Justin Trudeau Branded “Criminal” As Protesters Wear Chicken Suits Regarding Debate “No-Show”

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was branded a “chicken” by Conservative protesters who converged on a recent Liberal fundraiser in  Toronto.

With two people dressed in chicken costumes, Conservative campaign spokesperson Brock Harrison accused Trudeau of “running away. He’s hiding.”

Correct. As of Sept 5th, 2019, Trudeau has refused to commit to three federal election debates— as in, the three of which Trudeau, Gerald Butts and the Liberals have no CONTROL over  the debate content. Andrew Scheer, Elizabeth May, and Jagmeet have all accepted the invitations.

What’s up with this?  Firstly, it reveals the character of this man. If he cannot control the environment, he will not participate. Control addicts are often like this. String-puller Butts knows that if Justin participated in this debate format, he would get his clock cleaned. Therefore, it’s say no-go.

Beyond this, what would be even more surreal is if Trudeau skipped the debates, and still won the election. Although a hypothetic at this point in time, CAP will state out-right that if this occurs, it will be the single low point of federal politics in the history of modern Canadian politics.

Actually, that’s what Justin Trudeau embodies even without the debates. This man is a low-point in politics– he is as low as you can go.

In another Ontario-based stop on the campaign trail,Mr. Trudeau is a recipient of extreme verbal attacks(described as “a few people heckling” by mainstream media) from a group of protestors. One fellow in particular– a tough looking body builder type— rips Justin into little pieces. Branding him a liar and criminal, his raw anger and resentment is palpable as he continues with his anti-Justin vitriol until our PM is safely lodged away in his GMC SUV(gas guzzler supreme)

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Now, we consider some historical political figures who found themselves in the same position. Fact: Justin Trudeau MUST have a controlled environment in which to appear. This what occurs when the people hate a national leader.

Generally, this occurs within political environments where the national leader is un-elected. In other words, it happens more so within totalitarian and theocratic nations.

Yet in Canada’s case, the leader is an elected politician. CAP Opinion: Because Justin Trudeau has never once worked on behalf of the “will of the people”— a standard of democratic governance– he is despised by the folks in the video clip. There are MILLIONS of us just like this fellow–albeit without the muscles.

Link To Anti-Trudeau Video

Chairman Mao. Fidel Castro. Mussolini. Fascist leaders. Communist Leaders. All non-elected, all of which had to maintain control of public appearances. Joining them is Justin Trudeau– leader of a democratic “liberal democracy.”

What up with this? Response: PM Trudeau behaves like a dictator, and that’s the main reason for these circumstances. “Bingo– you’ve got it, CAP”– say editors of the Globe & Mail, as they write up a piece on this atypical political development. Yes– in common sense Canadian’s dreams.

This is not how we operate within a Trudeau-controlled  Canada. Rather, we BLOCK public comprehension of dynamics of this nature. Media working on behalf of government– more communist behaviour. Fact: Government controls media under Trudeau and boyfriend Butts more than at any other time in Canadian history.

Thinking again of the shouting protestors, CAP will state flat-out that these people are our heroes. Thinking Old Stock Canadians. Capable of independent thought, with an ability to throw all the globalist nonsense in the trash bin. These folks are not afraid of the racist tag, the bigot brand, and the rest. They are not rich or famous movie stars or sleaze globalist liars in $5000.00 suits(Trudeau, boyfriend Macron).

Besides, what isn’t racist in Canada anymore? An incident at a recent event in Ontario speaks volumes. NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh’s brother is running for office. An Anglo-Canadian asked him for his opinion on Sharia Law.  Gurratan Singh is a Ontario New Democratic Party MPP for Brampton East(shock of the century).

“What about sharia? Political Islam? You’re hiding, buddy. I’ll debate you anytime.” said the leader of a small political party.

Brother Singh’s response? “We don’t need that kind of racism in Canada.”

Here at CAP, we have a term for this kind of person–he is a JACKASS. This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada in a nut-shell. This is very essence of CAP’s problem with multiculturalism in Canada– what the man said is in no manner a racist or bigoted statement. They are simply questions regarding a politician’s position on a social issue.

Yet, according to turban-obsessed Jagmeet Singh and his brother, this is a classic example of racism. BOLLOCKS–it is nothing of the sort. How do we know this as a fact?

Check the Criminal Code of Canada, and see if you find a breach of law within the statements. Then, look up “Canada- Hate Laws” and see if there is a breach in this regard. Not a chance. Finally, check out definitions of the word “racism” or “bigotry” in Webster’s or any other popular dictionary. There is no match at all.

So was this, in reality, an act of racism? Not in the least. Winners: the Singh brothers,  Sikhism, Islam, and Third World Canadians. The Losers? Yet again–as tedious as it is to state this– it is once again Anglophone Canadians.

Yes, Justin Trudeau is a liar and chicken. Furthermore, Singh and his brother are moronic globalists. Guess what, guys? True Canadians have had our fill of you and your pink turbans and bull-shyte accusations against our people.

This is the state-of-the nation under the Trudeau brand of governance–Pierre Trudeau, Justin, Jagmeet, Butts, Hussen, Khalid, Morneau and the rest of the globalist rot.

Be gone with all of you come voting day on October 21nd, 2019– Old Stock Canada wants you out of our lives forever.




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  1. Sick minded liberals and ndp will never get back in ,take your gay boyfriend butts with you ,and who gets it up the ass is butts

  2. l should have known about you before. Yes he is Chicken but his handlers are smart. English is spoken by 65% canadian French 21% So he avoided the two english debates.
    On top of it the Rhynoseros party is running a Maxime Bernier named candidate only in one riding suprise in Maxime Bernier leader of the PPC home riding. I wonder who pays for that?


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