Justin Trudeau Pledges $1.4 BILLION For African Women’s Health

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Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau announced that his country will invest C$1.4 billion (US$1 billion) annually in women’s and girls’ health AROUND THE WORLD, including C$700 million for sexual and reproductive health.

“The moment for Canadian leadership is NOW” said Trudeau in a press briefing at the Women Deliver conference in Vancouver.

Hear ye, hear ye– the moment for leadership IS NOW. That is, now for non-Canadian citizens around the world– NOT for the people of Canada. What an oddball. Why is the prime minister of Canada so much more PUMPED on assisting the Third World than he is on improving the Canadian economy?

The answer is surprisingly simple–arrogance. Justin Trudeau has HI-JACKED the role of prime minister. He personally trans-formed the role into that of “globalist saviour and ambassador to the Third World.”

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Last time CAP checked, this job description has little if anything to do with performing the role of  prime minister of Canada. This means nothing to Justin. He has access to his giant piggy bank--our tax-dollars– and he will do what he damn well pleases with the funds.

Shades of dictatorship. Memories of Pierre. Trudeau Dynasty “liberalism.” Shout out to communist China, check Castro’s Cuba. This is the Trudeau way. It is also the way media protect the agenda– through a refusal to spell out the covert plan so Canadians can UNDERSTAND what our current government is really all about.

Abortion in Africa. Women’s Health in Afghanistan. Homosexuality in Ghana, transgenderism in Tasmania. VERY important issues for the people of Canada–NOT!

Justin Trudeau is in the WRONG BUSINESS. The PM’s job is to work for the benefit of Canadians. Apart from Third World Canada, Trudeau has no interest. How far $1.4 Billion could go to improve Canadian society— poverty, homelessness, poisoned drinking water, roads and bridges, health care, seniors–you name it, and these billions would go a long way to benefit actual Canadian citizens.

Justin will never do it. Why? Because NOTHING ever changes with this curious fellow. Be they polls, push-back, protests in the streets, Antifa, Yellow Vests, Truck Convoys, racism and bigotry BE DAMNED–Justin Trudeau is in charge.

Africans MUST be taken care of. Tax dollars MUST be transferred to Middle Eastern governments. This is Justin Trudeau– the first prime minister in Canada who works exclusively for NON-Canadian nations. Meanwhile, media say nothing.




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