Justin Trudeau Replaces Judeo-Christian Values With LGBT, Political Islam

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Interesting timing it was. Less than one month before Justin Trudeau became prime minister in 2015 came an enlightening report from an organization called “Real Women Of Canada.”

Unfortunately, this form of discourse never reached the consciousness of Canadian society. Its contents speak of a systemic transition of political power which has eluded our citizenship for over forty years.


“A bloodless revolution took place in Canada in 1982 when the Charter of Rights, promoted by Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, became a part of our constitution.”

Few Canadians came to comprehend this transition and its monumental repercussions. With the advent of the Charter, prototype globalist and leftist lawyer Pierre Trudeau has quietly empowered his legal buddies through a covert transition of political power:

“The courts have assumed the authority to be the sole arbiter of Canadian values, from two sources: (1) their interpretation of the indeterminate wording of the Charter; and (2) their own judicial decisions by which they expanded their powers.”

The outcome has never been properly understood. Namely, a transition of power from Members of Parliament to Liberal Party-affiliated lawyers. Canada’s moral foundation transferred to what today can be described as a “woke globalist” ethos.

“The reality is those who become judges are primarily well-connected lawyers, who have the political clout and contacts to secure an appointment to the Bench. They have no special knowledge to make these revolutionary decisions which undermine our traditional Judeo-Christian values.”

Interesting to note how a “hollowing-out” of Judeo-Christian values shares an affinity with Justin Trudeau’s claim that Canada has “no core identity.” To be interpreted by astute observers as an opening of a door for a new, or “post-modern” ethos to be entrenched within society.

The subject of religion serves as an appropriate segue. For PM Trudeau, climate change has taken on “religious” proportions. Add to it LGBT, another form of secular religion. Then we have what are considered authentic religions, Sikhism and Islam, our Liberal government’s preferences in terms of religious hierarchy in contemporary Canada.

In terms of Judeo-Christian ethics, respect for the dead exists as a fundamental. By way of Euthanasia legislation, in addition to abortion rights, sanctity for life has gone out the governmental window. Replaced by a form of utilitarianism, the Liberals effectively reduce the sanctity of  human life– as it is in Mr. Trudeau’s preferred nation of China.

All this should be understood as revolutionary in nature. It isn’t, because in emulation of China, government today control media output. If it were not the case, it is arguable that general society would have caught on to Liberal revolutionary zeal decades ago.

“Special interest organizations of feminists and homosexuals, among other left-wing organizations, funded by the infamous Court Challenges Program from 1985 to 2006, have used the Charter to do an end run around Parliament.

“By bringing litigation before a handful of appointed judges, they have effectively imposed their ideology on the nation.” 

Bingo. We come to recognize a political hi-jacking of our country. We begin to comprehend how Canada has been stolen from its citizenship, as power transitioned away from the people, in addition to Parliament itself.

Fleeced by government and their media partners, the “woke revolution” continues to motor down the causeway of national transformation. Immigration policy is re-designing the demographic make-up of Canada. Misunderstood by political pundits, Multiculturalism exists to morph “Old Stock” citizens into a powerless community.

“The courts interpreted this provision to mean that the person has to be a member of a socially or historically, disadvantaged minority in order to obtain protection. If individuals are so unfortunate as to belong to a historically so-called “advantaged” group such as a member of the traditional natural family, then there is no protection pursuant to s.15 of the Charter.”

There you have it. A transfer of power from the majority to so-called “minorities”– meaning our racialized communities. But what happens when the minorities are no longer minor?

Do tell, Mr. Trudeau, what is to occur in society when white Canadians themselves make an inevitable transition to a minority community? As sure as you’re born, it’s gonna happen.

Correct Response: The Sounds Of Silence. 

As in, a silent revolution certain to transform society for all-time. The fate of Anglo-European Canadian communities becomes apparent. As far as Cultural Action Party is concerned, it will be a miracle if white Canadians do not end up a persecuted minority community in the long run.

At the top of the transitory heap stands Justin Trudeau and his malevolency toward everything that Canada has stood for from 1867-2015.

5 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Replaces Judeo-Christian Values With LGBT, Political Islam”

  1. Trudeau and Son; betrayers. Their wicked schemes have made us all poorer; regardless of the nonsense labels they affix on us. The Government of Canada “Special Interest Group” favoritism doesn’t make these people any happier; wealthier; better adjusted; or satisfied with their lives than the “outsiders.” The “favored” people are just pawns in a real-life; dangerous game. Sooner; or later; there is always a price to be paid. Unfortunately; that includes everyone. No one is exempt. That includes Trudeau and Company; whenever these fools decide to scurry away and hide. Outside of their Machiavellian; life-damaging delusions; They’re operating in the real world. Not the ephemeral one of their vain imagining. Tellingly; they have the resources to leave–When the ship sinks.


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