Justin Trudeau Empowers Dual Citizenship MP’s While Australia Has BANNED Them.

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Last year, 10 [Australian] MPs and senators were removed from office for violating a constitutional rule that prohibits federal political candidates from being dual nationals.

“Charter Breach!” screams uber-refugee pusher, NDP Immigration Critic, MP Jenny Kwan.

“Um…Jenny…this is in Australia--not Canada.”  Big difference, eh? As it happens, under the government of Justin Trudeau, 22 members of parliament hold dual citizenship. We name a few key players: MP’s Ahmed Hussen(Somalia), Iqra Khalid(Pakistan), Maryam Monsef(unknown), Omar Alghabra(Saudi Arabia). Heart-warming, isn’t it?

Canada and Australia share a number of similarities, but dual citizenship MP’s is not one of them. CAP recommendation: dual citizens are not permitted to hold federal public office.

“Charter Breach!” bellows uber-refugee pusher and former Somalian refugee, MP Ahmed Hussen.

What can one glean from this situation? CAP will inform: the person responsible for permitting–or perhaps more accurately– the person who makes it impossible to prevent dual citizenship MP’s, was Pierre Trudeau. What a shock this is.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which Pierre Trudeau unilaterally entrenched within the Canadian constitution, makes it very, very difficult to deny an ability for dual citizenships to become MP’s.

But it sure as heck did not prevent King Justin from empowering these individuals within our federal government. At present, one of the most powerful positions in government was handed by King Trudeau to dual citizen Somalian national, MP Ahmed Hussen.

What an odd-ball choice. That is, unless the goal of a prime minister is to undermine English Canada, and dilute its Anglophone population to the point where this community trans-sitions to a minority.  As it happens, this is exactly what CAP believe is being done to our communities.

At least 22 MP’s have citizenship from other countries, CBC News confirmed through queries to parliamentarians’ offices. That figure does not include MPs and senators who hold citizenship through descent, naturalization or marriage.

“Canadian MPs hold citizenship from various countries, including Afghanistan, Lebanon, Portugal, Poland, Pakistan, Syria, the United States and the United Kingdom.” They missed a few–Saudi Arabia being one.

That dual citizenship would disqualify them from holding office in Australia, where Section 44 of the Constitution bars anyone who is a citizen of a “foreign power” from sitting in Parliament.

In Canada, Justin Trudeau handed the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs portfolio to dual Saudi Arabian-Canadian citizen, MP Omar Alghabra. Why him? Rumour has it that this former donut salesman gained the role by way of organizing a nation-wide tour of Canadian mosques on behalf of Comrade Justin.


Liberal Senator Mobina Jaffer (United Kingdom citizenship, born in Uganda). Liberal MP Marwan Tabbara (Lebanon). Liberal MP Eva Nassif (Lebanon). Liberal MP Faycal El-Khoury (Lebanon). Conservative MP Ziad Aboultaif (Lebanon).

To add context, click on the link to see more. Not all of them are from Third World nations. Yet, one thing is rock-solid: Under Justin Trudeau, Third World politicians and political communities are empowered like never before in history

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Coincidence? If any reader believes this, CAP have a bridge in Vancouver to sell you called the “Lion’s Gate.” Of course it’s true– Mr. Trudeau has gone so manic on this issue, the balance of power within society  is shifting right beneath our feet.

There are 500,000 Sikhs in Canada, accounting for a little more than one per cent of all Canadians.

But more than 12 per cent of federal Liberal cabinet ministers are Sikhs, including Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan. There are 14 Liberal Sikh MPs, says Kwantlen Polytechnic University political scientist Shinder Purewal.

Liberals hold all nine federal ridings in which Punjabi Sikhs predominate, says Purewal, plus 11 more in which the South Asian population is significant.

“Diversity is our strength!” chimes NDP Leader and his turban collection, MP Jagmeet Singh.

CAP will retort: Yes, it is a damn strength–for Sikh Canada. Add to this Muslim Canada— a community which Trudeau has super-charged in the name of “multiculturalism.”

Yet for Anglophone and Christian Canada, CAP see no benefit whatsoever. Why would we, when we are the “invisible” people.

“What!” says a social justice warrior. “You have white privilege...bugger off, racist trash.”

Consider this thought: Throughout Trudeau’s entire term in office,how many times has Justin mentioned( gone to bat for, supported) Islamic or Muslim Canada. CAP estimate(not easy) 300-400 times. Add to this the number of times ethnocentric MP’s Maryam Monsef, Iqra Khalid and Ahmed Hussen make this reference.

Now let’s turn to Anglophone “white” Canada, and Christian Canada. Number of verbal references: ZERO–for all of them. For CAP, this is incredibly ominous.

Under Trudeau, our people have become the  “non-mentioned.” An  “invisible” community. The irrelevant, and the damned. Why on earth would King Justin fawn over Islam for four years, while never once even mentioning Christianity.  Does the man even offer a Christmas greeting–or do we only get to watch Justin and his smugness mention “Happy Holidays.”  CAP maintain this situation is 100% calculated, and intended to damage.

So Australia bans dual citizens in government. Trudeau does no such thing, and never would in a million years. Rather, King Justin empowers dual citizens with sketchy backgrounds. The nation where MP Maryam Monsef was born is unknown. Alghabra is a rumoured ex-Muslim Brotherhood member. When Trudeau won in 2015, it is well told that Mr. Omar shouted out “It’s a victory for Islam!”

Rock and roll, Mr. ‘Brotherhood” –you are CAP’s hero. Get these people out of government, and take “tickle trunk-wielding”  PM Mr. Dress-Up with you– we want dedicated, full Canadian citizens managing our nation–thank you very much.




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  1. I was born in Scotland & I am a Canadian citizen, my Dad brought myself & siblings along with my mom. He wasn’t allowed to vote for 1 year, collect any social $ from the government. He was sponsored by my moms aunt who worked as a baker at Safeway. My Dad worked hard all his life, he was a meat cutter at Safeway, my mom got a job also doing meat wrapping. My baby brother was the only one born here. My Dad got all of us our citizenship in 1974 because my 16 year old brother broke into a cigarette machine at KFC. We were threatened with deportation!? I was 6 years old & I recall the centennial year in 1967 when Pierre Elliot Trudeau was prime minister, he was married to Margaret who was a groupie with rock bands, primarily the Rolling Stones. She shamed this country, just as Justin Trudeau is doing now. I am a Christian along with a lot of others & this angers me. I am well aware of the election & Andrew Scheer is a good man, I & many others are very happy that he holds office in parliament now or will on Nov. 22nd. Why it’s taking that long I have no idea, I am tired of looking at the smug face of Trudeau who has manipulated the law & we as western Canadians are well aware of his lies. He now has to face a minority government which is the best thing that has happened in Canadian politics since the western reform party took 48% of the ridings.


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