Justin Trudeau Leads Fight Against LOCUST EPIDEMIC IN EAST AFRICA

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Welcome to post-modern Canada, fellow nationalists and patriots. The first thing one must recognize about this present-day state of the nation is the following:

The concerns and needs of nations around the world is Canada’s number one priority. In the year 2015–without a single Canadian citizen endorsing this axiomatic trans-formation– PM Justin Trudeau blessed the 3rd World with a cool ten billion dollar commitment in foreign aid drawn from tax-paying citizens.

Degree to which Trudeau was voted into office based upon the above political platform? ZERO–that’s what. Not a shred of democratic process colours the decision-making of King Justin–that’s a rule in 2020 Canada.

Now, no one is saying that invasions of locusts in East Africa is a wonderful thing. CAP wish these people all the best in terms of resolving their locust invasion. Yet, we also recognize the degree of responsibility inherent in this situation on the part of Canada:

Nothing–that’s the degree. Call CAP callous, but is this not a fair and reasonable expectation for the government of our nation: let East Africa look after their problems, and let Canadian tax-dollars pay for the health and welfare of 37.8 million Canadian citizens.

“Racism!”— screams a plethora of power-mongering not-for-profit organizations empowered with yet more Canadian tax-dollars. Truly, the extent to which this neo-power industry now controls society is today out-of-control.

Meaning for certain that CBC and corporate media will HIDE this post-modern reality from the Canadian people.

“FAO thanks the government of Canada for their contribution to help tackle the infestations of crop- and pasture-devouring desert locusts in East Africa. In early 2020, as it became clear the upsurge in East Africa was unprecedented in its size and destructive potential, Canada was one of the first donors to respond.”

 “Canada’s un-earmarked funding allows FAO to respond rapidly and flexibly to address emerging and urgent needs. The outbreak in East Africa is the worst to strike Ethiopia and Somalia for 25 years – for Kenya, in 70 years.”

Know what CAP find amazing? After countless absurdities delivered by the Justin Trudeau 3rd World Globalist Road-Show, something even more absurd can still come down the pipe.

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Please–somebody– CAP will even take one of those foolish “Snowflake Liberal” types:

Why does Justin Trudeau prioritize insects in Africa above half a million Canadian children living below the poverty line?

CAP Response: Because Justin Trudeau is a PM like no other in history. This man works for the United Nations, not Canada. By way of this structure, this means he is also working for the biggest power-players within the U.N.– Saudi Arabia, Iran and various other theocratic Middle Eastern nations.

Burn the fields to the ground! Shout it out to every Canuck standing upon Canadian soil. It won’t happen, ever-CBC and the rest are employed by our ruling government to BURY the traitorous absurdities that define Justin Trudeau every day he remains on the throne of Canada.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)



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