Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh Push Abortion, Euthanasia For “Old Stock” Canada

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Always the bearer of doom and gloom, CAP continue to expose and deliver information and ideas which counter the globalist narrative of the government of Justin Trudeau.

Here’s yet another curiousity: CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail  inform Canadians that our federal government–along with the leftist NDP Party, are advancing abortion-on-demand and assisted suicide on a regular basis.

Fair to say these two social issues are a matter of “life and death.” Therefore, one should have the right to ask and receive an answer from the Liberals regarding a basic question:

Who are on the receiving end of some 90,000 abortions per year in Canada--as well as those terminated under Trudeau’s assisted dying legislation.

Not relevant? Seems our current government have a rather “casual” approach to the life and death of a section of the Canadian demographic.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to act immediately to withhold cash transfers to New Brunswick until the province provides funding for out-of-hospital abortion services.”

CAP Interpretation: NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh,a Sikh-Canadian, wants immediate action on mass abortion in New Brunswick. Here’s a question media will never posit–what percentage of New Brunswick’s population is Sikh?

Answer: We don’t know–but it’s darn small– meaning something in the area of 95% of residents of NB are either Anglophone or Francophone.

Then, a Sikh fundamentalist demands institutional abortion on demand for these Canadians. A bit “fishy,” no?  Even worse– Mr. Singh is speaking into the ear of the greatest abortion-pusher in modern Canadian history– our current prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

Game over, case closed– Winner, globalist abortion-mongers from India, Jagmeet Singh. Winner, globalist cultural assassin, King Justin of Canada.

Losers: Anglophone, Francophone Canada.

How post-modern is this? All the way, to the max. Frankly, a slight shudder pulsates though the body as this is written. Call CAP paranoid–thousands do– but this whole thing sounds as if torn from a totalitarian manifesto behind fascist lines.

Jagmeet Singh in charge of fetus-destruction for Old Stock Canada? Justin the demographic “butcher-boy” in charge of the whole sordid affair?

Tell us— you globalism-mongers, what form of Canadians make-up some 90% of Canadians eligible for the “treat” granted to them by way of assisted dying?

Blimey–they are all Old Stock Canadians. What type of Canadians most indulge in abortion in Canada? We do not know–because government issue zero information in this regard.

So let CAP speculate. This we do through a process of “elimination.”  Are these potential babies of the Third World variety? New immigrants from China, Iran, Pakistan or Philippines?  First Nations Canadians, or Muslim-Canadians?

Not a chance–the lion’s share are white as snow. Bingo–a commonality between abortion and assisted dying– those affected are, in fact, Old Stock Canadians.

Now to add spice to the sauce, consider the Trudeau government’s attitude toward transgenderism— which renders a Canadian male sexually sterile. As informed Canadians are aware, Justin Trudeau spent much of his four-year term as PM prancing around at Pride Parades, while waving a transgender flag high in the air.

Once again– who are the Canadians on the receiving end of sex-change surgeries? IMAM’s from Trudeau’s favourite Ottawa mosque? Not quite. Sikh migrants? Chinese- Canadians?

Nope–once again, those who most indulge are “traditional” Old Stock Canadians.

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Stop the press!  Turns out that the three leading population-control government social policies in Canada all affect Anglo/Franco Canada one thousand times more than “New Stock” Canadians.

Coincidence? Any CAP follower worth their “salt” will know how our organization feel about this. There is no chance in hell this is a coincidence, in our humble opinion.

Canada in 2019 is a western “liberal” democracy under attack. A covert, tacit “war” is being waged against our people–the descendants of those who founded our nation in 1867.

Now, let us contrast the above with Trudeau government policy: Justin Trudeau and his snarling pit-bull Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen of Somalia, have established the HIGHEST quotas for immigration in-take in over a century.  Within Hussen’s Canada, 95% of these migrants come from his “brethren” nations in Africa and the Middle East.

Half-citizen Hussen(his heart belongs in sweet, sweet Somalia) has established the highest refugee quotas in Canadian history. When a poll informed him that the majority of Canadians oppose his refugee policies, he ignored them, and pushed to raise the quotas even higher.

Our country maintains the highest per-capita migrant intake policy on planet earth. What to conclude? Consider how casual government are about the whole affair. While you are at it, consider this: Canadian media have hidden this entire social dynamic from the eyes and ears of 37.5 million Canucks.

Population advancement, combined with population “control.” How “George Orwell” this is–and so is the “Orwellian” relationship between media and government.

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? You would be wise to do so– it is your people who are getting systematically trans-sitioned into a maligned, minority community.

Meanwhile, CBC drone-on about  dreaded climate change–the single biggest liberal-globalist distraction ever created.

CAP Recommendation: Justin Trudeau–you want a systematic program of globalist- rooted depopulation in Canada? Then do it to your OWN PEOPLE— you are not an Anglophone.

Jagmeet Singh, you wanna waltz into a geographic area of Canada and push mass fetus destruction? Here is CAP’s advice– then do it in Brampton, Ontario where your people dominate in demographic terms.

