Justin Trudeau Pushing Lighter Criminal Sentences To Address Systemic Racism

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Canada’s Liberal government has “weighed changes to criminal-sentencing laws that the country’s attorney general argued would address systemic racism in the justice system.”

“The proposed changes include the repeal of mandatory minimum sentences on all drug convictions and some firearm convictions.”

The changes are part of a broader push by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  toward a more progressive agenda in areas such as social spending and the environment.

Cultural Action Party of Canada cannot help but wonder what easing up on sentencing for drug and gun sentencing has to do with a so-called “progressive” agenda.

Would throwing away punitive repercussions period constitute an even greater advancement of “progressive” politics in Canada?

Fortunately for post-modern Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, questions along these lines make no difference whatsoever. Media do not posit questions of this nature to our ruling PM.

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What we have here in terms of government decision-making and media complicity is a social condition verging on the “theatre of the absurd.” No matter how outlandish and surreal Liberal government decision-making becomes, media are there to smooth out the edges, rendering the proposals as banal as a weather report.

And these are not simply Liberal proposals to diminish punitive sentencing–these are Justin Trudeau’s recommendations for the purpose of addressing “systemic racism.”

How so? One thing Canadians can count upon is that the CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star have not explained this to Canadians.

How do we know this? Because none of the above have thus far covered this development period. Are thinking Canadians to conclude these measures are as benign as winter rain in North Vancouver? Why on earth would establishment media eschew such a vital legal issue?

An internet search on the day the source article was published– February 18th, 2020— brings up a grand total of zero articles on this situation within Canadian mainstream media.

Call CAP unsurprised– it is our firm belief that within 2021 society, media in Canada work for Justin Trudeau. Hand-in-hand, these forced are “pulling the wool cap” over the eyes of 38 million Canadians.

Indeed, “give the criminals a break” appears to have become a Liberal government mantra. Add to this media obfuscation, mix slowly with Covid 19 and a “Great Reset” agenda, and witness the results.

By way of the Trudeau government, our nation continues to walk down a path of  the degeneration of social values which for our first 153 years made Canada one of the great democracies of the world.

The fact that this coincided with an installation of Justin Trudeau as prime minister should be front-and-centre within the minds of Canadians.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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  1. Trouble with having blacks and Indians in the Justice System and filling up our jails is because they break the Law more. The Law applies to white people too.


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