Justin Trudeau Pushing Arrival Of LOW-INCOME Refugees With Citizenship Fee Cancellation

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The strangeness continues. CAP find the decision-making of Trudeau and the Liberals among the most baffling of any former ruling government in Canadian history.

According the state news organization CBC, $530.00 in Canadian citizenship fees is considered a hurdle for many newcomers hoping to become Canadian citizens, especially low-income refugee families.

Let CAP understand this correctly. Justin Trudeau and Somalian refugee Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen, are encouraging foreigners to come to Canada who do not have $500 bucks in their pockets.

“These people are worth their weight in gold,” Old Stock Canadians are informed by refugee Hussen. Really? Kindly do tell–how can a so-called “refugee” who bases a decision to come to Canada on a sum of $500.00 dollars be “pure gold” as Trudeau and Hussen describe them.

Conclusion? It’s sham–the real reason this pointless exercise exists is to contribute to the Liberal-Globalist assault upon Canadian society. This, and the related votes for the Liberals.

Who pays these folks living expenses? Why, the Canadian tax-payer. Benefit to Canadian tax-payer: Not one thing. Benefit to Justin Trudeau and his agenda for the marginalization of English Canada? Plenty–large Third World families who know little about the true meaning of democracy will vote in unison for King Justin. Ahmed Hussen gets to fill Canada with his chosen Third World brethren.

Winner: Liberal government, Third World Canadians. Loser: Anglophones, Old Stock Canada, Canadian workers, Canadian tax-payers.

Fellow patriots–this is your ruling government. How many times must CAP play the “Winner/Loser” card before we wake up to an unpleasant reality: Justin Trudeau is playing with our nation like it’s his little toy-– not to mention his personal tax-payer “piggy bank.”

What a disgrace this man is. “The application fee is only one of the costs people have to assume — for example, many people have to pay for a test to prove they speak English or French well enough,” said CCR executive director Janet Dench.

Speaking of national disgraces, we have Janet Dench, refugee-pusher extraordinaire. Ms. Dench is “one of them”— a confused Canadian who lives to undermine border integrity, as well as the meaning of citizenship, and national sovereignty.

In other words, Dench is a Trudeau-clone. Like uber-victim NDP Immigration Critic Jenny Kwan, this lady has deluded herself into believing Canada exists for the singular purpose of accommodating and funding the troubled of the Third World.

“Waiving the fees completely, at a cost of some $100 million a year, is excessive and will likely be perceived as political positioning to attract immigrant voters, rather than being evidence-based.”

“To my knowledge, no Western country offers free citizenship.” Come on, pal–no other country is Justin Trudeau’s Canada– a nation which our globalist “King Of Kings” has decided exists for the benefit of Sikhism, Islam, the government of China, and various African & Middle Eastern nations.

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In 2017, the Liberals loosened some rules around citizenship. They reduced the length of time that would-be citizens must be physically present in Canada. They lowered the age range for language and knowledge requirements. The fee remained the same.

In a statement to CBC, Ahmed Hussen, the immigration minister who is seeking re-election as an MP, said the promise stems from consultations on how to improve the system.

“We heard from groups across the country who have said that the prohibitive fees were stopping families from finally becoming Canadian. Currently, the cost of applying for citizenship for an average family of four is almost $1,500,” Hussen said.

CAP Interpretation: The consultations were exclusively focused on organizations partial to Hussen’s globalist goal for our nation. All benefit goes to Hussen and his poor Third World refugees, while Old Stock Canada pays for without any choice in the matter.

The Trudeau-Hussen- Globalist plan will cost Canadians an estimated cost is $400 million over four years. So there is a fiscal loss in the hundreds of millions, Then, after the poor,  illegal, 6-person pending Liberal-voter families arrive, us Canucks also fund their day-to-day living expenses.

Then, millions of Old Stock Canadians run out and vote for Justin Trudeau on October 21st, 2019. Can you see the insanity in this? CAP certainly can.

Let us once again lay it on the line: A government with Justin Trudeau as prime minister places Third World migrants, refugees, illegals, Sikhs, Muslim and Chinese above Anglophone and Christian Canadians.

For CAP, it seems obvious as heck. For those who exclusively consume establishment media content, many would not have a clue about this reality. Why? Regular CAP readers know this inside-and-out. CBC, Globe & Mail, and the rest of mainstream media have with intent buried this social dynamic in the political sands of our society.

Conclusion? Government and media are in collusion regarding the long-term globalist agenda for the future of our nation. From “democracy to dictatorship.” CAP has consistently maintained this as the high-level scheme being covertly interjected into the fabric of Canadian society.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.



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