Justin Trudeau Rallies Muslim Voters At 1500-Person Eid Celebration

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In a bizarre speech,  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called on Conservative Muslims to “to get involved in the next election campaign to ensure that the Conservative party ‘never again’ stokes fear and division AGAINST Muslims or any other group of Canadians.”

Double-take: he actually called the Conservatives a party that stokes fear and division against Muslims at an open Eid dinner with 1,500 present, and called on Conservative Muslims to help them.  The event was hosted by an organization called The Muslim Vote.

Trudeau is asking for Conservative Muslims to get out, volunteer and help raise money for Conservative MP’s, because in his view the Conservative Party is so “Islamophobic” that  it needs his help, and that of Muslims, fast.

Justin Trudeau’s dedication to Islam is now rendered bi-partisan. Where does this come from? Are we taking full-on dedication REGARDLESS of political party affiliation. What message should this deliver to Canadians?The idea that for Justin Trudeau, Islam TRANS-cends all political partisanship?

At this stage of game, there doesn’t appear to be ANYTHING more important to Justin than the Islamic component of Canada’s political equation. This in itself is telling. Is it not true that for dedicated Muslims, the Islamic faith and religious practices take higher priority than most other aspects of life? This is what the Koran instructs, and based upon Trudeau’s behaviour, it is exactly how he behaves.

This is the message that SHOULD BE delivered to Canadians–but it won’t be. Not a chance the CBC will do so, nor any other mainstream media outlet in Canada.

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The closer Canada gets to the October 21st federal election, the more voraciously Trudeau pushes the Islamic element of political campaigning.

Talk about partisanship toward a specific religious  community. Perhaps Sikh-Canadians will be next. Justin Trudeau is getting close to the end of his first four year term in office. In contrast to the attention Trudeau pays toward Third World Canada,  the man has NOT  even once spoken of Old Stock Canada. Not a SINGLE WORD regarding any element of European-Canadian identity. This, within a multicultural society which CHERISHES ethnic identity–except, of course,  if a Canadian’s identity is rooted in that of which established Canada as a free and democratic nation.

What are these institutions Justin Trudeau chooses to scorn? British governance, for one. The roots of our House of Commons is in the House of Lords, U. K.-style. Fact: Justin Trudeau BECAME PRIME MINISTER by way of this system of government.

How did he respond? By running down the descendants of those who established the parliamentary system in the first place. Talk about UNGRATEFUL.

The globalist agenda calls for a full societal INVERSION. Anglophone-Christians are to transition to a minority community LACKING the minority rights granted to chosen Third World communities.

Meet Justin Trudeau–Mr. “Dedication.” To foreign nations, theocratic and communist governments, Sikhism, Islam, homosexuality and transgenderism. The situation is absurd bordering on surreal. Add to this a Dali-like element of establishment media covering up the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

How sad. Please do tell, King Justin. The purpose of multiculturalism according to your father was to establish a level playing field for ALL identifiable communities with our pluralistic society. Why do you NOT work toward this ideal?

How can it be successfully argued that the Trudeau government adhere to the egalitarianism inherent in multicultural ideology?  Mr. Trudeau has played favourites since day one. While Islam is top priority, our PM delivered punitive measures toward Christian organizations. While he CONTINUES TO FUND Islamic non-profits with alleged  ties to militant Islam, Trudeau cancelled funding for Christian summer camps and soup kitchens.

PM Trudeau has verbally branded Anglophone and Christian Canadians racists and bigots. Recently, he has branded our nation “genocidal” toward First Nations communities, In 1867, the year of the founding of our country, there were 150,000 people of First Nations heritage living in Canada. In 2019, there are 1.6 MILLION Aboriginals in Canada.

Come on–let’s get real here. Sensible Canadians, conservatives, nationalist and patriots may as well do so, because no other entity will do it for us. Not government. Not media or our academic world. Nor will the immigration and multicultural non-profits funded by general Canadian tax dollars.

Justin Trudeau is rallying the Islamic vote.  We must rally our own voter blocks. Get out and vote on October 21st, 2019. It is up to Old Stock Canada to FIGHT BACK by raising awareness through alternate and social media platforms. You know the ones–they are the media organizations currently being targeted by Justin Trudeau to be muzzled and shut down.





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  1. Wow what a pack of lies. You say the mainstream media is suppressing the truth while you are a voice in the wilderness proclaiming truth. How likely is that? It is far more likely that they are reporting accurately and you are lying.


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