Justin Trudeau Increases Oil Imports From Saudi Arabia 66% Since Taking Office

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According to Statistics Canada,  oil imports from Saudi Arabia have been rising steadily for the past five years. The total volume of Canadian imports from Saudi Arabia has increased by 66 per cent since 2014, with imports rising EVERY YEAR during that period.

For informed Canadians–those who look beyond the globalist platitudes of the establishment media, this should come as no surprise. Throughout his tenure as prime minister, Mr. Trudeau has displayed ubiquitous support for non-democratic foreign governments. Socially, religiously, and economically–Trudeau hands over a billion tax payer dollars to Islamic governments each year. To add insult to injury, Trudeau exempts Saudi oil from his precious carbon tax.

Who benefits? The Saudi government. Who suffers? Canadian oil sands workers, and the Canadian economy in general. Basic questions continue to be overlooked by a complicit media. Why does PM Trudeau work so fervently for the benefit of non-Canadian governments and institutions?  The Globe & Mail won’t tell us–they won’t even posit the question. Nor will CBC or Toronto Star.

Under Trudeau, the Alberta oilsands have experienced a dramatic shrinking of industry, as well as thousands of workers lay-offs. One might believe that in his role as prime minister Trudeau would work to improve their plight. No way, Jose. Rather, Justin accommodates American environmental organizations such as Tides Foundation in their desire to IMPEDE oil production. Not a surprise, as Tides and others funnel major dollars toward our current government.

So Canada suffers while Saudi Arabia and their brethren nations benefit. If this is emblematic of Justin’s “post-modern” Canada, patriots and other sensible Canadians will take PRE-MODERN Canada every time. Too bad Trudeau rendered this entity DEAD with his “no core identity” proclamation. Thinking Canadians should pick up on the idea that it is Justin himself who has no core identity. As for Liberals, most likely they will just continue being Liberals.



24 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Increases Oil Imports From Saudi Arabia 66% Since Taking Office”

    • The so called canadien oil revenues don’t belong to Canadians because the majority of it is owned by foreign companies wake up people .canadians got swindled out of there share a long time ago .The measly profits canadiens are receiving dwarf the ones overseas investors are reaping

      • Did you forget that they employ Canadians that pay taxes and have families that buy other products around the world doesn’t matter who owns the damn company it still run and profited does go to people of Canada two places that are foreign-owned don’t run by themselves and not that long ago was in trouble making a big deal about the way Saudis treat the women there and almost got in a bunch of trouble over that so what did you do buy oil from him to soften that up now it is off

    • Maybe if everything was exposed more he would be more apt to be held accountable he doesn’t answer to anybody and that’s wrong he works for us

  1. Turdeau and his family should be forced to watch the Saudi justice system chopping the head off the 16 year old in the public square.

  2. But says no to Canadian oil resources..
    And taxes us to death because of the very thing he is increasing….. Oil!
    Still liking and believing these imbeciles? 😠😠😠

    • A difference being he is bringing in cleaner oil (less processing of the crude oil out of the ground). If he gets all of his/our oil from another country then he can shut down all oil production here in Canada, which in turn will fall into his plan of cleaning up the environment. Probably much cheaper to do, EXCEPT, he loses out on the revenues the oil production in Canada brings. Money trumps (uggghhh, I hate that word now that dips–t in the U.S. is president) human rights. Always has.
      I don’t know how a countries finances work, and I am sure it is much more complicated than what posters here want to believe. I do hate, though, the constant hands in our pockets. Taxes every where and getting worse all the time. Once a tax is implemented they never seem to be taken away. That goes for ALL parties.

      • It’s not cleaner or better for the environment AT ALL though. That is a completely false narrative that has been shoved/bribed into the mainstream news from organizations like Tides and Rockerfeller brothers who are trying to suppress Canadian oil to keep their own oil investments making cash. That is not my conspiracy theory, it’s a proven FACT.
        Trudeau just a phony fcking piece of sht who is playing a giant shell game to make it look like we’re cutting production and indirectly cutting emissions.
        When in reality we’re just shifting it to Saudi who has the worst environmental record and worst human rights laws of anywhere in the World.
        Alberta produces oil under some of the highest environmental standards in the World and we’re seriously getting screwed.
        Of course things are always improving but it’s WAY better than having NO regulations like Saudi. Plus it doesn’t require millions of litres of fuel per year from ships and trucks to deliver it.

  3. Very curious how JT got himself to Plainfield to plant a tree.
    This village, in the middle of nowhere,( south of Tweed, Ont), is accessible by a road currently being repaved,with infuriating traffic delays. It very certainly does not have an airfield for 2 airplanes.
    Curious Bill

    • Government legislation is the rule… and in this, the Trudeau govt have been 100% on board with Middle Eastern Oil, and zero % on board with Alberta Oil.

  4. TAX REVOLT!!!!!


  5. It’s time to take are country back from these dirt bags !! It’s are money and are country !! Stand up and be counted or get out !! The west needs a way out !! Sorry to are brother and sisters in the Far East

  6. There is lots of bitching and complaining but somebody voted for the peace of garbage I would us stronger words but i won’t


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