Justin Trudeau Overlooks Terrorism To Secure The Immigrant Vote

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“A wicked man will burn his country to the ground to rule over the ashes.”

Sun Tzu, “The Art Of War”

Although coined by an ancient Chinese philosopher, the phrase well applies to various tyrants and dictators of the 2oth century.

Pol Pot, Stalin, Amin, Hitler, Hussein, Mao, Castro, to name a few.  Does Canada’s woke ambassador to the world, PM Justin Trudeau, fall into this category? If our ruling Liberal government hasn’t yet qualified, at least one social dynamic hints at the possibility.

PM Trudeau and the Liberals are more than forgiving toward terrorist activity on Canadian soil:

“The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship … because I do. And I’m willing to take on anyone who disagrees with that.”

Thus spake Trudeau in a proclamation that qualifies as the most incongruous political statement in decades, if not since the founding of Canada in 1867. Who exactly is Trudeau out to please? The governments of Syria, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan certainly qualify.

Unilaterally, devoid of public approval, a freshly-minted Canadian prime minister agrees to import militant Middle Eastern terrorists to our country. If and when they commit crimes, the Liberals make a move certain to please foreign governments.

Why? In traditional terms, authoritarian theocratic Muslim states were never Canada’s bag. Upon election in 2015, Mr. Trudeau put the kibosh on that one. His attitude hasn’t altered a smidgeon since then.

Did our prime minister advocate for convicted terrorists rights for the purpose of securing the Muslim-Canadian vote? If so, the very same must be applied to recent events involving “protection” of Sikh militants in Canada. Along with “partner-in-crime” New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh-– pro-Khalistani independence purveyor that he is, the government in India have accused the Liberals of harbouring Khalistani terrorists on Canadian soil.

“Trudeau Went All In On Indian Interference And Now He Needs A Royal Flush”

“What a surreal week it’s been. Starting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rising in the House of Commons,  dramatically accusing agents of the Indian government of being complicit in the targeted, gangland-style killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Canadian citizen, in Surrey, B.C.”

“By week’s end, Canada-India bilateral relations stood at their worst ever since India became a sovereign nation in 1947.”

Blatantly, with superficial evidence, Trudeau backs the Sikh-Khalistan ticket. Deja vu all over again? More like a diplomatic nightmare. Together, Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh play Sikh politics upon Canadian soil.

Can this be another case of sacrificing the safety of Canadian citizens for the purpose of securing the 3rd World migrant vote?

We stand aghast. Is it possible that Justin Trudeau is willing to do anything to maintain neo-dictatorial control over our nation? Cultural Action Party believe it to be possible, if not factual. At this point in time, it appears that maintenance of a Liberal government in perpetuity is all that PM Trudeau cares about.

Mainstream media refuse to come out and state it plainly. The Muslim and Sikh vote is crucial to political success for the Liberal party’s political success. Vastly over-represented among Liberal MPs, Muslims and Sikhs dominate in the stronghold of the Greater Toronto Area(GTA), “ground zero” of Liberal backroom strategists plan for an eternal lock on federal governance in Canada.

In both social and political terms, Sikh-Canadians are the most privileged identifiable community within “post-modern” Canada. Comprising a mere 2% of the Canadian population, over-representation abounds at all levels of government. Federal, Provincial, Municipal.

In the Sikh hot-bed riding of Brampton, Ontario, narry a white MP exists. All but one are Sikh, with the outlier being Muslim. It is from this riding  that Jagmeet Singh made a hop,skip and a jump to run for MP in Burnaby, British Columbia.

With zero connection to the riding, Singh managed to advance to NDP Party leader. Quite the accomplishment it was, indicative of special treatment allotted to the tiny Canadian community.

The first wave of Sikh migration to Canada occurred during the 1890s. Most migrant Sikhs moved to Canada as labourers– logging in British Columbia and manufacturing in Ontario.

“The original immigration was small, a little over 5,000, and made up of men looking for overseas employment but not intent on settling. The immigrants were classic sojourners, intent on staying no more than three to five years and on remitting home as much of their savings as possible,” according to the Encyclopedia of Diasporas.

Out of this experience came something called “Komagata Maru,” which over time has morphed into a classic of 3rd world migration “sob stories.” No violence occurred when a Japanese ship attempted to push its way on to Canadian soil. No one was killed. Based on the ship’s purpose for coming to our shores, government refused entry.

The leader of the ship[name, Singh] and crew came to Canada for a singular purpose: to play the rebellion game against the ruling Indian government back in the homeland.

“Justin Trudeau, speaking in that earnest cadence of his, rose in the Commons Wednesday and, speaking on behalf of all Canadians, apologized for an event no living Canadian had anything to do with.”

“People in British Columbia’s South Asian community wanted an official apology for the rejection of 376 migrants, mostly Sikhs, who arrived in Canada aboard the Komagata Maru 102 years ago, and they presumably feel better now, having obtained it.”

Over the next century, Komagata Maru came to represent quintessential racist oppression against Canada’s Sikh communities. Based on a smattering of Muslims on board the vessel, the “diversity”“ lobby eventually added Muslims to the so-called “oppressed.” A smear job it is against our country and its natural-born citizenship.

In 2023,  mere 2% of our population consists of Sikh-Canadians. In direct contrast to the “proportional representation” political correctness demand regarding white political representation, Sikh are given the green light to go for the gusto. Media remain silent regarding the entire dynamic.

So…is Justin Trudeau willing to burn his country down to rule over the ashes? In truth, not quite. What he is willing to do, as exemplified by incessant pandering to 3rd world voter communities, is jeopardise the safety of Canadians in order to retain political office.

“By any means necessary” is the way Justin Trudeau rolls. If mainstream media were in the business of truth-telling, this would be central to an understanding of the thinking of Canada’s wanna-be dictator.

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