Justin Trudeau Says “His Highness” Aga Khan’s Values Are Canadian Values

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Canadian Prime  Minister Justin Trudeau:

“On Imamat Day, we join Ismaili Muslims in Canada and around the world to celebrate the anniversary of the ascension of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV to the Throne of the Imamat.

“Compassion, openness, respect for diversity and human rights – the values the Aga Khan promotes are Canadian values. Canada hosts both the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto – the only museum dedicated to Islamic art in all of North America – and His Highness’ Global Centre for Pluralism in Ottawa. We are proud to have bestowed honorary Canadian citizenship on the Aga Khan in 2009.

“Today, let’s reflect on the Aga Khan’s example, and carry his message of compassion forward. All of us can build bridges, celebrate our differences, and make our world a better one.

“I wish all Ismaili Canadians celebrating today a heartfelt Khushiali Mubarak!”

If the Aga Khan were a rock star, Justin Trudeau would be his number one fan. Such admiration. This Khan fellow must be some kind of DEMI-GOD to be this FANTASTIC.

Notice how King Justin consisitently refers to the Aga Khan as “His Highness.” Why does he always do this? The Aga Khan is in no way a “highness” within Canadian society–at least NOT for the 99.5% of Canadians who are not from the Ismaili community.

Yet, we know how Justin operates. Within post-modern Canada, the .05% are INFINITELY more important than the 99.5%--especially when it involves Trudeau relationship with ANY ELEMENT of the Nation of Islam.

So Justin Trudeau WORSHIPS the Aga Khan. Go ahead and do it–just NOT as prime minister of Canada. Justin just can’t get enough. Fundamentalists, terrorists, illegal refugees– you name it, and if it involves the Nation of Islam, Trudeau is ALL-IN.

Ismailis primarily live across the Middle East and also in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, Europe and North America. There are an estimated 100,000 Ismailis in Canada.

A mere one hundred thousand Ismailis in Canada out of 37 Million total citizens. Yet, because they are part of the House Of Islam, Trudeau treats their leader like a GOD.

Did you know? Mr. Khan happens to be a globe-trotting multimillionaire(try billionaire) philanthropist, known as “K” by his friends, and who owns about 600 racehorses. Forbes magazine listed the Aga Khan as one of the world’s RICHEST royals, with an estimated net worth of $800 million US

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How does Trudeau react to these facts?

In 2016, Trudeau gave the Aga Khan Foundation $48,966,065.00 of our tax dollars. $50 million dollars of OUR TAX MONEY to one of the richest royals on earth. How very “post-modern” of King Justin, eh?

PM Trudeau’s dedication to Islam is ubiquitous. Be it “pacifist” Aga Khans or  militant ISIS terrorists, Justin is here for them. Other aspects of Canadian society, not so much. Recently, a second Aboriginal community in Northern Canada declared a “state of emergency” regarding poisoned drinking and bathing water.

Just think how far $50 Million would gone toward rectifying this situation. This is far more than an issue of tainted drinking water. Residents have been informed NOT TO EVEN TOUCH the water. Rather, Trudeau gives $50 million to the foundation of an Islamic billionaire.

This is the true “essence” of Justin Trudeau. What Canadians read in the papers is a myth. It is a media-concocted image of a political leader who in reality is working a covert agenda not a single Canadian asked for–except perhaps for a gang of IMAM’s and their non-profit “multicultural” partners.

Remind anyone else of totalitarian governments of modern history?






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  1. Our Liberal MP’s who are descendants of Old Stock Canadians are a disgrace and party to this treachery being foisted by the child king destroying this country!

  2. Last year I saw an article linking ‘His Highness’ to the Muslim Brotherhood as a leader, but I simply cannot find that excellent article again…if anyone finds it or archived it, please share.


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