Justin Trudeau Resurrects His Father’s Liberal-Orwellian “Court Challenges Program”

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Justin Trudeau announced his government will be returning to active duty its PREVIOUS WEAPON to bring about politically correct “progressive” laws. The weapon is the notorious Court Challenges Program (CCP), initially established in 1978 by his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau.



1 thought on “Justin Trudeau Resurrects His Father’s Liberal-Orwellian “Court Challenges Program””

  1. We, Canada are the employers not Justin nor politicians and when we demand answers we expect answers. Once that is broken between gov and their employer Canada, the employee the gov-the liberals themselves are FIRED AND SHOULD BE REMOVED ASAP. But, the moment, Canada allows their employees to performance acts of corruption against them, Canada. has fallen into their employees trap.
    Justin Trudeau gave money to media to keep their trap shut. That money to them was not from Justin’s own personal bank account; it came from the media’s own pocket. In other words, they paid themselves with their own money to keep their mouth shut.
    And instead of feeling disgusted with themselves that their employee Justin, is giving them orders, they do as they are told.


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