Justin Trudeau Lowers Minimum Age For Anal Sex From 18 to 16

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Coinciding with Pride Month in 2016, Justin Trudeau told a homosexual news agency his government would be lowering the age of consent from 18 to 16 years of age.

Bill C-75 will repeal a section of Section 159 of the Criminal Code. The legislation will remove a longstanding point of discrimination against gay men by eliminating the unequal age of consent for anal sex in Canada.

In 2008, Canada’s Conservative government raised the age of consent from 14 to 16 for heterosexual relations, while leaving it at 18 for anal sex. The decision arrived in response to the case of Dale Beckham, an American who had groomed a 14-year-old Canadian boy via the Internet, then flew to Canada to engage in sex in a hotel room.

Parliament approved the Liberal’s anal sex reformation in June, 2019. Such are the priorities of our federal government. One would think that with all the consternation in Canadian society, Justin Trudeau would have more pressing issues to deal with.

Why is this issue so important that time and energy must be applied to augmenting related legislation?  Who actually cares about this issue? The “market” is more than likely the tiniest sliver of society.

What a strange prime minister Canada has in Justin Trudeau. Our federal government has protected Islamic militants from being tried and convicted. The Liberals have reinstatement citizenship for ISIS terrorists. Now, the Feds open the door for 16-year olds to have anal sex. No PM in history would dare to deal in such woke malarky.

The Trudeau government are not only a political aberration– they are the most odd-ball federal government which ever existed. Not that one would hear such things from Canadian media.

Citizenship for terrorists. Anal sex for 16-year olds. Funding of Islamic non-profit organizations. Prancing about in Pride parades.

All is well and good by CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star. In Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada, appear to be as twisted as our federal government. What a coincidence this is.

11 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Lowers Minimum Age For Anal Sex From 18 to 16”

  1. “Why is this issue so important that time and energy must be applied to augmenting related legislation? Who actually cares about this issue?” Answer: It’s on Seamus O’Regan’s wish list. Good friend to Trudeau.

  2. You’ve said it so well Brad. I can find no words to express how I feel about this incorrigible excuse for a “leader”. I weep for what is happening to our country & society under his watch.

  3. Turdeau’s father “decriminalized” homosexuality (this was a random act not prompted by any dissent, protests or discussion) so junior is just following in his father’s footsteps.

  4. This lowering of age to 16 for legal anal sex is utterly DETESTABLE.. Trudeau needs to be mentally examined.. for endorsing laws that will promote and allow the corrupting the morals of a 16 year old, one being under the adult age of 18 years old. As a parent of three children who at one time were in the category, I would loose my mind if I found out that someone had committed such a disgusting immoral act upon my child.. That person would need to seek protective custody to avoid my presence.


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