Justin Trudeau Pledges $30 Million To Promote LGBT In Third World Nations

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Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government will spend $30 million over the next five years to push the homosexual and gender identity agenda in developing countries, according to LifeSite News.

And this is just the beginning. Canadian tax-payers will fork over $10 million every year in perpetuity – or as long as the Liberals are in power – to advance the homosexual agenda as part of their country’s international aid.

The benefit of this endeavour for Canadians? Nothing. Rather, those who have no interest in this expenditure are forced  to pay the bill. Did Justin Trudeau run for office on a “I will give BILLIONS of your tax dollars to the Third World to fund abortion and promote transgenderism in Africa.” Not quite, eh?

What deception. CAP are consistently perplexed regarding Trudeau’s paradoxical relationship with the LGBT community, and the Nation of Islam. Justin backs BOTH communities to the max–just like boss-man George Soros and his “Open Society Foundation.”

As for Islam, there is a similar pattern. Participating in Islamic prayer sessions, approving M103 “Islamophobia” motion,and of course, providing copious amounts of dollars  to not-for-profit organizations— a number of which are rumoured to have ties with militant Islamic organizations.

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Now, WHY would Trudeau support two communities whose ideological foundations are as antithetical as LGBT and Islam? Isn’t this not some serious oddball behaviour?

No surprise–CAP has a theory. Despite the contradiction, both communities have one thing in common– malevolence toward Christian Canada. In CAP’s opinion, Justin Trudeau shares the malevolency. Beyond this, the behaviour suggests adherence to a larger agenda– the globalist seduction of the dying Great White North.

Funding gays and transgendered in Africa is not the job of the prime minister of Canada. Nor is funding mass abortion in Africa to the tune of one billion one billion dollars per year.  At the risk of being “insensitive,” it is the job of African governments to deal with their social issues– it is simply not Canada’s responsibility.

Canada has much better things to spend these monies on–urban infrastructure development, Alberta Oil sands development, Child poverty, Veterans, Military, and on and on. Why doesn’t government trans-fer a few billion over to these projects instead of handing it to despotic foreign governments?

Yes, Justin is not alone in providing aid to developing nations. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives did so as well. Yet, a profound difference exists between these two prime ministers. Stephen Harper was not ideologically motivated to support these interests.

Not so with Justin. The monies, the virtue-signalling, the globalist propaganda are all designed to fool Canadians into believing in the righteousness of the Trudeau brand. It is a grand deception for the purpose of transforming our nation for all-time.

Justin Trudeau wants a new Canada– a nation-state in which the social order of the day is turned upside-down for all time. English Canada is to be branded racist, and disempowered accordingly. In its stead comes Third World Canada. The justification is that our land was stolen from First Nations in the first place, so it fair to steal it once again.

As for Africa, let their governments deal with their social issues, and Canada will take care of its own–as long as Trudeau is removed as prime minister. For as long as he is preening and preaching on the world stage, Trudeau will be pushing the same destructive agenda as always.





5 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Pledges $30 Million To Promote LGBT In Third World Nations”

  1. There aren’t any nations that really respect or take anything he says seriously anymore, so why is he giving these same countries, more of Canada’s tax money? Has he not learned from his embarrassingly shunned visits to the UN, that no matter how much he tries to buy friends and respect, that all their doing is taking Canadas money and laughing at him and us. There isn’t even any proof what so ever, that one cent of that money is going to what it was given for. When is he going to learn you can’t buy respect, power or admiration. What, does he think he’s a mafia boss or something?????

  2. I swear this fucking assclown is TRYING to get someone to assassinate him !!! WORST POLITICAL LEADER EVER. OK, maybe the second worst ever, just behind Hitler !!!! Way to live up to your name…and become EVEN MORE HATED than your father was !!!!

  3. Haven’t you fags given up with your fake bullshit stories yet? Holy fuck your page is pathetic, and what’s worse? There’s actually ignorant morons that believe this shit lmao.


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