Justin Trudeau Silent As China BANS Gay Marriage, Oppresses Homosexuals

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Despite the LGBTQ activism scene thriving in China, the gay community is publicly shunned, censored and restricted.

The spokesman of China’s Parliament has confirmed that the country will continue to support only heterosexual unions, and nothing more. According to reports, Zang Tiewei, the spokesman for Parliament’s legal affairs commission, claims only heterosexual marriage “suits our country’s national condition and historical and cultural traditions”.

Enter Justin Trudeau. CAP is once again baffled. China’s policies and government attitudes toward homosexuality, gay marriage and transgenderism are the polar opposite of those of the Trudeau government. Furthermore, Justin hates Canadian historical and cultural traditions.

As previously reported, Trudeau is pumping tens of millions into promoting Canada as the homosexual capital of the western world. His support is ubiquitous– name a pro-LGBT agenda, and Justin is there with pink bells on.

It is fascinating to witness social and human rights issues Mr. Trudeau chooses to discuss publicly, and those he does not. Anyone else notice this unusual dynamic:

When King Trudeau condemns oppressive community behaviour, it is always that which occurred in Canada, and by way of Canadians. The 1905 Komagata Maru incident for the Sikhs. “Islamophobia” for Muslims. Chinese Head Tax of 1903 for Chinese Canadians. LGBT apologies, First Nations grovelling.

Common denominator: All oppression is perpetrated by Old Stock Canada. This community is racist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic and genocidal. Quite the branding, eh?

Conversely, we have Trudeau’s approach to non-Canadian human rights violation, racism and bigotry. China, the worlds greatest human rights- violation nation, is a country Justin Trudeau respects. Not a single word regarding oppression of Gays, Muslims, Christians comes out of his mouth. Why the double-standard? Why the exclusivity?

In a July 19th, 2019 article. China is reportedly separating Muslim children from their families, religion and language, and is engaged in a rapid, large-scale campaign to build boarding schools for them.

How interesting. Here we have the communist government of China behaving in a similar manner to historical fascist governments, as well a facsimile of treatment of Canada’s First Nations peoples.

Trudeau’s reaction? Nothing at all. Witness the incredible hypocrisy! Justin will slam Canada regarding its century-old treatment of Aboriginals, but remains entirely silent when China carries our similar activities in 2019.

It is enough to make a patriotic Canadian’s blood boil–but it doesn’t. Why? Because Canadians do not know about it. Enter establishment media, stage right. Their role is to cover-up the situation, protecting their master from appearing as a giant hypocrite with his foot perpetually stuck in his mouth.

The attempts to “remove children from their roots” exists in parallel to Beijing’s ongoing detention of an estimated 1 million Uighur adults from the western Xinjiang region in camps and sweeping crackdown on the rights of the minority group, the BBC reported.

So which is it? Justin Trudeau–hero of suffering minority communities of the world. Or rather, Justin Trudeau–hypocrite politician of convenience, globalist partisan extraordinaire,  protector of those when it is politically beneficial to do so.

Only an uneducated Canadian– or a graduate from the Ryerson School of Journalism-– would believe the former.  So China has one million Muslims detained in labour camps.

Yet, for our PM,  is not worth speaking out about. By way of media, this is not worth putting pen to paper. Why? CAP will inform: When a Liberal government is on power in Canada, the communist government of China is thereby empowered in Canada as well.

This began with another Trudeau–father Pierre–the first western leader to visit China and meet with Chairman Mao Tse Tung. In the early 1970’s Pierre Trudeau met on three occasions with Mao.

Nine months after the initial meeting in 1971, Trudeau cancelled our national identity as a bi-cultural English & French-Canadian nation, replacing this with multiculturalism. Not a single Canadian voted for such a thing, nor was there a referendum to assess whether or not the people of Canada wanted such a thing.

Fast-forward 40-plus years, and son Justin Trudeau informs Canada our nation has “no core identity period! Talk about a  father and son tag-team of cultural eradication. Media say nothing

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What nation next to his own has Trudeau ripped most? CAP would say it is the United States of America. A western, democratic nation with a constitution based upon values of “life, liberty, and happiness.” Similar values to Canadian society, no?

Which nations has Canada’s King of Kings condemned least? Leading human rights and LGBT-rights violating nation, beloved China. And of course, all Muslim nations. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and others with brutal human rights abuses in common.

Somalia is one of the most violent, corrupt, oppressive nations on the planet. Good to go, by way of Justin Trudeau. In fact, he admires this backwash of an African nation so much, he appointed a half- Somalian citizen as immigration minister– a religious fundamentalist named Ahmed Hussen ,MP for York South—Weston. This riding can only be one of two types of people– those who know nothing about Canadian politics, or one in which 90% of the voters come from the Third World.

Meet your prime minister– an ideologically selective political hypocrite whose personal values betray Canadian values. Then, he gets elected for a second term– perhaps.






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