Cowardly: Justin Trudeau Committed Only To Debates CONTROLLED By Liberal Government

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Establishment media in Canada are indeed a curious lot. The degree of leftist spin and omission of critical elements of government behaviour is truly something to behold.

Take the source article for this piece. According to Huffington Post, the Liberals have not confirmed if Justin Trudeau will attend or be a no-show to the first federal leaders’ debate next month.

“The Liberal party has committed to participating in the commission’s debates, spokesperson Braeden Caley said Wednesday, referring to two official election debates to be hosted by a partnership of media outlets, including HuffPost Canada, in October.

In other words, PM Trudeau has thus far limited himself to the debates which are controlled by the Trudeau government. Why isn’t the Huff including this critical point.

A quick glance at the official election debate committee provides the insight the Huff chooses to neglect:

The partnership is made up of:

  • CBC News.
  • Radio-Canada.
  • Global News.
  • CTV News.
  • The Toronto Star and the Torstar chain.
  • HuffPost Canada.
  • HuffPost Quebec.
  • La Presse.
  • Le Devoir.
  • L’Actualité.

Getting the picture, folks?  Did you know that for the first time in history the “official” debates are controlled by Liberal government and media. Last fall, the government announced plans to set up an independent debates commission, along with the criteria for deciding which parties get to participate.

Cue Maxime Bernier of the nascent People’s Party Of Canada. Thus far, Maxime is excluded from the debate. How many nominated MP candidates does PPC have?

Currently, the PPC has 309 candidates nominated. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals? 230 nominated candidates.  Yet, due to little more than liberal political correctness. Mr. Bernier is thus far excluded.

Obviously, Justin Trudeau is scared. Unlike Justin, Mr. Bernier has a giant resume of governmental, legal and political experience. Somehow a certificate to teach drama at the high school level doesn’t seem to measure up.

Fear is the motivator. Justin Trudeau thus far refuses to commit to any prime ministerial event not controlled by Gerald Butts, CBC, Telford, Toronto Star and various globalist-leftist media entities.

Pouquoi? The answer is blatantly obvious: Without the parameters laid out by the Liberals and their media puppets, Trudeau will end up as little more than a pool of liquid at the bottom of his podium.

Therefore, Justin hesitates. Not showing a lot of confidence, is he? Note the degree to which this situation emulates government/media of non-democratic, socialist nations.

Trudeau will not appear on television unless establishment media control and dominate the debate content. Similarly– if one cares to notice–Trudeau will not venture out in public in an area which is non-liberal and non-globalist.

King Trudeau was recently in Vancouver. Where did he spend the bulk of his time? The suburb of Richmond. This suburb is minority white. Richmond was described by former Liberal B.C. Premier as “the largest Asian city outside of Asia.” Liberal leader Christy Clark spent her entire time in office bending low to the communist government of China. The result? A uniform lack of home affordability for local buyers.

As CAP maintain–show us a Canadian Liberal politician, and CAP will show you a specialist in selling Canada to China. It’s always the way for these types.

Uncertainty over Trudeau’s attendance in the Maclean’s/Citytv and Munk debates has inspired a fresh Conservative attack against the Liberal leader.

Conservatives released a press release Tuesday suggesting Trudeau is “hiding” and “running away” from debates ahead of the next election. “Just because Trudeau has a lot to run away and hide from doesn’t mean he should,” it read.

He’s scared. Trudeau is “hiding.” The Fear Factor has set in. He has been banded with two ethics committee violations. Yet, media polls inform us Justin is a serious contender for re-election. What’s up with that?

“Never say die.” This is, of course, a fundamental of liberal-globalist leadership. In Germany, Angela Merkel has set her nation up for demographic dynamite by way of an in-pouring of Middle Eastern refugees. A number of small German towns became Islamic overnight. Locals could do nothing to prevent this. Merkel is still in power as we speak

In France, we have globalist-liberal Justin-clone, Emmanuel Macron. Riots, looting, burning tires, protests, violence in the streets be damned. Macron and his custom-made $5000.00 suits is still in power.

Likewise, the parasitic Canadian will cling to power until the last possible second. The man has a job to do. After all, eradicating  150 years of Canadian identity is hard work. Lucky for him, he is helped along by Somalian refugee/Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen.

Does Canada have a coward for a prime minister? CAP say yes-emphatically. The man-child PM has yet to take responsibility for his actions. No contrition, no apologies. This, from the apology “King” of Canada. What an odd duck this Trudeau person is.

Then, he raises his arms in victory on October 21st, 2019. It’s certainly a possibility–and also the most odd-ball circumstance in the history of federal politics in Canada.

Now this is a “post-modern” Canada for you.









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