Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh Deal A Dictatorship In The Making

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With the signing of a new inter-party agreement, the relationship between PM Justin Trudeau and New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh has reached its political nadir. What applied to ideological affinities has crossed over to practical application.

Both men are card-carrying members of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. The two share a bottomless-pit philosophy regarding federal deficits. Both are committed to running down Canada’s history, branding society racist, and labelling Anglo-Canadians bigoted and xenophobic.

Their similarities run so deep political observers could believe they are working as a team. With this in mind, we review the latest incarnation of their tacit collaboration.

“This agreement will be in place until the end of this Parliament in 2025. During this uncertain time, the government can function with predictability and stability, present and implement budgets and get things done for Canadians,” stated Trudeau.

This and two loonies will buy a Canuck a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee. Feigning benefit for  society is the oldest trick in the political book. Position a self-serving schematic as a benefit to the public, and you can get away with anything. Through this method, our PM and his ideological mid-wife Singh have achieved some very specific goals.

Interesting to note the timing. Immediately after the signing of the Trudeau-Singh universal pact, our PM found himself branded a dictator to his face at a European Parliamentary session. Unfortunate it is that negative fall-out back in Canada will run between zero and nothing.

Have you heard the news? Jagmeet Singh has locked Justin Trudeau into a dictatorial position for three additional years. The Liberals gain full control of government with less than ⅓ of Canadians’ votes. How serendipitous it is. If not for media presentation, Canadians would be waking up to our PM’s unique status:

The man is a dictator in a democratic country. Astute European politicians recognize it. Sleepy Canadians, not so much. Not that their slumber is self-induced. As an authoritarian leader would, Trudeau has covertly hired mainstream media to deflect his true status.

Between media and the New Democrats, Justin Trudeau has this situation in the bag. Mr. Singh has gifted the PM with a pseudo-majority government. Media has granted protectionism for pseudo-democratic rule. What do the “little people” gain in all of this? We collectively jump for joy upon discovering benefits coming our way:

“A new dental care program that would start with low-income kids under 12 this year before expanding next year to include under-18s, seniors and people living with a disability.”

“A commitment to work on a universal national pharmacare program by passing pharmacare legislation by the end of next year.”

There you have it. Better dental health, and more efficient access to pharmaceutical drugs. We turn to benefits for the Liberals. Team Trudeau are locked-in to a ten-year term. Every bill they table in Parliament stands to be passed. The Conservative Party opposition is rendered powerless.

Together, the Liberals-NDP coalition can pass legislation of any variety. Internet censorship, hate laws, tax increases— you name it and it’s ripe for picking. Trudeau now has license to run up fiscal deficit inherent in his medical/dental plan objectives, calculated at a cost of $13 billion dollars.

Until 2025, it is virtually impossible for Justin Trudeau to be removed from office for any reason. With Jagmeet Singh’s blessing, the PM can continue to erode Oil Sands production in Alberta. The pact includes developing a “plan to phase-out public financing of the fossil fuel sector.”

Upon which legacy media roll up the rim of tactical weaponry: “It’s happened before. We’ve seen these alliances in Western European nations. Canada had something like this occur in the past.” All of it toward a purpose: to dilute the unprecedented nature of a strategic capture of full government control.

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? Under the circumstances, the prime minister of Canada can do anything he wants. It is a replication of government structure in non-democratic nations. There may be a few extra stones in the pathway, but the outcome is the same.

Translation: Our country Canada has fallen into pseudo-communist status. One must understand the thinking of a Trudeau-family member. Because his name is Trudeau,  justification exists to by-pass adherence to democratic principles.

Instead, government will spend ten years twisting its foundation to the point where Canada is but a hop, skip and a jump to official authoritarian status. With puppet media and marionette Jagmeet Singh in his pocket, Justin Trudeau is going to convert Canada to communism come hell or high water.

3 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh Deal A Dictatorship In The Making”

  1. “This [travesty] will be in place until the end of this [democracy] in 2025. During this uncertain time, [which I have created; I] can function [as Singh pleases]….[finish digging Anglo Canada’s grave], and get things done for [Schwab],” stated Trudeau.

  2. Why I’m leaving the west to a tax free and idiot free non communism Caribbean location. Far from these morons. I feel sorry for those left behind. They will be subjected to work camps, digital ID, social Chinese credit system, constant death jabs and elites taking medical freedoms away from every citizen they can. Thank the lefts for staying in their illusional clouds and mainstream media, crooked organizations like public health and more. This will end in civil war. Trudeau has ended Canada and it’s rich history of freedoms and rights. I hope Trudeau and his bf Jagmeets time is cut short before any of this happens.


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