But don’t ever come to Old Stock Canada to tell a provincial government that you want Anglophones and Francophone population reduction on demand.

Or in more philistine terms– frack off global-boys– Singh, Trudeau–go take a long walk off a short Lake Ontario pier– CAP and Old Stock Canada are on to your destructive ways.

Right–so 5-10% of Canadians get this. The rest read and believe what John Ivison, Andrew Coyne and Chantal Hebert have to say about Canadian society– if we don’t bankrupt Canadians by way of carbon taxation 37 million Canucks will end up with lung cancer by the time Chinese New Year arrives in Vancouver.

A globalist sham–all of it. “Watch than man,” fellow nationalists– these globalists are gunning for destruction.



8 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh Push Abortion, Euthanasia For “Old Stock” Canada”

  1. Trudeau is many things: the worst Prime-minister since his father; a Communist; a hypocrite par excellence which includes a savy liar and would stab in the back a Canadian
    born in this country and spare the lives of terrorists.

  2. I did not vote for eiether. But maybe those statistics are not available because they are NONE of our buisness. If a woman decides to have an abortion she does not need to be pressured by others when the decision is hers to make. Her having easy, and open access to those services are great. Religion, race and political preferences should have no impact on peoples right to decide what they do with their own body this is a human rights issue. Honestly. If you dont want abortion make the system better. Put your money, time and effort into ensuring a good quality of life for those un claimed children.

    My sister was in foster care and was severly abused. Enough that she was traumatized. And that happens all over the world and right in our neighbourhoods. Be a part of the solution or worry about your own bodies and leave other peoples alone.

    • No one is talking about what a woman does to her own body, we are discussing what she is doing to the human being she has nested safely in her body. All of these statistics are Canadian taxpayers rights to know about. They are paid with our tax dollars. People’s names don’t need to be attached but all other info certainly should be in an open and democratic country…. which we are not anymore in Canada.

    • I know hundreds of REAL Sikhs and their Faith does NOT allow satanist abortion baby murder..!!!
      REAL Sikhs are not so delusional & duplicitous as to promote evil greedy kill4cash abortionists coercing vulnerable Mothers into crushing the skulls of their innocent defenceless harmless Children Alive in the womb as if that’s “women’s rights”.
      REAL Sikhs do not tolerate hateful hypocrite feminazi baby-haters trying to delude their Women into geneocide against their unborn Children.
      jagmeet singh is a vote-grovelling BLASPHEMOUS INSULT to Genuine Sikhs that are True to their Faith.
      There are NO taxpayer-funded abortuaries in the Punjab… an abortionist would be executed on the spot swiftly & JUSTLY..!!!
      F A C T:
      Vulnerable Mothers who succumb to the coercion of evil greedy kill4cash abortionists (& the delusion of feminazi baby-haters) are FIVE TIMES more likely to DIE within 2yrs vs Caring Moms who Protect their Children with Natural ChildBirth..!!!
      abortion baby-murder leads to suicide overdose infection hemorrhage misadventure…death begets DEATH.
      jagmeet singh has a choice:
      STFU about your militant enorsement of “choosing” to murder Living Children & “harvest” their scalps hearts brains & stem-cels (and flush their remains down the toilet or use as compost/hog feed)
      take off your fake heretical “turban” that is a disgraceful insult to every Good Sikh genuine to their Faith..!!!
      and as for the fiberal filthy feces-feltching anus-suckling satanist jihadstin maggot castro tru-grope TURDFACE…..
      BURN in HELL you evil immoral unethical lying rotted-soul hypocrite, or REPENT of your devil-worshipping seditionist treasonous subversion against Modern Western Prosperous Civilized Christian/Judeo Society..!!!
      100yrs ago these two satanists would have been hung from the gallows right on parliament hill.
      400yrs ago these two
      evil witches would have been burned at the stake right in the village square as obvious enemies of humanity.
      Canada needs to restore “Town Hall Justice”..!!!
      I dare jihadstin turd-grope & jag-hypocreet to ask “who wants to horsewhip me” at their next blowhard bullsht spewing public appearance…. good luck with that you evil sht-sucking maggots.
      The line-up of DIVERSE Good Canadians willing to flog you clowns like the dirty subhuman demons you are would stretch from Nfld. to Victoria, we’d need a lottery to CHOOSE participants with preference given to those who have survived the attempted murder assaults of psychopath abortionists (there are many!) and those armed forces & citizens who have suffered attacks from your HUNDREDS of “re-Integrated” isis sociopath jihadists.
      These two satanist demon clowns should be charged with collusion & conspiracy to commit murder…
      Reinstate Capitol Punishment.
      LOCK them UP..!!!
      HANG ’em HIGH..!!!!

  3. Trudy & his liberal followers should be euthanized, they want to cut down on exspenses, it sure would help with the carbon footprint & waste of resources

  4. There was a time when the Christian Caucasian directed society and the culture, in his magnamity he opened things up for all people, their response has been to do all they can to kill whitey.


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