Justin Trudeau Promises To LOWER Minimum Age For Anal Sex

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Justin Trudeau told a homosexual news agency his government will be “moving on” lowering the age of consent on anal sex for consenting unmarried partners from 18 to 16 in Canada’s Criminal Code.

Bill C-32 will repeal(it passed into law) an archaic section of Section 159 of the Criminal Code. Adopting Bill C-32 would remove a longstanding point of discrimination against gay men by eliminating the unequal age of consent for anal sex in Canada.

Such priorities these people have. One would think that with all the consternation within Canada and the outside world, the federal government would have more pressing issues than anal sex for 16-year olds. Turns out they do not.

Why is this particular issue so important that such time energy and effort must be applied to augmenting legislation? What is so important about lowering the consent from 18 to 16 years old?  Who actually CARES about this issue? The “market” is more than likely the tiniest sliver of society.

Under Justin Trudeau, Canada has a government which protects Islamic militants from being tried and convicted. Trudeau promotes the re-instatement of Canadian citizenship for convicted ISIS terrorists. Additionally, Justin will open the door for 16-year olds to have anal sex.

What kind of national leader is this? No PM in history would dare to deal in this globalist, politically correct malarky. Of course, it helps when government has a dedicated LGBT Minister.

His name is Randy Boissonnault— the greatest transgender-pusher you have never heard of. After Trudeau won the 2015 federal election, our PM established this LGBT ministerial position. Canada never had anything along these lines previous to Justin Trudeau.

MP Boissonnault is a virulent LGBT promoter. He utters not a critical word against any element of the LGBT movement.  Dangerous hormone drugs shot into the bodies of Canadian youth? All good by way of MP Randy Boissonnault.

The Trudeau government are not only a political aberration– they are the strangest federal government that ever existed.

Perhaps now that the rumour is circulating that Mr. Trudeau quit his teaching job at the uber-posh West Point Grey Academy due to his “relationship” with students sheds a light on the motive for this essential legislative transformation.

20 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Promises To LOWER Minimum Age For Anal Sex”

  1. This was protecting children from sexual abuse. That was the entire point of this law and was defended in parliament when it passed. He just made it about gay men and ruined progress in protecting children. Complete fucking trash bag. Libs are also funded by the Bronfmans who are part of the NXIVM sex cult involving human trafficking, sex trafficking and pedophilia. Libs are a pedo group.

  2. I am a Christian that is astonish how we Christian allow and autocratic government take sovereignty over our culture, values, ethic belief and our children. I was so angry that the Church for the sake of tax exemption sold the soul of the Church that i wrote a book oriented only to Christians. I invite you to read one of many commentary in particularly the one titled “CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS VS THE CANADIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION” at https://www.simplicityinthegospel.com/2019/02/canadian-charter-of-rights-and-freedoms.html

    Thank you for allowing free speech


    • One fundamental problem for Christian Canadians is that within Islam religion and politics are intertwined. Not so with Xian, and this is one main reason why Islam will supersede Xian in Canada within a generation.

      Unfortunately, the PM of Canada SUPPORTS this very notion.

    • Trudeau will sell his soul for votes, anal sex between two consenting adults is the law 16 years old you can not have a drink in the bar but Justin and his homosexual politicians see this as a good and modern Canada.

  3. I am almost lost for words. This Prime minister is the most useless and stupid politician I have ever had the displeasure of knowing in all of my Senior years.
    We must never make the mistake of electing him again

  4. It is your fault you voted a minister like him. And you allowed Sogie Bill in your country. It is now time to oppose to protect your country, your family and the children. Yo must now fight to allow Bible reading and prayer in school.

    • A huge amount of Canadians have developed a true hate for traitor Trudeau since the first election. Therefore there’s no way in hell that Canadians voted Trudeau back in a second time. The only explanation for him being voted back in, is that the election was rigged.

  5. Consent is consent and the particular activity should not be excluded based on age. Furthermore any government official who WOULD say anything negative about transgender or homosexual people should be fired. Preferably out of a cannon

      • You didn’t even make an argument in the article, Brad. You gave no reasoning for how trans people and anal sex are connected. You don’t have a logical basis for your claims, Brad.

        • The article is about Justin Trudeau’s energy spent on this sexual issue. It is a tad “unnatural” don’t you think?


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