Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh And Sikh Nationalism: The Untold Story

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“The head of an Indo-Canadian organisation in British Columbia has complained to local law enforcement about receiving death threats from Khalistani radicals after he organised a reception last month in honour of India’s High Commissioner to Ottawa.”

Due to media obfuscation, Canadians are being kept in the dark regarding the degree to which Sikh Nationalism has permeated our political environment.

Cultural Action Party liken it to a secret pact. As buried by CBC and corporate media, PM Justin Trudeau and political partner Jagmeet Singh are quietly backing Khalistani state independence in India.

New Democratic Party leader Singh is so deep in the mud that the government of India has banned his turbaned-self from entering their country. Lucky for him that establishment media has successfully covered up the radical nature of the NDP leader, whose family emigrated from India a generation ago.

To place the situation in context, one must understand the nature of contemporary Canadian politics. The first lesson to learn is that the phenomenon is fervently non-Canadian. In our era of globalism, the needs of Canadian-born citizens take a back seat to the desires of globalist forces such as Sikhism, China and the nation of Islam.

“What did the promptness of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, MP Sonia Sidhu, and others in tweeting about the Punjab situation after Amritpal Singh’s incident and ban on Internet services, say? It was done at the behest of radical votebanks,” says a Brampton Sikh entrepreneur, requesting anonymity.”

Picking up on the vibe, fellow Canadian patriots? In basic terms, both Trudeau and Singh are leveraging support of Khalistan independence to win the Sikh-Canadian vote. We stand aghast as irony drips from the brow of astute Canadians:

Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are fully dedicated to independent Khalistan nationhood. Given the zealotry involved– not to mention the militancy– it is obvious that nothing less than a Sikh-dominated social and political environment is the intended outcome.

As in– no immigration, no multiculturalism, as well as monolithic religious identity. In other words, an independent state devoid of every fundamental Trudeau and Singh are forcing down the throats of Canadians.

Media say nothing. Not a drop of the inherent irony flows from the pens of our country’s leading journalists. There you have it– the press in Canada are:

Pro-communist China, pro-Sikh nationalism, pro-Islam. The only thing they are not is pro-Canada. In 2023, this is the condition of PM Trudeau’s “no core identity” society.  Trudeau is using Khalistani independence to win the support of Sikh communities from coast-to-coast.

According to Statistics Canada, Sikhism represents 1.4% of the Canadian population— in contradistinction to accumulated political power:

Premier of Yukon, Ranj Pallai.  Leader of NDP, Jagmeet Singh. Liberal Cabinet Members– Harjit Sajjan, Kamal Khera, Anita Anand.

Liberal MPs: Anju Dhillon, Bardish Chagger, George Chahal, Iqwinder Gaheer, Mahinder Sindu, Randeep Sarai, Ruby Sahota, Sonia Sidhu, Sukh Dahliwal, Parm Bains.

Mayor of Calgary, Jhoti Gondek. Mayor of Edmonton, Amarjeet Singh. 

Again, just 1.4% of our population is Sikh. Talk about GIANT over-representation in government. Media speak not a word about this reality.

Put it all together in a blender, shake and stir, and what is the final outcome? Sikh political power in Canada, including bi-lateral Liberal-NDP federal party support for an independent Sikh nation to be located halfway around the world.

Sensible Canadians know how to summarize the situation: this is Canadian politics in 2023.

Let us think back to the founding of the international state of “Canadastan.” CAP attribute this gem to none other than ex-Liberal PM, Pierre Trudeau. Communist in political orientation, this individual began our transition to a globalist nation-state. Or better put, a “non-state,” as communist philosophy advances.

Beginning with an opening of our national doors to the communist government of China, we note the affinity by which current PM Justin Trudeau runs our country.  In 2015, Trudeau Jr. began to integrate Islam and Sikhism into the fabric of our nation.

Is it overly simplistic to state that more than any force in Canadian history, it is the Trudeau family who have destroyed Canadian nationalism? Is it not this communist-admiring Quebecois duo who transformed society into a condition no citizen ever asked for, or approved of?

“When events such as the arrest of Amritpal Singh happen, Khalistan supporters bombard the offices of mayors, MPs, MPPs and Ministers with messages, forcing them to issue hasty statements or tweet,” says an Indo-Canadian restaurant owner in Toronto.”

Which MPs, Mayors and Ministers? The ones listed above, in a political effort completely devoid of Canadian content? Does Canada now exist for the benefit of the Punjab?

Sadly, this is the case. Jagmeet Singh, golden boy of the Canadian press, is one privileged individual. While he prances around in Vaisakhi parades pushing Khalistan independence, CBC and corporate media have not a negative word to say about the man.

Working his buns off for Khalistan while branding Canadians racist is par for the course. “Not a worry, Mr. Singh. Justin Trudeau is paying our salaries, and we tow the globalist line accordingly.”

“Politicians must stop playing identity politics. A criminal is a criminal — not a Sikh or a Hindu or a Muslim. By supporting these elements, ministers and MPs are playing dangerous games and harming Canada which needs India more than ever now.”

Forget about it, buddy-boy. Woke liberalism specializes in carving up communities into distinct silos, only to get them fighting each other within general society. See Marx, Karl for details.

What this person is describing is not some fringe element of Justin Trudeau’s post-modern society. It is contemporary Canada, and thanks to the family Trudeau and traitorous politicians like Jagmeet Singh, it is here to stay.

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