Justin Trudeau SIDES WITH CHINA Over Covid-19 Misinformation Accusations

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China is at present facing increasing scrutiny over whether it concealed the full extent of COVID-19 infections and deaths.  On Friday, China revised its virus death toll, adding 1,290 to the total.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reaction? Our PM says “now is not the time” for him to raise questions about other countries’ management of the coronavirus pandemic.

Will the time ever arrive for our communist enthusiast of a PM? Who really knows.  Mr. Trudeau, pressed by reporters to say whether he felt the revised number of deaths from China was evidence Beijing had been covering up the full extent of the COVID-19 damage, declined to directly answer – and did not mention China.

Any serious student of the Trudeau government surprised by this? Frankly, only a Liberal snowflake type—if there are truly an left—would respond with shock to Justin’s China-protecting commentary.

Why is the responsibility of China for Covid-19 obfuscated by PM Trudeau, as well as Canadian media? Simple as pie—because every social and political issue relating to the communist behemoth nation is treated this way by the Liberal Party of Canada.

Why doesn’t establishment media express this theory regarding Liberal-Sino relations? Also relatively simple— they too work to indemnify China.

How odd-ball—yet absolutely standard behaviour since Justin’s father, ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau opened the doors to China to worm its way into the fabric of Canadian society.

PM Justin Trudeau:

“We need to look carefully at the numbers that are shared by different countries around the world.”

“There will be conclusions to be drawn in the end regarding the behaviour of different countries, but for the moment, we must work together, collaborate and do everything we can to learn and better protect our citizens at home.”

So says Mr. Trudeau, card-carrying political advocate of the “nothing statement.”  Any detractors out there— feel free to refute this observation at will. Regardless, CAP maintain that not only is our ruling PM the king of the nebulous and meaningless–  he actually derives this public speaking style from communist governments of history.

“There will be plenty of time to point fingers, to ask questions, to draw conclusions, after the crisis is over” Trudeau said.

How telling this comment is—for the astute political observer. For CAP, the “retro-solution” concept is simply more socialist banter.

Consider the following: If and when the debacle is over, the damage is already done. This is, in fact, Liberal-Socialism 101. Is this a falsehood— Old Stock Canadians discover the damage incurred for their communities years AFTER immigration and multicultural policy are 100% intrenched within our society.

See how they run! First establish the program. Then once fully established, continue to obscure the truth for as long as possible— which always turns out to be long enough so that no one and nothing can turn it back.

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Talk about globalism in all its glory. This approach, in CAP’s opinion, is symptomatic of communism, socialism and Marxist ideology. It is also such for Justin Trudeau, and the Liberal Party of Canada.

Former Canadian Ambassador to China,  David Mulroney, said Canada appears “increasingly out of step” when allies are expressing reservations about China’s lack of transparency. “We seem unable or unwilling to make the same declaration,” he said.

Come on, let’s get serious here: it is not that “we seem unwilling”— it is that our Liberal government are covertly “in-bed” with China’s government.

“We’re still locked in this tendency to speak only in praiseworthy language, only to praise what China is doing, rather than speak honestly about what is happening.”

More erroneous commentary: this tendency is not endemic within Canadian society. Nor is it immutable within opposition parties such as the Conservatives, Greens or NDP.

This phenomenon is PURE Canadian Liberalism. It is Justin Trudeau—as it was Pierre Trudeau, the founder of China’s political and economic reach into Canada.

Notice how establishment media refuse to make the connection. CAP will guess as to why—because CBC and others also work for the benefit of China.

In an interview published in Friday’s Financial Times, French President Emmanuel Macron rejected the idea that China “handled the coronavirus outbreak better” than Western democracies did.

Holy Crow—even best boyfriend Emmanuel Macron threw off the “globalist yoke” to criticize the behemoth communist nation.

But not King Justin of Canada. Why not? What makes Canada unique among so-called democracies of the world?

CAP Theory: It is not complicated in the least. The answer is that China is ear-marked to play a GIANT role in Canada’s future, but Trudeau does not want anyone comprehending this agenda.

Therefore, Justin Trudeau is “China’s boy.” Who was it that visited China three times in the 1970’s to establish diplomatic relations with their supreme leader, Chairman Mao Tse Tung?

Why, it was Justin’s father—Pierre Trudeau. In CAP’s opinion, not a damn thing has changed in this regard in the past 40 years. In fact, it may be worse than ever as son Justin Trudeau incrementally integrates the political stylings of communist China into the fabric of Canadian society.


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  1. Why is sock boy still our PM and why are the Liberals still in power? We all know what is happening here. Why can’t we have a vote of non-confidence and get these Country Killers out of our politics. Then we could have the investigations into Trudeau and the Liberals and hold them to account for all their heinous acts on Canadians. If they all love China so much then send them all there and revoke their Canadian Citizenships. Put them all on a list to keep them out of our Country for the rest of their lives.


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