Justin Trudeau PERSONALLY Involved In Anti-Christian Measures Against Churches, Bible Camps

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The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF.ca) released new documents uncovered in its Canada Summer Jobs court cases, which show that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was directly involved in creating new rules used to bar faith-based summer camps from obtaining grants from the Canada Summer Jobs (“CSJ”) program.

CAP Question Of The Day: Doesn’t the prime minister of Canada have anything better to do than scheme up  punishments for young Canadians working at Christian Bible Camps?

Of course he does. Do you know the amount of energy it takes to simultaneously support African and Middle Eastern governments and their citizens while also working to eradicate English Canada?

It’s quite the task. Yet, no matter what the circumstances– illegal migration be damned– PM Trudeau never deviates from the globalist agenda–even when he is on his last legs as prime minister.

Such dedication. Perhaps in truth, Mr. Trudeau was “picked on” as a child. As psychology informs, the abused often trans-ition into the abusers. So Justin decided to play out this bit of Freudian theory by targeting summer camp counsellors at Christian Bible Camps.

What a tough-guy, eh? Yet, when the tables turn to advancing transgenderism in Canada, King Justin is flying with flags unfurled at every Pride Parade he can locate.

“In June 2019, the Justice Centre commenced courts actions against the federal government on behalf of Mill Stream Bible Camp near Peterborough, Ontario and Mount Traber Bible Camp near Halifax, Nova Scotia.”

They are two of numerous religious summer camps barred from receiving Canada Summer Jobs grants in 2019. According to an internal government email obtained by the Justice Centre, the new 2019 rule used to bar these camps from the CSJ program was created under the specific direction of the Prime Minister.

Why is CAP not surprised? We shall inform: From week one of Trudeau’s tenure as PM, we have maintained that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are anti-Christian. For brevity’s sake, we will omit including specific examples. Anyone who follows our writing will know of the myriad examples we have posted in this regard.

Like Papa Pierre Trudeau, son Justin is also an abortion-monger. There are, in fact, some serious and provocative issues which Canadian media have buried for the past 50 years.

CAP will get into some of this: First off, the founder of Canadian abortion policy is Pierre Trudeau. What was the policy he forced upon society? “No-term-limit” abortion–as in, no restrictions at all. Therefore, a woman can have an abortion at the full 9-month term.

A term some folks use for this is “murder.” In over four decades, CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest have yet  to issue a single word about this within our mainstream media publications.

Now, it gets even darker. Which nations share Canada’s “no-holes barred” abortion policy? China, as well as North Korea. Has media ever published this information? Not that CAP has ever seen.

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Salient Question Time: Why would a democratic nation of 37.5 million citizens share an abortion policy with a communist nation of 1.4 BILLION citizens? The answer is surprisingly simple: Pierre Trudeau. Who is the  politician most dedicated to mass abortion in modern Canadian history?  Why, it is son Justin. Notice how media never put this together so Canadians can understand what is really going on in this regard?

Even Worse: As has been drilled into the psyche of the Canadian people by government and media, Canada has a huge problem with an aging population and workforce. It has been understood for decades this demographic default would one day come to haunt our society.

What did government do about it when they had the chance to promote increased birth rates among Canadians in the 1960’s-1980’s? Nothing at all. In other words, they sat back as Anglophone Canada became a shrinking component of our population.

Instead, they decided to import the Third World and their babies to Canada. Did you know? The number of abortions per year in Canada is 80,000-100,000. That’s 3 million abortions over a thirty-year period.

If these did not occur, then it is possible Anglophones demographic decline could have been avoided. In other words, white Canada got screwed. Third World Canadians do not indulge in abortion like whitey does. Winner: Justin Trudeau and Third World Canada. Loser: English Canada and its Anglophone peoples.

This is Justin Trudeau. It is Liberal-Globalism. It is Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. It is the true, real, authentic Canada–the one never exposed by Liberal media puppet organizations like CBC.

Justin Trudeau claims to be a “practicing” Christian. If true, then Osama bin Laden deserved to be head of the Church of England. The man is a destroyer. So was his father.

The target? Anglophone Canada, Christian Canada, Conservative Canada. Justin Trudeau wants you gone. After all, it was your descendants whole stole the land in the first place.

Now, Trudeau and his cultural assassins are here to steal it back. For King Justin, it appears punishing young Christian Bible Camp counsellors is a terrific place to start.





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