Justin Trudeau Sets Up Nigeria As The FUTURE Of Canadian Immigration

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“Nigeria, Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, and Tanzania will be barred from obtaining certain types of U.S. immigration visas beginning February 21, 2020.”

“The proclamation said these countries are either “unable or unwilling to improve their information-sharing” with the U.S. or they “presented serious terrorism-related risks.”

In 2019,  Nigerians were the fourth most represented nationality in Canada among new permanent residents. About 12,595 permanent residents in 2019 were from Nigeria, which is exponentially more than the 4,090 Nigerians who became permanent residents in 2015.

Degree of exposure from CBC? Nothing, nada, zero. Ditto from Globe & Mail, National Post and Toronto Star.

Coincidence? Let’s not be absurd. So what is the reason government and media bury the truth regarding the Liberal government’s brand new push for Africa to move to Canada?

Let CAP take a wild guess: Because the majority of Canadians would oppose such a development. Therefore, Justin Trudeau and his pit-bull Somalian MP Ahmed Hussen instruct Canadian establishment media not to reveal the truth to the people of our nation.

And here some folks still think of Canada as a free and democratic society. Bollocks say CAP— this old school Canada is dead-as-a-doornail.

Think about it, fellow patriots– the Canadian citizenship has never had a say in the following areas:

Immigration quotas, source nations for immigration, multicultural policy, diversity and refugee policy. For each one of these demographically-altering social programs, not a shred of democratic process has ever been applied.

In other words, single-handedly, unilaterally and in a non-democratic capacity the Canadian government has trans-formed Canada into a socialist nation-state for the purpose of importing and accommodating Third World citizens, and their non-democratic governments.

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“The Nigeria Student Express initiative is aimed at improving processing time for study permit applicants in the African country – with a turnaround of approximately 20 days.”

20 days? Sounds pretty darn “express-like” to CAP.

“Prospective students in Nigeria can apply online as soon as they have the required documents.”

“The focus is very much on trying to fast track quality applications,” Rennie noted. It will be interesting to see if this is also rolled out to other countries such as Ghana.”

What a toad–of course it will be. Consider this train of thought: When Canada first solicited the communist nation of China to become some kind of globalist saviour-nation to the dying Great White North, what was the initial program rolled out?

You got it–it was education-oriented. Foreign students, educational subsidies, scholarships. Ever heard of the Confucius Institute?   Better believe that Justin Trudeau hopes you do not.

After becoming  established in dozens of Canadians universities, authorities decided that these educational outlets function as propaganda centres for the communist government of China. Several institutions in Canada severed their ties from the commie initiative as a result. CBC said nothing about any of this.

The point being: The demographic and cultural assaults upon Canadian society always begin with education. Next, citizenship for the “educated.” After this, family reunification to bring dozens of relatives to Canada.

Next up– decades of mass immigration. This is what Justin Trudeau and his African supremacist MP Ahmed Hussen have now set up within Canada.

Never mind public approval for these nefarious developments– there isn’t even any public knowledge of what is occurring–let alone a form of  approval or consent from the citizens of our nation.

CAP Conclusion: Justin Trudeau is a deceiving pseudo-dictator, driving the dying Great White North in a direction not a single Canadian asked for, or approved of.

CAP Salient Question Of The Moment: For how much longer can Old Stock Canada withstand government’s demographic assault upon our communities.

Talk about relentless.

First, ex-Liberal Pierre Trudeau imports China to Canada in the 1980’s. What is the number one immigrant source-nation to Canada in 2020? It is India.

Nigeria is # 4, Iran is # 6.

Now, informed Canadians come to understand that all this is to be replicated for the Nations of Africa– Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Senegal, Eritrea, and on and on.

End Game? Old Stock Canada is pushed-aside to make way for Trudeau’s chosen people– and media cover-up every darn bit of it.

So exactly how dead is English Canada and its communities as we start a brand-new decade?

CAP Response: We are getting there more quickly than 99% of Canadians are realizing. The only hope for our people is a form of political organization which demands the same rights for Anglophones that Third World Canada presently has the privilege of enjoying.

Without this we may as well say “goodnight” to Old Stock Canada— our prime minister has decided that these descendants of the founders of our nation are entirely expendable–not to mention a political nuisance.

They won’t play the great globalist game of Pierre & Justin Trudeau–and therefore they must go.









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  1. Tell them to bring their own money. I am sick and tired of supporting them when so many Canadians are in need of some support!!!!!!! Maybe Trudope could support them with his own money or send them back to where they come from!


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