Justin Trudeau Pushes “No Limits” Transgenderism At Pride Parade

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Turns out the biggest transgender advocate in Canada is our prime minister— a man who specializes in bringing complex issues to their lowest common denominator, and gets more specious from there.

Trudeau voiced his support for the society’s decision, saying it’s important to hear the concerns of people in the transgender community:

“Unfortunately the LGBT community, particularly the trans community, have suffered tremendous discrimination that continues today, and I think it’s important the Pride community has the right to invite and include organizations it feels are allies,” he said.

“I know the goal of including everyone is really important, but it’s also really important to take strong stands against intolerance.”

So PM Trudeau says it’s important to “hear the concerns” of the transgendered. What seems far less important to Justin is the concerns of those negatively affected by transgenderism–parents who OPPOSE sex change for their 14-year-old children.

Interestingly, Trudeau also sides with the LGBT industry LORDING it over Canadian police, and RCMP. These are institutions which uphold the law. Previous to post-modern Canada, a gang of pink-haired social justice warriors did not decide what the POLICE do, or where they go. Post-Justin Timberflake, suddenly the LGBT brigade are calling the shots within our society. How “No Core Identity” of them.

A stand against intolerance? Please–the LGBT community is far more intolerant of heterosexual parents than these folks are of the trans-pushers. Hundreds of parents are well aware of this fact by way of educational institutions pushing parents out of the picture after sonny-boy announces he wants to remove his private parts to become a girl.

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As CAP have opined previously, the transgender industry is shot through with controversy, illicit hormone drug therapy, families torn apart, 8 year-olds on a psychiatrists couch, sex change regret and ill-heath as a result of mastectomy surgery.

In typical fashion, Justin Trudeau IGNORES all this, preferring to reduce transgenderism to the level of a walk through the park in a pink dress. This is Justin’s style–think abortion. Same approach, same pattern, same result.

Mr. Trudeau’s singular comment on abortion in Canada: “Women have the right to control their own bodies.” Stop the press-end of story. Yet, any parent with half-a-brain knows this is not the real world of the abortion industry. In Canada, a pregnant woman can have an abortion at full term.

The impetus for this comes from Justin’s father, Pierre Trudeau. As a result, thousands of late-term abortions have delivered some nasty results. Babies headed for death by abortion have actually ended up being born, and then destroyed. What kind of warning does government issue regarding the nefarious aspects of abortion in Canada?

Here it is:“Women have the right to control their own bodies.” In a nutshell,this is the government of Justin Trudeau. Irresponsible propagandists willing to jump on any bandwagon–INCLUDING that which damages babies, teenagers and school children–in order to establish a post-modern Liberal-Globalist dictatorship in Canada.

CAP Salient Question Time: Does this Justin Trudeau character TRULY CARE about Canadians– including our children, and their children after them(if there are any).

In other words, is King Justin a person of character who empathizes with the people of Canada, or is he a self-indulgent narcissist who deep down has NO FEELING for the average Canadian, their families or their future?

Perhaps a tough one, but CAP go with the latter. This we do after four years of psychological analysis of this aberration of a prime minister. Trudeau’s mental profile fits that of a power-hungry megalomaniac. Keep in mind how much tyrants of history cared for their actual citizens. Were they not willing to throw their respective societies into  CHAOS in order to achieve certain ideological goals?

Justin Trudeau’s commentary came as a result of Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer abstaining from attending Pride Parades. Note King Justin’s approach– he chastises his political opponent not for his behaviour, but for his lack of action. PURE post-modern malarky.

Please do tell- where is media condemnation for the non-action Justin Trudeau has taken regarding the persecution and mass murder of Christians in Africa and the Middle East? He’s done squat– absolutely nothing–while in the meantime going to bat for every Islamic issue he can find. Where is the condemnation for this miscreant’s NON-action?

Trudeau is what CAP refer to as a “bandwagon” prime minister. If Muslims are flowing into Canada, Justin is prime minister of Islam. When LGBT becomes all-the-rage, our PM is PM of the LGBT industry. This, despite the fact that LGBT has been magically trans-formed into a GIANT money-making industry.

Check out the Vancouver Pride Parade. Pride flags are selling like hot-cakes. Stores sell out of Pride socks(Justine-style) daily. Business is booming–and yet, no one including media  ever refer to the money-making element of LGBT industry.

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The socks are only one small element. Consider what establishment media never speak of–the FORTUNE being made by the fashion and cosmetics industries. Trans-folk buy women’s clothes. They wear make-up. Therefore, a giant shot-in-the-arm for the globalist fashion industries–not to mention the big pharma are taking in from hormone drug revenues.

Does Justin Trudeau ever consider ANY of these issues? Say no-go. His mind doesn’t work this way. Rather, his mind is a manic one whereby whatever bandwagon he jumps on, he does so without consideration of the manifold repercussions of his behaviour.

Conclusion? Trudeau is a person of immature character, and therefore should never have become prime minister of Canada.




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