Justin Trudeau Politically Empowers Non-Profit, Special Interest Organizations In Canada

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Why did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau order his revenue minister to stop the Canada Revenue Agency from auditing politically active charities? A darn good question–and therefore by default one Justin Trudeau will never answer directly.

“When the current[Trudeau] government came to office, the prime minister characterized these audits as ‘political harassment’ in his mandate letter to the national revenue minister, and the finalization of the political activity audits was suspended by the CRA,” stated Alison Krause, a Vancouver-based researcher who has single-handedly exposed the foreign-funded campaign to “land-lock Alberta crude.”

“The main changes to the legislation are the REMOVAL OF RESTRICTIONS on the extent to which charities are allowed to ENGAGE IN POLITICAL ACTIVITY — something that was not historically allowed except by registered political parties.”

In other words, this move by the Trudeau government is historically unprecedented. Makes sense, as the entire tenure of Justin Trudeau as prime minister is unprecedented. No previous PM has worked so hard to damage, vilify and demonize the majority population of the nation they were elected to lead.

Here is the piece media are holding back: Justin Trudeau’s bias toward specific community non-profit organizations, and his malevolency toward others. Here we speak of Trudeau’s animus toward the Christian faith, and its followers in Canada.

As informed citizens understand, Mr. Trudeau has taken punitive measures toward Christian churches, summer camps, and charities. If they do not support Trudeau family-established mass abortion program they will not receive Summer Jobs Grants.

A legal group is taking Ottawa to court over its denial of jobs grants for Bible camps in Ontario and Nova Scotia, with the camp’s operators suggesting the rejection is due to their evangelical beliefs.

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms said it will seek to overturn the federal refusal to fund summer counsellors for the two Bible Centered Ministries camps in Cooks Brook, 70 kilometres northeast of Halifax, and near Omemee, Ont., west of Peterborough.

Now, let’s take a gander at Trudeau’s approach to Islamic-Canadian non-profit organizations.The Liberal government recently awarded the Islamic Society of North America-Canada (ISNA-Canada) with $25,787 in Canada Summer Jobs funding despite having its charity status revoked by the Canada Revenue Agency for allegedly funding a militant terror group. According to official records, seven chapters of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) were listed as approved for funding.

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Based on this evidence, it is fair to say PM Trudeau has an obvious bias toward Islamic charities. Please do tell– considering this, does it not appear OBVIOUS that the primary benefit in terms of politicizing not-for-profit organizations will go toward the non-profits Justin Trudeau supports— Islamic and Sikh charities, as well as LGBT and Transgender-pushing groups.

See the game Justin is playing here? The goal is to politicize–and therefore empower– specific ethnic and religious communities within Canadian society. Based upon Trudeau fervent dedication toward the Nation of Islam, all this makes PERFECT SENSE. 

Add to this one particular factor: Within the Christian faith, religion and politics generally function independently of each other. Not so within the Islamic faith. Within this belief system, religion and politics are INDELIBLY LINKED.

See the end game here? This is a component of Trudeau’s agenda of TRANS-formation within Canadian society. The empowerment of one identifiable community, with a corresponding disempowerment of another community.

This, folks, is Justin Trudeau. It is Somalian drop-in citizen, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen. It is the Liberal cabinet, and Gerald Butts. It is a component of a globalist social experiment to morph our nation away from its traditional heritage, and toward Justin’s new, post-modern Canada.

The problem for  Old Stock Canadians is that Trudeau’s vision for the future of Canada is one whereby these folks are trans-itioning to the “RELIC” people of Canada. Low birth-rates, record-breaking immigration and refugee quotas will in time render Anglophones and practicing Christians second class citizens, as well as MINORITY communities.

Trudeau’s  vision is rolled out slowly. It is subtle in nature, and incremental in execution. Trudeau’s under-the-radar political empowerment of special interest charities is yet another component in a battle of covert cultural decimation.





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