Justin Trudeau Quietly Increasing Tax-Payer Funded Refugee, Family Reunification Quotas

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For Justin Trudeau and his Sunny Gang of Liberal Globalists, silence is indeed “golden.” Add one dose of media obfuscation, and they are good-to-go.

MP Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, has upped the intake of his Third World brethren–and he is making you the tax-payer fund the entire deal. Such is the power of this half-citizen from Somalia. And why wouldn’t Hussen make this move? The money doesn’t come out of his pocket. Oh, and this little tid-bit– this man is himself a Third World Refugee.

Perhaps the most contentious element of Hussen’s new Third World Canada is the policy of Family Reunification. One reason CAP know this is because media never write about it. CAP will do so as we refer to this program as a “silent killer.” Hyperbolic, perhaps. But what 98% of Canadians remain unaware of (media masking) is that this program results in a net fiscal loss of some $30 BILLION dollars every year.

Who says so? A Yale-educated economist(CAP had coffee with him) named Herbert Grubel. Mr. Grubel  is a Canadian professor, economist, writer, and former politician. He represented the electoral district of Capilano—Howe Sound in the House of Commons of Canada from 1993 to 1997.

“The difference between the taxes paid and services consumed by the average recent immigrant equals about $6,000 annually. Given the total number of these immigrants, the annual fiscal burden on Canadian taxpayers comes to about $30 billion.”

What CBC will never tell you is that the bulk of this annual debt comes from Family Reunification. Does this not make good sense– the folks who come to Canada in this manner are generally elderlyparents and grandparents of new immigrants, as well as families of landed refugees. In other words,a refugee can sponsor other refugees-– another little known fact kept quiet by media. Oh, and btw– these folks use up more in health care and social services than any migrant group in existence.

These folks generally have poor official language skills. They are virtually “unemployable.” How did  Justin Trudeau and African refugee Ahmed Hussen respond? They increased the family reunification quotas by–get this— 400%.

And why not? Trudeau and Hussen don’t pay their living expenses– but they do get their votes. And if you think Family Reunification is limited to parents/grandparents only–you are erroneous in that conclusion.

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The scope is breathtakingly broad-– Uncles and Aunts. Adopted children. Cousins useful as baby sitters for their sponsor’s children. I mean, this sucker is as wide-open as all get-out.

How Trudeau Dynasty this is! How wonderful—for Third World Migrants, illegal refugees– as well as the Liberal Party of Canada. How terrific for Ahmed Hussen.

Who is left to pay the $30 billion annual fee? Why, it’s Old Stock Canada–the millions upon millions of Canadians who in no way benefit from the program.

Now for the worst news of all– this is, in fact–your Canada. This structure has been in place for decades. Did you know? Little doubt that 98% of Old Stock Canada has not a clue how this whole thing rolls.

You are not supposed to know–because government tells media not to write about it. How many articles has CAP seen in the Globe & Mail and the rest on Family Reunification Policy in Canada? We have followed these type of issues for over 30 years, and can count the number on one hand.

See how government and media stick it to Anglophone Canada? Check it out: WE PAY for our own cultural eradication. How Trudeau Dynasty is this? Very, very much so.

It is, in fact, quintessentially Liberal– either position the issue as a benefit when it is a detriment, or bury the issue completely to keep Canadian voters in the dark.

CAP has a term for this set-up: it is a “scheme.” And for us, there is no greater schemer within our current government than Trudeau’s good chum, Gerald Butts. Of course, it goes well beyond this.

Justin Trudeau(and Butts) selected an African-Islamic Refugee as Immigration Minister–and they may well do so again. Why do we say this? Because since the day King Trudeau won his second term, not a single word has appeared regarding which MP will be awarded the demographic decimation portfolio of Immigration Minister of Canada.

“We pay–they benefit”— this is the real Canada, fellow patriots. What media position as truth is light years away from the realities expressed herein expressed.

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Then, Justin Trudeau wins a second term as prime minister. Go figure, eh?


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