Justin Trudeau Playing Politics With Terrorism As Election Nears

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According to the Toronto Sun, the Trudeau government have added  six new terrorist groups to their list of legally-designated terrorist entities. Being put on this list means that it is easier for the government to prosecute members and seize assets.

Four of the groups were Islamic groups active in Iran, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain and the Gaza Strip. The other two groups were what were described as part of “an international neo-Nazi network.”

Yet, in mainstream media articles, public comments and interviews, establishment media coverage has focused the two neo-Nazi groups. Why? Could it have something to do with the Liberal government’s attempt to brand everyone that disagrees with them a Nazi?

Based on recent government and media behaviour, a common sense Canadian should go all-in on this. What is Trudeau after here? Is it possible that government positioning is intended to MAXIMIZE the notion that white Conservatives are little more than a motley gang of racists? Is it not possible media hid the Islamic terrorist designation because it would negatively affect Trudeau’s most precious Islamic voter-base?

Either way, one thing is a fact: The closer the election comes, the harder government, media and so-called “anti-racist” not-for-profit organizations are working to brand anti-Liberal forces racists, neo-Nazis and the like.

This is, of course, entirely intentional. Perhaps the biggest “bigot-brander” in Canada is the Anti-Hate Network. The organization’s leader, Bernie Farber, spends his time condemning “right-of-centre” political parties, individuals and organizations.

It makes little difference to Farber if these groups actually make statements which are explicitly racist, breach Canada’s hate laws, or violate the Canadian criminal code.

For organizations of this type, they maintain the politically correct privilege of DECIDING what is and is not racist for themselves. Arbitrary, biased, subjective–it makes no difference. These types OWN THE MEANING of terms like bigotry and xenophobia.

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How privileged it is to be in a position where one can unilaterally decide what is racist WITHOUT having to debate those accused of being racist. Within contemporary Canada, this dynamic remains ubiquitous.

Anyone else notice that while government, media, academia and multicultural organizations are free to brand right-leaning organizations racist, they never actually ENGAGE IN DIALOGUE with any of them. Why? What are they afraid of?

CAP has a theory on this–they are afraid of getting DESTROYED during the discussion. They are AFRAID their hollow, virtue-signalling racist-labelling agenda will be exposed for what it is: a post-modern, politically correct WITCH HUNT.

Establishment media want Canadian voters to believe that ethnic or religious supremacy is a one-way street in Canada. They want the public to adopt the belief that the only form of ethnic supremacy is WHITE supremacy. It’s a LIE.

Does Osama Bin Laden not qualify as an ethnic supremacist? How about the 60-odd ISIS fighters currently walking freely in the streets of Canadian cities? Are these people NOT religious supremacists? What about IMAM’s preaching the Koran inside Canadian mosques? Much what they say is racist and supremacist.

Within politically correct Canada, all this is inconsequential. It is ONLY when Anglophones push-back against state-enforced diversity and mass Third World immigration that the “supremacist” card is played.

CAP believe the true neo-fascists in Canada are liberals. These are the people who want to MUZZLE ANYONE who espouses a belief system counter to state-enforced multiculturalism. While a Canadian can trash all elements of the Christian faith till the cows come home, a person who makes even slightest negative comment regarding Islam is labelled an awful and disgusting human being.

When will these people learn that racism is and has always been a TWO-WAY street? In Pakistan, Christians are persecuted daily. A lady there was recently on death row for making blasphemous statements regarding Mohammed. This is bigotry. It has been around for MILLENNIA.

Yet, within Justin Trudeau’s Canada, the blinders are on regarding all forms of racism which fall outside the spectrum of white on non-white racism. There are fanatics on ALL SIDES. Sikh nationalism has racist elements. So does fundamentalist Islam.

In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, SELECTIVE racism rules the roost. The phenomenon is now fully politicized. No one is more responsible for this than Justin Trudeau. Recently, he spoke at a Islamic Eid event in Ontario.  Over one thousand people were in attendance, when Mr. Trudeau proceeded to brand the opposition Conservative Party--not to mention conservatives in general– racist, bigoted and xenophobic.

What does this accomplish little in terms of fostering national unity? NOTHING.  Justin Trudeau has no interest in social cohesion. What he cares about is maintaining his ideological grip on society for the purpose of trans-forming our nation from a free and democratic society into something altogether different: a socialist nation with Islam as its dominant religion.

To accomplish this transformation, the globalists need a DESIGNATED ENEMY.  A veritable social SCAPEGOAT. This they  have found in English Canada and its peoples. Historical governments have done the same. In nearly every case, the result is social chaos, racism, oppression and violence.

For sensible Canadians, the idea that Canada is in the nascent stage of a similar historical development is worth considering. As for Liberals, most likely they will simply go on being liberal.



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