Justin Trudeau SILENT As China Detains,Oppresses MILLIONS of Muslims

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The Chinese government has detained more than a million Muslims in reeducation camps. Most of the people who have been arbitrarily detained are Uighur, a predominantly Turkic-speaking ethnic group primarily from China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang.

Human rights organizations, UN officials, and many foreign governments are urging China to stop the crackdown. But not Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada.

CAP find this situation to be endlessly fascinating– the first indication that Justin’s media slaves exert zero energy exposing this giant hypocrisy.

Fact: For over four years, Justin Trudeau has promoted, defended, indemnified and financed the Nation of Islam’s growing presence upon Canadian soil. In one example, Mr. Trudeau raced to brand Old Stock Canadians racist when it was reported a man tore the hijab of a young school girl. As it transpired, the girl lied to her mother about the incident.

Now, let’s contrast  this with oppression against Muslims outside of Canada, and within the hero-family nation of China. Ready? There you have it–stone cold silence.

“Some eight hundred thousand to two million Uighurs and other Muslims, including ethnic Kazakhs and Uzbeks, have been detained since April 2017, according to experts and government officials.

Experts estimate that Xinjiang reeducation efforts started in 2014 and were drastically expanded in 2017. Reuters journalists, observing satellite imagery, found that thirty-nine of the camps almost tripled in size between April 2017 and August 2018; they cover a total area roughly the size of 140 soccer fields. 

Therefore this entire escapade occurred during Justin Trudeau’s tenure as prime minister. So why hasn’t King Justin condemned China’s government for this massive human rights breach. Is Trudeau not the “king-of-the-international-virtue-signal?”  Did this man not just spend four years as globalist saviour of the Islamic people and their problems integrating into Candian society? Of course he did.

So what exactly is this fellow’s problem with condemning China’s oppression of his “chosen people?”

CAP will go first: This situation is known as a dilemma. To take Islam’s side in the matter results in a problem situation, and to take China’s side is also highly problematic.

What can common sense( non Liberal-Snowflake) learn from this? For one thing, Justin Trudeau is obviously controlled by China to a certain extent–otherwise he would address this situation directly.

Why does he refrain? Because whenever a Trudeau family member is the leader of our nation, Canada instantly trans-sitions to a pro-China nation. Frankly, CAP can explain how this whole situation transpired, but for brevity’s sake we will not go down this road at this time.

Suffice to say that the communist nation of China must have its hooks deep within the Liberal government in order for Trudeau and his media slaves to BURY this entire affair.

Then, on the flip-side, we have Justin’s ubiquitous dedication to the Nation of Islam and its related surge within western society. Therefore, Trudeau is caught in a bind--a pure dilemma in no uncertain terms.

What this truly speaks to is the issue of control. As CAP opine incessantly, we believe this globalist “King of Kings” is one hundred percent owned and controlled by malevolent globalist forces. Does what is expressed herein not validate this concept?

Yes, it does–the very reason why the Trudeau government instruct CBC and establishment print media not to write about it.

See how Canadian society is morphing into a pseudo-communist nation? It was the exact same pattern while Papa Pierre Trudeau was prime minister. The exact same dynamic–and media cover-up any and all semblances of this reality on behalf of the current Trudeau government.

CAP will now state emphatically what we have never read after following these issues for three decades: The Nation of Canada has the most controlling, monolithic mainstream media of any western democracy. Infinitely more so than the USA, U.K., France or any other western nation.

Why are Canadians unaware of this socialist-style media dynamic? Simple– because Canada has the most controlling, monolithic mainstream media of any western democracy.

Check this out: “Information on what actually happens in the camps is limited, but many detainees who have since fled China describe harsh conditions. Detainees are forced to pledge loyalty to the CCP and renounce Islam, they say, as well as sing praises for communism and learn Mandarin.”

“Some reported prison-like conditions, with cameras and microphones monitoring their every move and utterance. Others said they were tortured and subjected to sleep deprivation during interrogations. Women have shared stories of sexual abuse, with some saying they were forced to undergo abortions or have contraceptive devices implanted against their will. Some released detainees contemplated suicide or witnessed others kill themselves.”

PM Trudeau’s commentary on China:

The Liberal leader was asked which nation he admired most. He responded: “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.”

So can you hear it, brothers and sisters! Listen to this fake, fraudulent hypocrite spout his praises for China. And he is not alone– brother Alexandre Trudeau also praises the “motherland”, and likewise “Papa Pierre” before them.

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Media response: Bury the entire affair. Cover-up the mass abuse and oppression, obscure the Trudeau Dynasty’s devotion to China, refuse to write about commie “brother” Alexandre Trudeau.

In other words, media’s job is to protect the Trudeau Dynasty by burying this entire situation–one in which if properly expressed and exposed to 37.5 million Canadians, would reveal this ersatz dictator to be the most fraudulent hypocrite in the history of Canadian politics.

Sorry to say, fellow patriots–but under the thumb of Justin Trudeau, our nation has degenerated into a socialist-infused commodity on a pathway from democracy to dictatorship.

This Trudeau menace backs the communist government of China, while promoting and defending the Nation of Islam upon Canadian soil at every turn.

Perhaps the day will come–nothing guaranteed, of course–that our entire country– patriots, liberals, conservatives and the rest–will awaken to the truth that Justin Trudeau is person who should be a non-prime minister.

Then, let us make a collective decision for no Trudeau family member to ever become leader of our nation again.






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