Justin Trudeau Moves Issue Of RACISM TO THE CORE Of Canadian Society

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With Canada desperately in need of unity, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and the far-left are instead pushing for division. One day after getting kicked out of the House of Commons for calling a Bloc Quebecois member a racist, Singh doubled down.

After getting emotional, Jagmeet Singh claimed that everyone who disagrees with his motion on ‘systemic racism’ is racist.

It should come as little surprise that an alternate news media organization like CAP has an “alternative theory” on this development.

For the record, we shall state plain-as-day: we do not like Jagmeet Singh, or his style of politics. To our ears, Singh is a “Trudeau Junior”— a  trouble-maker who leverages the “race card” at will in an attempt to dominate Canadian society.

Yet in reality, he is a piddling annoyance relative to the King of Canada, Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

CAP Opinion: The irony knows no bounds as anti-racist poster boy Justin trans-itions the issue of race, religion and ethnicity as a “neo-core identity” of Canadian society.

Of course, you will never read such a thing from Justin Trudeau’s “cabal” of media protectors–CBC, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star, and National Post.

Fine–CAP can deal with this. Moving beyond government’s communist-infused media protection agencies, we find that the issue of racism and bigotry in society has moved “front and centre.”

Why would this be? Here, we begin to lean on what is referred to as “Marxist theory.” CAP believe that Trudeau, Morneau, Justin-clone Foreign Minister Francois Philippe- Champagne and  “3rd World Warrior” Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen have purposefully trans-itioned Canadian media into a quasi-communist band of cultural assassins.

See Jagmeet Singh scream racism against the Bloc Quebecois. See Justin Trudeau brand both past and present society as intrinsically racist and bigoted. Witness as the issue of racism moves to the centre of society.

Pourquoi? Because social division and societal consternation is fundamental to a “cornerstone” element of communism– internal domestic social chaos.

There you go, fellow patriots– this political dynamic is a pre-planned agenda. The purpose is to divide social factions in Canada. Trudeau has pitted “one Canadian against another” for the past 5 years.

Environmentalists versus Alberta Oil industry. Western Canucks versus Eastern. Globalists against Nationalists. Islam vs Christianity. Pro-Life vs Pro-death. Anglo-Europeans against 3rd World Canada— and on and on and on.

Globalist Goal: To divide society until the point where it “crumbles in the middle.” Now, we shall add a second component– federal deficit accumulation which Mr. Trudeau has accelerated to “unprecedented proportions” within the history of our nation.

Can we add together “1 plus 1?” Not to difficult, really. When doing so, one may discover the “recipe” for the dissolution of 153 years of national identity.

For CAP, this is the absolute number #1 goal of Trudeau, Morneau, Hussen and Philippe-Champagne. For CBC, they will touch this messaging on the day the Sahara Desert becomes flooded for 40 days and 40 nights.

Can any patriots remember a Canada before the Trudeau miscreant was injected into the prime minister’s office to trans-form our country into a quasi-communist dictatorship?

Going futher back in time, how about Canucks who recall a Canada previous to Papa Pierre Trudeau’s anti- European Canadian “multiculturalism?”

The ruling Liberals darn well hope you cannot. In fact, CAP believe Trudeau & Co. simply want these “Old Stock” Canadians gone–the very purpose for the Liberals attempt to “burn out our people” by way of endless 3rd World immigration.

Will 37.8 Millions Canucks capitulate to the nefarious agenda of those who divide Canadians for the purpose of re-inventing our nation as a pseudo-socialist society?

Euro-Canadians would be wise to realize that Canadian media are driving this agenda forward with aplomb. To counter the decimation takes serious political action. For this very reason, Trudeau, Liberals and media have issued a program for the “pacification of the people.”

Perhaps now that Mr. Trudeau has lost a bid for his precious all-encompassing United Nations Security Council Seat, circumstances may change. If not, expect more of the very same-Trudeau’s drive to transform Canada into a nation not a single citizen asked for, or approved of.

Then CBC has the nerve to label our nation a “democratic society.”






3 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Moves Issue Of RACISM TO THE CORE Of Canadian Society”

  1. “to our ears, Singh is a “Trudeau Junior”— a trouble-maker who leverages the “race card” at will in an attempt to dominate Canadian society.”….let’s be very clear, as long as our immigration policy stays as is, as long as the CBC(Communist Broadcasters Canada)’ as long as publications such as the Toronto Star spew their hate of whites, as long as traitorous politicians such as Trudeau, Singh and Ahmed Hussen are allowed to continue their anti-white subversion, nothing will change unless we “old stock Canadians” start speaking out. This site and the Council of European Canadians are two excellent ways to express your freedom of speech, while it lasts.

  2. Singh as leader of the Apprentice Liberal Party is just following the lead of his mentors in the big Liberal Party.


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