Justin Trudeau Silent As China Sentences Canadian Citizen To Death For Dope Pushing

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“We’re very concerned by this sentence. Canada stands firmly opposed to the use of the death penalty everywhere around the world. We think that this is a cruel and inhumane punishment which should not be used in any country.”

So says Minister Of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland. Where is the prime minister on this issue? The place he has always been–nowhere at all. With a foreign relations issue of this magnitude, does it not make sense for Justin Trudeau to publicly condemn the action, and call for a repeal of the death sentence?

Trudeau had the ability to intervene in multiple cases of so-called Islamophobia. When a young girl supposedly had her hijab torn off in public, Justin was on the condemnation case straight away. Turns out she lied–but this beside the point.

The point is Justin Trudeau is a passive wimp when it comes to the Nation of China. Perhaps a statement will be forthcoming, however if a death sentence is not enough to motivate Trudeau to puck up the phone and call China’s supreme leader, what is?

Trudeau’s Commie Canada: Who Voted For an Anti-Christian, Pro-Islamic Liberal Government?

Justin Trudeau is the most curious decision-maker of any prime minister in history. Many of his choices are downright baffling. Consistently supporting human rights initiatives for non-Canadians with billions of tax payer dollars, Justin may well leave a Canadian convicted of drug dealing to be executed by the communist regime of China.

Considering his track record of standing up to the nations he admires–China, Cuba, as well as various Middle Eastern autocracies, chances are he will be entirely ineffective.

Justin Trudeau as the right choice for prime minister from 2019-2022?  Cultural Action Party wouldn’t  bet on that for all the canola oil in China. 


9 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Silent As China Sentences Canadian Citizen To Death For Dope Pushing”

  1. THEY Don’t KNOW THE MEANING OF TRUTH? The Damn LIBTURDS?Steven Harper Comment? Never Truer Words were ever Said. Trudeau is Not Ready and Never will be? TRUDEAU’S Trail of nothing but BROKEN PROMISES? Lying Bastards? DRAMA TEACHER??What can I say about this so called Man? Certainly nothing nice?This is our wonderful Prime Minister? Our So called Crime Minister??? Trudeau is a Liar, Sneak and a Thief?. What ever happened to the promised complete DISCLOSURE? Complete DISCLOSURE MY ASS? Nothing But A complete LIAR?.

  2. This Fall Election could well be the crookedest (is that a word) Election in the history of Canada – makes the last USA Election look great – most of us new the agenda for bringing in illegal immigrants and his altering election rules but this one should have non Liberal Courts watching every move

  3. Maybe the majority of those who have been gifted with P.R. Permanent Residency will feel an obligation towards Canada and keeping it Canadian and not towards Trudeau. Miracles do happen.

  4. Hopefully the potheads will stay home and not vote this election because with their drug of choice being legal there’s no reason to vote this election.

  5. I have a hard time feeling sorry for a dope pusher who tries to peddle his product illegally overseas. And do you really want this dope pusher back in Canada? Cripes, Trudeau would probably hand him $10.5 million and an apology! But still, the Canadian government should be offering support to its citizens, who run on the wrong side of the law overseas. Cripes, Chrystia Freeland screams for gender and indigenous rights at home, but what has she done as Canada’s former foreign minister and now deputy prime minister?


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