Justin Trudeau Refuses To Protect Canadian Borders From Illegal Migrant Entry

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“Starting immediately, Canada will remove the tight time-frame for their claims to be heard and let them appeal possible rejections, as well as grant them the right to work immediately and receive health care — benefits previously bestowed only on asylum seekers fleeing from war-torn countries and corrupt regimes.”

Who says it was controversial? Last October, DART polling for Postmedia showed “68% of respondents believe the government is handling the issue of irregular asylum seekers poorly.”

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen told the Star in a phone interview: “The system is unfair and treats people differently based on nationality.” This is an assault upon of Canadians who take in large numbers of refugees every year, but in this case, we are not talking about refugees. We are speaking of so-called refugees. Big difference–but not for Somalian refugee Ahmed Hussen.

Potential new arrivals wanting to improve their economic status or receive free health care courtesy of our taxpayers is not a refugee. See how Trudeau and Hussen are blurring the definitions– legal, illegal, refugee, freeloader— all being blended into a singular entity by way of the Liberal-Globalist Government Of Canada.

It is, of course, 100% intentional. Canadian is a nation being seduced by forces intent upon diluting Canadian identity and eroding the meaning of citizenship. This is what globalists do.

Now, Hussen has decided the United States of America is no longer a “safe destination” for refugees. Such power he has. Who gave him a Somalian Refugee this power? This would be Justin Trudeau. Informed Canadians should be understand why. Both men have a burning malevolence toward English Canada. Colonialism in particular drives the animus.

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So its an “open border” society for Canada. No vote, no public approval, no mandate–NO DEMOCRACY. Heard of the Open Border Society? It is billionaire banker Geoge Soros’ pet project. Does the Trudeau-Hussen tag-team of cultural decimation not fit PERFECTLY into the ethos of this globalist, refugee-pushing entity? Of course it does.

Canadians would be putting more than two and two together if they understood the nature of the beast. Most don’t–simply because establishment media cover up the big picture on behalf of the Trudeau government.

Get Justin Trudeau out of office, or this will NEVER STOP. Globalist leaders  do not alter their behaviour–unless absolutely forced to. Think Yellow Vest Movement in France.

Five months until the federal election. Trudeau is immensely unpopular, but voter apathy may help him get re-elected. As it happens, voter apathy is low within Sikh and Muslim communities— a major reason why Justin Trudeau never stops panders to them.

Together, Canadians can rid themselves of a pest of a prime minister. Patriots hope, pray, and will hopefully vote Justin Trudeau out of office, never to return.


3 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Refuses To Protect Canadian Borders From Illegal Migrant Entry”

  1. Time for the silent Christian minority to mobilize the troops. Rain fire and brimstone on Hussen and Turdeau…

  2. This is a national disgrace and a national crisis. All this is about is Justin Trudeau’s selfish plan to buy future voters using Canadian taxpayers’ money. I’d call for an RCMP investigation, but Trudeau appointed the commissioner, so you know where that would end up.

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