Justin Trudeau Increases Canadian’s Personal Debt To HIGHEST LEVEL In History

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By the time his first term in office ends, Justin Trudeau will have increased the federal government’s per-person debt more than any prime minister  in Canadian history who did not face a world war or recession, says a new report by the Fraser Institute.

The conservative think-tank says from 2015, when he assumed office, up to the end of his current Liberal government in October, 2019, Trudeau will have increased federal per-person debt to $32,589.

If Canadians are surprised, they shouldn’t be. In fact, it was father Pierre Trudeau who first introduced our country to massive, multi-billion dollar deficits.  During his run as PM in the 1960’s, Lester B. Pearson increased deficit levels by 19.6%. Jean Chretien, 1.8%.

Pierre Trudeau? A whopping 738.7 PERCENT!

Fast forward four decades, and son Justin is the king of the credit crunch. Coincidence? Hardly. Fact is, Trudeau prime ministers adore debt. Why? Because it benefits those they work for–in this case, an international banking cartel, of which billionaire globalist George Soros is a major player.

Justin Trudeau craves control. Massive debt is control. At the risk of hyperbole, it is a form of financial slavery. For CAP, the impetus for the Trudeau family’s deficit-obsessions are designed to maximize corporate banking interest revenues.

A dual purpose exists here: the more debt, the more international banking benefits. Secondly, the greater the degree Canadians are under-the-thumb of government. How incredibly socialist of the Liberal-Trudeau-Globalist Dynasty.

Therefore, the Trudeau family has gone all-in on building debt for Canadian families for the purpose of  generating untold billions in interest payments. Is this an example of properly performing the role of Canadian prime minister?  As in, to do the best  for the greatest number of citizens.

Justin Trudeau does this each day there is a snow-storm in the Sahara-– as in, never. Our PM is all about the tiniest sliver of society. How about the .000001% of transgendered Canadians- did King Justin not prance through a plethora of pride parades waving a tranny-flag in his hands?

How many Sikh Canadians live in Canada? 500,000 out of 37.5 million Canadians–again, a small sliver of our demographic. Again, PM Trudeau is all-over them. 20 million secular and/or religious Christians in Canada, and Justin issues not a single word alluding to this segment of society.

Yet, when it comes to his precious Islamic community–which Stats Can tell us comprise less than 4% of our population, Justin Trudeau is off like a rocket running from mosque to mosque to preach the “good news” of culture-eroding globalism.

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From the horse’s mouth: “Canada’s gross debt will increase this year by almost $120 billion since the previous government tabled its last budget in 2015. On a per-person basis, each Canadian has acquired $1,725 more in federal debt since Prime Minister Trudeau took office.”

This is historically significant. A recent study, which measured the debt performance of all prime ministers since 1870, found that only three prime ministers who did not face a world war or recession increased federal debt on a per person basis—Mackenzie Bowell, John Abbott and Justin Trudeau.

John Abbott? Quite the household name, eh?  Here, establishment media fail to point out that Mr. Abbott was PM in the year of 1891. Mr. Bowell did the PM thing in 1894.

In other words, media hereby obscure the fact that the two examples other than Trudeau are completely meaningless. How typical. Yes, Justin Trudeau is alone as the king of fiscal deficit, as well as personal/family debt accumulation.

CAP believe all this, and so much more, is obvious and blatant. We also believe the financially and culturally destructive agenda of Trudeau and commie-in-the-shadows advisor Gerald Butts is punitive–designed to damage a specific segment of society: Anglophone and Christian Canada.

The reason the phenomenon is not generally understood is because of the manner in which mainstream media shape and shift the news for the benefit of Justin Trudeau and his motley crew of globalist cultural assassins.




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