Justin Trudeau Increases Canadian’s Personal Debt To HIGHEST LEVEL In History

By the time his first term in office ends, Justin Trudeau will have increased the federal government’s per-person debt more than ANY PRIME MINISTER in Canadian history who did not face a world war or recession, says a new report by the Fraser Institute.

The conservative think-tank says from 2015, when he assumed office, up to the end of his current Liberal government in October, Trudeau will have increased federal per-person debt to $32,589.

If Canadians are surprised, they shouldn’t be. In fact, it was father Pierre Trudeau who introduced our country to massive, billion dollar deficits.  During his run as PM in the 1960’s, Lester B. Pearson increased deficit levels by 19.6%. Jean Chretien, 1.8%. Pierre Trudeau? A whopping 738.7 PERCENT.

Fast forward four decades, and son Justin is the KING OF THE CREDIT CRUNCH. Coincidence? Hardly. Fact is, Trudeau prime ministers ADORE DEBT. Why? Because it benefits those they work for–in this case an international banking cartel, of which “friend” George Soros is a major player.

Justin Trudeau CRAVES control. Massive debt is control. At the risk of hyperbole, it is a form of financial SLAVERY. Therefore, the Trudeau’s have gone all-in on building debt for Canadian families for the purpose of  generating untold billions in interest payments. Is this an example of properly performing the role of Canadian prime minister?  Do the BEST for the GREATEST number of citizens. Perhaps on a cold day in hell it could be.

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