Justin Trudeau Rolls Out Immigration Program To DEFEAT All Conservative- Held Ridings in Canada

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Another day in Canada, another day where media obscure the tragic truth surrounding the fate of “Old Stock” Canadians.

Here it is: To generalize, within contemporary Canada, political victory is to a fair extent controlled by “urban versus rural” political dynamics.

In other words, within the 338 federal political ridings in Canada, the rural ones tend to go Conservative, while urban ridings– the GTA in particular, are dominated by Liberal MP victories.

In fact, 45 of 50 GTA ridings went to Trudeau’s Liberals in the 2019 election. Much of this trend occurred because our ruling government has packed the Greater Toronto Area with Third World immigrant voters–who in turn have voted into office co-religionist MP’s like Ruby Sahota, Omar Alghabra, Bardish Chagger, Maryam Monsef, Iqra Khalid and dozens of other Third World Candidates.

Good enough for the Liberal-Globalist- 3rd World cabal of political players? Of course not–nothing ever is. Now, Trudeau and his motley gang of cultural assassins are after every Canadian riding in existence.

How to accomplish this? In theory, it is very simple: Replicate the demographic assault on urban Canada within rural Canada.

For this purpose, ex-Immigration Minister, Somalian Refugee MP Ahmed Hussen, has rolled out  a piece of work called the “Rural Immigration Pilot Program.”

How is this program rationalized as “beneficial” to the people of Canada? Easy– tell the public that the sole purpose resides in economic improvement for rural communities.

Know what CAP think about this? It’s a total fabrication--a complete LIE. The true reason is to overwhelm small towns like Vernon, B.C. and Thunder Bay, Ontario with Third World migrants–meaning Third World voters.

Here’s something that neither government, nor their media puppets, ever inform the people of Canada about. New arrivals to our shores tend to vote for the party who permitted them to come to Canada. Furthermore, migrant families tend to vote “as a block” for the same party.

Additionally, so-called “urban ghettos” also vote in unison. This is the reason why Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts and current MP Ahmed Hussen “enjoy” 3rd World-dominated ridings like Brampton, Markham, Richmond Hill, Surrey and Burnaby, B.C.

Now, the Liberals are replicating this social engineering program in small town Canada.

Upon King Justin’s “coronation” of his second term in office, Cultural Action Party made a bold proclamation:

The Conservative Party of Canada will never win another federal Canadian election. When we say never, we mean never. Put Conservative Rona Ambrose up against Liberal Chrystia Freeland. Liberals will win. Place Pierre Poliviere up against King Justin–Trudeau will win.

Why so confident? bBecause of programs such as the “Rural Immigration Pilot Program.” But even more definitive is the following premise:

In the “old days” of federal politics, the dynamic was one of Conservatives versus Liberals. CAP hereby render this concept “dead as a doornail.”

Within Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada, a federal election consists of Conservatives versus Liberals, China, Islam, Sikh Nationalism, Third World nations and their diaspora communities in Canada.

There you have it, fellow patriots–the recipe for Canada’s transition from democracy to dictatorship. Canada is today a nascent socialist country–and much more is coming our way in this regard.

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CAP Theory: The fading “Great White North” is on its way to transitioning to a “One Party State.” To accompany this, Canada will maintain a “One Media State”CBC as the equivalent of China’s monolithic single-entity media.

A lot to absorb, eh? As it happens, CAP has held this theory for decades–in fact, ever since Pierre Trudeau introduced “multiculturalism” to society. This writer was 14 years old when I first heard the term multiculturalism spoken. From the moment of discovery, I had a sneaking sensation this program would end up causing major trouble within our society.

A full 44 years have passed since this original thought. I still believe the very same today, and if Old Stock Canada was wise, they would believe it as well– despite media’s obfuscation of the entire sordid affair.




7 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Rolls Out Immigration Program To DEFEAT All Conservative- Held Ridings in Canada”

  1. hey goof your immigrations policies is lowering our class of living in canada and increasing our crime rates, i hope your jet falls from the sky with youre complete family

  2. No it will be the year we physically bury the Dictator in a deep hole along with his chosen few as a good number of Liberal MP’s are starting to buck this trend. The only other way out of this is the amalgamation of Provinces that will form their own separate country and we must be quick on this before the next Election. We need to pull the Heartland out of this country and split the Nation in a Major way. This has been done in the World many times before and one of the latest was the breaking up of the USSR who went off and formed their own Countries and Governments and left the Russians with nothing. Well the same can happen here and I can foresee Trudeau being left with Quebec, Nova Scotia and the lower mainland of BC and Ontario mainly the 401 corridor. Time will tell as he also has to hold on to his Military and that is very shaky right now as they have no love for his tactics. The next 3 years will tell the story and the USA could become a Major player if Trump wins the November 2020 Election as the provinces that will be leaving or wanting to leave Canada will most likely enter into negotiations with the President .

  3. Well said keep this going and anyone with free housing be sure you speak up those new CANADIANS will need HOUSING and welfare. Bin Laden said he would take over Canada without fireing a shot and it sure looks like his group are well on their way with our PMs help.

  4. How is it that Andrew Scheer is ranked across thebcoals for his dual citizenship but nobody raises an eye to all of these foreign sitting Mps?

    Also, immigrants should be official Canadians for at least 5-10 years before they get the right to vote so they have a chance to learn Canadian values first.


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