Justin Trudeau Promised $1 Billion Surplus for 2019, Delivers DEFICIT Of $19.8 Billion

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Unbelievable. Not that Justin Trudeau lied to the people of Canada, but rather that it is possible he could win a second four-year term in office.

In his March 19,2019 budget — the last before the October election — Trudeau predicted he won’t have a balanced budget or a $1 billion surplus in 2019. He said his deficit in 2019 will be $19.8 BILLION.

Trudeau missed every one of the four annual deficit targets he set in 2015 on the path to a balanced budget. Put another way, Trudeau promised in 2015 that his accumulated deficits over four years would be $24.1 billion.

His actual record puts them at $72.7 BILLION. Moving forward, Trudeau’s latest budget predicts four more years of deficits if he wins a second term in office — $19.7 billion in 2020, $14.8 billion in 2021, $12.1 billion in 2022 and $9.8 billion in 2023.

CAP question of the millennia : How on EARTH can this guy be a contender to win in October? What a giant mystery. Among the Canadian voter-base, the economy is consistently a top concern of Canadians, as well as Health Care and other pragmatic social issues.

Justin Trudeau builds giant, unprecedented debt and deficit for our citizens and nation in general, then goes running through the streets waving a transgender flag while walking arm-in-arm with hairy-chested men in leather spats–and still wins the election.

How is this possible? Firstly, media spin. As informed Canadians are aware, Mr. Trudeau has all but “bought” the mainstream media in Canada. This ensures that negative spin on King Justin is held in check. Meanwhile, Trudeau spends his time virtue-signalling to every special interest group he can find–LGBT, transgender, Sikh, Muslim, Chinese.

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Immigration builds up a solid Third World voter base in the GTA region. As these ridings become majority Third World, Justin and Gerald Butts select ethnic-appropriate candidates to run in these ridings– Think Maryam Monsef, Iqra Khalid, Omar Alghabra. Please–would these three get elected if they ran in Medicine Hat, Brandon, Manitoba, or Walla Walla Washington?

Nope. But they can win in Markham, Mississauga and Brampton, Ontario. Result? Justin Trudeau wraps himself in silk Sikh outfits, dances a Bollywood jig at a social event, and his candidate wins the riding.

Canada is not what it was even ten years ago. In reality, within our present-day political environment a “Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” is a bald-faced lie. For this Trudeau fellow, a Canadian is a Sikh Voter, Muslim voter and a pink-haired transexual.

The Liberals are little more than successful marketers and propagandists. As they plunge our nation into uber-debt for the benefit of international banking and domestic corporate interests, they are setting up Canada for decades of massive deficits–so large that in time Canada may be thrown into a giant financial crisis.

CAP opinion time: Justin Trudeau wants this crisis. Pourquoi? Because it is a step toward the goal of trans-sitioning our nation from a democracy into a dictatorship.

Within a dictatorship. government control ALL aspects of the lives of the citizenship. Massive debt means major reliance on government–therefore government control the public.

This is Justin Trudeau. It is also Gerald Butts, MP Iqra Khalid, and Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. What this is NOT is the establishment media in Canada. They are part of Trudeau’s ultimate solution, as  media are now under government control more than at any point within Canadian history.

Trudeau is a schemer–the worst ever. The brains behind the madness is the weasel Gerald Butts. The man hired to demographically destroy our founding nations peoples is imported Somalian half-citizen Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen.

Together, these men are out to steal our country from Anglophones, trans-ition it to a dictatorship, and implant Islam as the ideological driver of Justin’s new, “post-modern” Canada.

The deficit scheme is merely one component in a multi-faceted, long term agenda for the decimation of Canadian values, identity, heritage and history. This, folks, is communism.




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  1. Because Conservative attacks like “”(Trudeau) goes running through the streets waving a transgender flag while walking arm-in-arm with hairy-chested men in leather spats–…”” are just not winning over any voters.

    If the CPC wants to win they must stop the dopey personal attacks on their fellow Canadians…

  2. BRAD SALZBERG shares the same values as those in Red States where people chant “make america great again!” Not surprising, his last name is very much a german name.known for their racism and bigotry.


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