Justin Trudeau Opens Door For 2.8 MILLION Foreign-Resident Citizens To Vote In Federal Election

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Until Prime Minister Justin Trudeau passed Bill C-76 through Parliament, a Canadian citizen living in another country could not vote if they had lived outside of Canada for more than five years. Thats’s all over  now.

“Permitting all non-resident citizens to vote would allow them to participate in making laws that affect Canadian residents on a daily basis but have little to no practical consequence for their own daily lives,” Justice George Strathy wrote in the 2015 ruling.

“Perfect,” says Justin Trudeau. “That’s the ticket,” opines Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. For these globalists, these voters may well be pure gold.

Why? Because they fit the profile of people who would for Justin Trudeau. How so? Because by living overseas, they more than likely only experience Canadian politics on a superficial level. Perhaps they see the odd CBC News report, or scan the online version of the Globe & Mail. Little on the “investigative” side of the upcoming election will be experienced.

Now, as every informed Canadian should understand, establishment media in Canada are presently covering up the incompetence of Mr. Trudeau, while demonizing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer as a racist, bigot and homophobe.

Therefore, viewing the election in a specious manner results in favouritism for Trudeau, and the bulk of the ex-pat votes will go to him. This is the entire reason for opening the door for all foreign residents to vote– even those who have lived overseas for fifty years.

Secondary point– Trudeau and commie-advisor-in-the shadows, Gerald Butts, would never advance the changes to the related legislation if he knew for certain that the bulk of these ex-pats would go to the Conservatives or NDP. It simply would not happen.

Will we now have Canadians citizens that have departed Canada for Hong Kong, India, Pakistan or Phillippines casting ballots for elections in places they haven’t set foot in for decades?

Yes. Keep in mind that for PM Trudeau, Gerald Butts, and Ahmed Hussen, non-Canadians are infinitely more important than the Canadian-born, or Old Stock Canadians, as they are sometimes referred to.

The priority for our Liberal-Globalist government are Sikhs, Muslims, refugees, terrorists, gays and transsexuals. These communities vote Liberal in the main. Old Stock Canadians–the voters(other than these strange  snowflake-types) have an ability to see through the fake and fraudulent Trudeau government.

For Canada’s ex-pat communities– not so much. In the Canadian system, we elect local geographical representatives to take our issues to Parliament. How connected will someone be with local or regional issues after being out of the country for 50 years?

Answer: they won’t be connected. For half-Somalian Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen, this is heaven-on-earth. In CAP’s opinion, Mr. Hussen holds his government portfolio for a singular reason: to erode, dilute and marginalize Anglophone Canadians.

Canada’s  system of governance is built on the idea that a group of voters living in a specific area choose their representative. Trudeau is divorcing our system of that local connection. Makes good sense. Justin is a globalist–his job is to divorce Canada from local connections, and replace them with Third World connections.

How successful he has been in this regard? Immigration policy has resulted in the GTA being jam-packed with Third World voters. They are organized. Sikh MP’s are over-represented in Parliament. Ridings such as Brampton are today minority white constituencies. CAP believe it is an impossibility for an Anglophone MP to win in this riding, regardless of which party they represent.

For King Justin and Prince Ahmed Hussen, a “Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian”— even those that chose to leave for good-not to mention convicted terrorists from the Middle East

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It’s all so strange and surreal. Yet, protected by CBC and the rest, PM Trudeau is doing well in the polls. This, despite two breaches of conflict-of-interest laws in Canada.

Justin Trudeau has personally altered the identity of Canada without a mandate from the Canadian people. After four years in office, our nation has trans-itioned to an “International Hotel for the Third World.” In just four years, Trudeau has  empowered Islam within Canadian society, and appointed religious fundamentalists into key positions of power within government.

What a coincidence–Justin’s father Pierre Trudeau also profoundly altered the identity of Canada by way of forcing multiculturalism upon society–also without a mandate from Canadians.

See the connection? Isn’t it so darn obvious? Together, Pierre & Justin Trudeau stole our society away from the people of Canada. As it happens, over in Quebec, Premier Francois Legault is  working on legislation to strengthen French-Canadian culture, language and identity.

In contrast, Justin Trudeau has spent four years working to destroy English Canadian identity by way of his pandering apologies to every “minority”(retire this term for all-time- it is nothing but a weapon) and special interest group he can dredge up.

Obvious as heck, right?  Enter Canadian establishment media. This gang of Old Stock Canadians, Anglophone journalists and editors have eschewed every point made within this article.

Strange, isn’t it? Why on earth would these people cover-up such a blatant attack upon the heritage and identity of the communities from which they personally derive?

For CAP, the paradox underpinning this situation is a quintessential example of a combined government/media program of globalist propaganda seducing English Canada  into cultural complacency.

The agenda is called “multiculturalism”— a pre-mediated plan for the slow and steady erasure of English Canada in due course. Come one, come all voters–as long as we can propagandize you into voting for King Justin Trudeau of Canada.

4 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Opens Door For 2.8 MILLION Foreign-Resident Citizens To Vote In Federal Election”

  1. worst plan since trump that’s the stupidity most unfair thing i’ve heard wtf would they know about Canada
    they are going to ruin the home of land and free with their moronic religious way of life!!!!!!!

  2. He is very young – have no political experience and will destroy the country . With his immigration policy Canada will become a third world country very soon . He must step down

  3. This is bs fucken send them back and get rid of the useless pm of Canada Trudeau has to go call a election in the fall get him out


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