Justin Trudeau Runs Down English Canada In Chinese New Year Statement

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“Chinese New Year is also an opportunity to recognize that anti-Asian racism still exists here in Canada. Together, let’s reaffirm our commitment to build a more inclusive Canada, celebrate the diversity that makes us strong, and continue to fight discrimination and hatred in all its forms.”

— PM Justin Trudeau’s statement on Chinese New Year, 2021.

Back in the day, when vinyl was the main format for recorded music, the term the “flip-side” was fairly common knowledge in Canada. Old Stock Canadians may recall this as the term for the b-side of  vinyl 45 rpm hit singles.

Bringing this into the present-day, Cultural Action Party now apply it to Justin Trudeau’s statement on Chinese New Year. In fact, let’s expand this to include all statements of this nature– those which speak of historical and present-day racism within society.

The “b-side” of Trudeau’s anti-Asian racism statement is that someone must be responsible for perpetrating the racism. Interesting to note that in this case– as well as all others –those responsible are never referenced “by name.”

From Trudeau’s proclamations, to media’s “systemic racism” promotions, over to university academics and on to multicultural non-profit groups, Canada is a country steeped in hatred of non-whites.

It matters not to any of them that Pakistan is steeped in hatred of non-Muslims. Add to this Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia and dozens of other Middle Eastern and African nations currently on the receiving end of billions in Canadian foreign aid.

All that matters to these forces is that Canada is the most awful, racist, and bigoted country the world has ever known.

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As it happens, it is entirely obvious who the perpetrator of all this racism is in Canada– our “Old Stock,” Anglophone, Francophone and Christian communities.

So why are the promoters of hatred against us unable– or unwilling –to call us out by name? There must be a reason. The interesting thing about this social dynamic is that no matter the circumstance, this silence can only result from a  calculated, pre-conceived agenda.

Government never name the perpetrators. Media follow suit. Ditto for our academic world, as well as Old Stock tax-payer funded Multicultural industry.

Obviously, this is a fully coordinated agenda. Which, of course, implies collusion amongst Canada’s controlling institutions.

In 2015– in his typically sly and coy manner– Justin Trudeau branded our country a “post-modern” society. Who was to know that a core component of this was to be a coordinated campaign of malevolence toward one specific community?

Within Justin Trudeau’s Great Reset agenda, what we have here is a giant breach of the nature of multiculturalism and diversity– targeted prejudice against an identifiable Canadian community.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est 2016)




2 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Runs Down English Canada In Chinese New Year Statement”

  1. Perhaps it is time to set up a “Go Fund Me” account for Justin Trudeau. It could be used to buy him a one way first class airfare ticket to a city of his choice in China or perhaps Cuba. Maybe Venezuela where his kind of leadership has devastated the nation.

  2. Trudeau is the next Hitler, the next holocaust has begun and dictator Trudeau is doing all he can to give Canada away to the leaders of NWO where he’s hopeful that his treasonous acts will secure his seat with them.


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