Justin Trudeau Ignores Quebec Patriot Day, Celebrates Ramadan Instead

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Victoria Day in Canada has come and gone, without Justin Trudeau mentioning a word about it. In the French-Canadian province of Quebec, the equivalent is called Quebec Patriot Day’s. The provincial statutory holiday is a nationalistic celebration and opportunity to discover Canada’s French roots.

As it happens, the prime minister of Canada has French Roots. It’s just that he doesn’t care about them. What our post-modern PM cares about is success of globalism and the Nation Of Islam. Upon the arrival of the 30-day Islamic holiday of Ramadan, Mr. Trudeau exuberantly announced:

“Today, Muslims in Canada and around the world mark the start of Ramadan. Families and friends will gather to pray together, fast during the daytime, and break their fast in the evening at iftars around the globe.

Ramadan honours the values at the heart of Islam – like compassion and service to others. It reminds us to give generously, and put the needs of others before our own – this month, and throughout the year.

See how Justin expands his wishes to the ENTIRE Muslim World. Is this not a promotion of Islamic culture and religion on a world-wide basis? Is this not inline with Islamic principles of spreading the faith to the four corners of the globe? Is this not what IMAM’s preach in mosques across Canada?

As for any reference to Quebec patriotism, Justin Trudeau has nothing to say. He, his brother Alexandre and father Pierre before him do not like patriotism. That is, within Canada and other western democracies. Yet, they are perfectly fine with patriotism in China, Cuba, Iran and Pakistan. Why the hypocrisy

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Nationalism is anathema to the Trudeau family. Brother Alexandre, also known as “Sascha”— so named after a communist revolutionary– was quoted as stating “I have never been one for nationalism and have always hoped it would not prevail in Canada.” Yet, hypocritically, Alexandre admired ultra-nationalist governments in communist and theocratic Islamic nations. What gives, bro?

Just imagine if establishment media in Canada put these facts in context and presented reality to Canadians. Justin Trudeau would be a non-prime minister by morning’s light. They won’t. If they haven’t done so by now, they never will. What a deception of the people of Canada. Disgraceful, really.

This is the Trudeau way The fact that this family ever got their hooks into our nation to control its cultural destiny is nothing short of tragic. In order to retain ANY element of political sanity, PM Trudeau must go.

Patriotism, Nationalism, Quebec, and of course English Canada— go jump in Lake Ontario. Justin Trudeau is here to lead the Third World Reformation of Canada. With the assistance of mainstream media, he has done one hell of a job so far.




4 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Ignores Quebec Patriot Day, Celebrates Ramadan Instead”

  1. When he smugly announced Canada had no National/cultural identity, my blood boiled faster than i could have imagined possible. The English/French/Scottish/Irish Settlers of this country, have nothing but cultural and national identity and commonality to bind us together with Our Land. If Mr.Trudeau wishes to forego these benefits, well good on him. I certainly wouldn’t be in a rush to convince him otherwise. Maybe they could make him an honorary Belgian, and he could just make like the stupid maple tree and leave. Take the shitty flag with him too while he’s at it, while Mrs. Trudeau belts out her best version of ”wade in the water”. put our shared Coat of Arms back on Our Flag. Thank you very much, merci ,bonjour, Je me Souviens


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