Justin Trudeau Pays Tribute To Founder Of Sikhism On Remembrance Day Weekend

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Blink, and you missed it. Which is exactly  what has occurred during Canada’s nation-wide tribute to those who fell in battle while defending Canadian values of freedom and democracy.

Yet Justin Trudeau has different thoughts running through his mind. For our prime minister, it is essential not to overlook an issue critical to all Canadians on Remembrance Day. Here it is:

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on the anniversary of the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji:

“Today, Sikhs in Canada and around the world will gather to celebrate the 550th anniversary of the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism.

CAP get it– the relevance of Remembrance Day will not prevent Justin Trudeau from fawning and pandering to the Sikhs of the world. Keep in mind the “around the world” component of the statement.

What this means in Liberal-Globalist-speak is that Justin’s concerns lay outside of Canada. He does not limit his good wishes to Sikh-Canadians–the statement must have a globalist element, for a simple reason. Mr. Trudeau wants the Sikhs of the world to move to Canada.

For this purpose, Canadian immigration policy is geared specifically to this project. Family Reunification Policy does the trick with aplomb.

CAP Conclusion: Justin Trudeau and back-room globalist schemer Gerald Butts are working toward creating a neo-Sikh nation upon Canadian soil. They are having great success at it, without question. Trudeau’s Liberals– loaded to the brim with Sikh and Muslim MP candidates in the GTA, blew the rest out of the water in the recent federal election. Media remain “silent as the lambs” about the whole escapade.

Please– Old Stock Canada– why is Justin Trudeau obsessed with Sikhism and Islam? There can only be one of two reasons: either he converted to one of these religions, or he is using Sikh and Muslim-Canadians to lock himself in as Canada’s “dictator for life.” Then again, perhaps it is a combination of both.

PM Trudeau:

Guru Nanak Dev Ji devoted his life’s work to the fight against discrimination and persecution. He taught people to embrace diversity, welcome others into their communities, and practice selfless service. Canadian Sikhs continue to embody these values and help build a better Canada each day.”

Okay- so the founding of the Sikh religion in the year 1469 A.D. is an essential component of Canadian society in 2019. Wow–that’s kind of trippy. But as sensible Canadians understand, logic and sense has nothing to do with a Justin Trudeau style of governance.

Furthermore, consider this point: In 2019, our country find ourselves  with the most fragmented, angry and resentful populace in modern Canadian history. As it happened, King Justin managed to retain his crown with a second federal election victory.

Remembrance Day should have functioned as a time when our ruling government should have been 100% focused on domestic issues such as repairing the community fragmentation Trudeau created during his first four-year tenure.

Naturally, it didn’t happen. Canada’s “King of Kings” just had to continue with his globalist ways. In other words, the man hasn’t changed one iota since being re-elected last month.

How typical–and predictable. Did CAP not state emphatically that nothing will change in terms of Trudeau globalist machinations after his recent victory? Is he not continuing on thus far in this capacity?

Of course he is. While Canada frets over Climate Change and Don Cherry, the globalist steam-roller continues along its path to “flatten” Old Stock Canada, trans-forming our nation into a “globalist-socialist nation state” not a single Canadian asked for, or approved of.

What did CBC have to say about Trudeau’s heaping praise upon globalist Sikhism and its illustrious founder? Nothing at all. Not one word appeared on CBC, or within the Globe & Mail--and CAP can see why.

Media work for the Trudeau government. In China, media work for government. Same deal in the Trudeau family’s hero-nation of Cuba. Now, the phenomenon has been instituted in Canada via Trudeau and commie-in-the-shadows, advisor Gerald Butts.

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These people never change, and neither does their political agenda: venerate and glorify non-democratic theocracies and communist nations while running down anyone who opposes the agenda as racists, bigots and xenophobes. Continue until nation is trans-formed in its entirety, rendering our “traditional” communities powerless.

What a wicked game they play. Here is CAP’s feeling on the founder of Sikhism: He’s been dead for 550 years, and we couldn’t give a flying fig about him. For Canadian patriots and nationalists, this guy is a non-issue. He is meaningless.

What a difference in attitude, eh? For Justin Trudeau,Guru Nanak Dev Ji is such critical figure that our PM just had to pay tribute to him on the weekend of Canada’s 2019 Remembrance Day.

Some trouble-makers never change. With the “Wexit” Western Canadian separatist movement on the move, our prime minister has better things to think about–beginning with the founding of Sikhism in India in the year 1649.

Think on that one a while, fellow patriots.





6 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Pays Tribute To Founder Of Sikhism On Remembrance Day Weekend”

  1. Disgusting he and his old man should have been fighting in the trenches in WW2 or Afghanistan and have an IUD or schrapnel go off around them perhaps he would respect our Veterans !!!

  2. Hey Brad,

    I think you are slightly wrong about your last paragraph either that or I mistook your meaning. I think that Trudope has to be worried a little about Western Separatism. He’s going to lose the CPP money and other things and he’s going to lose Western Canada. When this finally sinks into his brain dead brain he might start to wake up and smell the roses. If Butts isn’t telling him this, then he’s as brain dead as Trudope and not doing his job. When the pair finally do wake up, Western Canada and our bags of money will be all gone. Whats he going to do with a whole lot of immigrants in Eastern Canada as they will eventually take over and kick him and Butts out of power. What’s he going to do then? I guess he could go visit the Aga Khan and beg for a job.(lol)

    Really enjoyed your last couple of articles.



    • Douglas– I agree, Trudeau is worried. Because Wexit is a “wrench” thrown into his globalist agenda of cultural transformation. Wexit is a form of “destruction”– just not the kind Trudeau, Butts, Morneau and Hussen are looking for.

  3. For Canadian patriots and nationalists, this guy is a non-issue. He is meaningless.

    So Sikh are excluded from being either of those.
    Why not just out-out declare yourself white (christian) nationalists then?
    What are you scared of.


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