The thinking is that it would be cheaper to get rid of him abroad, than keep forking out,” an insider source told the British newspaper.

Canadian sources have yet to confirm whether the country will be accepting Venables.  Conservative Party Leader and candidate for prime minister Andrew Scheer made the following comment on the matter:

“Disturbing that this pedophile child killer might come to Canada. Apparently this isn’t the first time this has come up. As Prime Minister I won’t let him come here. Where does Trudeau stand?”

CAP Response: He stands where he always stands– foreigners first, Old Stock Canada, last.

Scheer continues: “Our country should not be a DUMPING GROUND for murderers, terrorists, and perverts.”

Nonsense! We live in Justin Trudeau and MP Ahmed Hussen’s Canada: The land where criminals and terrorists have their citizenship re-instated by our Liberal government.

Andrew Scheer is referring to a pre-Justin Trudeau Canada. Within that society, rule of law was rule number one. Say goodbye to this one. Social equality was reasonably well established. Justin Trudeau killed this with his fawning to the Nation of Islam and LGBT-warriors. Our nation maintained a modicum of freedom of speech and freedom of press. “Sayonora” to these fundamentals of democratic society–Comrade Justin is in town.

Venables is now 36-years old and is expected to be released and transferred abroad, most likely to Canada.

Insider sources claim that the transfer will take place at night due to the risk posed by a “handful of people who know who he really is and where he is.” 

After his initial conviction, Venables was further jailed for possessing a paedophile manual and over 1,000 images of child pornography. 

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Now, let us analyze Justin Trudeau’s response to the situation. It’s pretty easy, actually–he has no position. Now, let’s imagine  hypothetical statement from Mr. Trudeau:

“As Prime Minister, I won’t let him come here.” Frankly, it is not impossible King Justin will utter this proclamation to the people of Canada. We will believe it when we hear it. Taking a guess based upon  featherweight Justin’s stand against foreign killers, murdering migrants and raping refugees, he will say nothing at all.

Wading into the waters of  the sardonic, it can be reasonably stated that, in fact, the Trudeau government has a “sweet spot” for these types. Remember in 2018 when a Syrian refugee allegedly murdered  13-year old Marrisa Shen? Anyone recall Trudeau’s bizarre response when questioned on the murder by a CBC reporter? The man actually chuckled in nervous laughter– bizarre!

Why does CAP refer to the accused as an “alleged” murderer? Because the alleged has not been convicted of the murder. Also, he has not been “un-convicted.” The story has been BURIED. After all, the fellow was one of Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen’s “chosen”— the type with a similar background to his– Middle Eastern, Islamic and a refugee.

Where is the justice for poor Marrisa Shen? Answer: As of yet–there is none. What a perfect microcosm for Trudeau’s NEW Canada. You see, for those of Hussen’s ilk, Canada only exists for a single purpose: to serve as an “international repository for the troubled of the world”— including Third World migrants who have serious trouble with the law.

“Oh, Canada– our globalist hotel of a native land.”

“Give us this day Ahmed Hussen’s troubled brethren of the Third World, and everything everything else Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalists demand, and all will be just swell.”

Canada was not founded for the purpose of serving criminals, murderers and various foreign trouble-makers. This is George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation” Canada. It is “United Nations” Canada, as well as that of geo-political Islam, and communist China.

What this “new” Canada is not:: An Old Stock Canadian’s Canada, Anglophone Canada, French Canada, First Nation’s Canada, and any other community which DEFIES Trudeau, and Hussen’s Canada.

In other words, behind-the-backs of the people of Canada, Justin Trudeau and his backers have orchestrated the biggest TRANS-formation in Canadian history–the placement of Old Stock Canada “at the back of the bus.” There will be no Rosa Parks coming to save your honky ass.

Welcome, Child Killers! So can ya hear it. Impossible? Clearly, this remains to be seen. CAP bet this Trudeau political imposter issues  not a single word on the subject.











2 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau SILENT As UK Child-Killer/Pedophile Prepares To Move To Canada”

  1. Why is this child murderer getting out at all??? He should be serving LIFE behind bars, but if they insist in giving him freedom why not freedom in an Arab country? He’d do fine there, no one would even know he was a child murderer:)

  2. What happened to our rule where criminals are shipping back to where they come from!!!!!!
    Why do we have to be scared in our own land, no Trudeau, you’ll be protected but the rest of us are not. How dare you put a criminal before all of us!
    You need to take care of us first! That’s why your paid! Too take care of FAMILY first! Not Criminals!
    Where’s your head? Up your……
    Your not for us, your not doing your job for us!


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