Justin Trudeau Increases GLOBAL Abortion Spending To $700 Million Each Year

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When it comes to abortion, Justin Trudeau is putting your money where his mouth is.

PM Trudeau   announced that another $300 million of Canadian taxpayers’ dollars will be used to fund abortion overseas. He had already committed $400 million annually to a global abortion fund.

During the announcement of his intention to make Canada one of the primary exporters of abortion worldwide at a gender equity conference Women Deliver in Vancouver.

There, Trudeau took shots at the American government’s pro-life policies, noting with his characteristic arrogance that “While other countries are stepping back on their investments and playing politics with it, Canada is stepping up. 

Yes, Canada is “stepping up”— by way of throwing $700 Million of your tax dollars at issues which have nothing to do with Canada, and involve no benefit to the people of Canada.

Please– did Canadians vote for this type of activity? Did our King of Kings run for office  on  a platform that included financing the global abortion agenda? Who does this guy think he is?

CAP will answer– he thinks he is a Trudeau. This part he has correct–he is a Trudeau– the most vile one of all. Because of this, Justin believes that he owns Canada. It’s an incredibly odd mindset. In reality, it borders on non-realityJust because father Pierre maintained the same personal arrogance does not provide a licence for sonny boy to do it as well. Makes no difference to King Justin– he is ENTITLED to do this.

Trudeau has neglected to mention that abortion is still illegal in much of the developing world. Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has refused to say whether the Canadian government is funding abortion in countries where killing pre-born children in the womb is still against the law.

Were you aware that Trudeau is funding abortion in African nations where the practice is ILLEGAL. Thought I saw something about this on CBC news–NOT. Is this not a highly relevant element of the equation? Trudeau is promoting the BREAKING OF THE LAW within African nations.  Canadians have little awareness because establishment media have HIDDEN this fact.

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Interestingly, Papa Pierre did this kind of thing as well. At the time  Trudeau Sr. hired mass abortion specialist Dr. Henry Morgantaler to head up the fetus destruction program. In 1983, Toronto Police raided Morgentaler’s newly opened clinic and he and his two colleagues were charged with providing illegal miscarriages.

Trans-lation? Morgantaler broke the law, yet Pierre Trudeau had no problem supporting his behaviour. The “good doctor” personally performed over 5000 abortions on Canadian women. 

Yet another aspect of the sordid history of abortion in Canada  remains largely unknown regarding this Morgantaler character.  Here, we are offering up CAP theory. This is simply our OPINION, however subjective it is.

Morgantaler was a Jewish Polish-born Canadian physician and pro-choice advocate who fought numerous legal battles aimed at expanding abortion rights in Canada. As a youth during World War II, Morgentaler was imprisoned at the Łódź Ghetto and later at the Dachau concentration camp. During World War 2, Morgentaler’s father was killed by the Gestapo, while Henry lived with his mother and younger brother in the Ghetto Litzmannstadt.

Now, does this sound like the kind of person to put in charge of such a delicate, controversial issue as abortion. Would young Henry not be deeply affected by his childhood experience–so much so that it would fundamentally impact his psychological profile and general mental health?

So much so that he became an abortion fanatic. To CAP, the man sounds mentally unstable This is the person Pierre Trudeau empowered as the leading abortionist within Canada.

CAP do not like Trudeau family. In fact, we despise them–for reasons revealed in this article, and many others we publish.

As it turns out, son Justin is even worse than Pierre. Justin wants mass fetus destruction everywhere–not only in Canada. Speaking of Canada, all signs point to the concept that Old Stock Canada are the ones doing 90% of the aborting. Third World Canada rarely indulges– save same-sex selection among the Sikh community.

Therefore, the result is a drop in Old Stock births, while Third World birthrates have skyrocketed. This is the Trudeau family– Pierre, and Justin after him. The result is approximately 100,000 abortion per year, over a minimum of two decades.

That’s two million abortions in the past 20 years. Justin Trudeau tells us Canada needs immigration to off-set an aging demographic. MP Ahmed Hussen, drop-in Immigration Minister from Somalia, says we need massive immigration intake to off-set an aging workforce.

Please do tell– how is the destruction of 2 million fetuses conducive to growing the Canadian population? It isn’t. Therefore, something is amiss. Could it be that mass abortion is a component of a political agenda, rather than simply being about “the right of a woman to control their bodies?”

CAP go all-in on this. So how does government deal with the aging demographic? Instead of promoting large families  for the Canadian-born, government imports large families from China, Pakistan, Iran, Syria and Somalia.  Would Somalian religious supremacist MP Ahmed Hussen not simply adore this policy? Of course he would.

This is the Canada of the Trudeau family–including sketchy globalist brother, Alexandre. Get them out of government forever. Let us lean the lesson of electing a second Trudeau as prime minister. In a word, to do so means nothing but trouble for Anglophone and Christian Canada.

Elect Justin for a second term, and watch as he gears up his anti-Anglophone globalist agenda to its highest level in history.


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