Justin Trudeau Has Taken 139 DAYS VACATION Since January, 2019: Media Report

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau likes to spend a significant chunk of the year taking personal days according to a count of his publicly available itineraries.

So far in 2020, the prime minister has logged 48 personal days, while in 2019 he took a startling 91 days off, or nearly 25% of the year.

“Meanwhile, out of the 225 days that have passed since January 1, 2020, Trudeau has spent over 21% of them not at his desk.”

Each individual itinerary dating from January 1, 2019 to August 13th, 2020 was checked to achieve this count. All itineraries which noted the term “personal” in their descriptions were included in the final totals.

On a month by month basis, Trudeau takes approximately seven personal days a month on average. The highest number of personal days for one individual month during this period was in December 2019 with 17 personal days, followed by July 2019 with 13 days off.

No surprise here–both regarding the days off for King Justin of Canada, and CAP’s “feedback” on this reality:

Justin, if you are going to destroy Canadian democracy while trans- itioning our nation to a 3rd World-dominated dictatorship, at least try to put ample time in at the office in order to accomplish this.

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Now, let us step back in time all the way back to what seems like a millennia ago: when Justin Trudeau was not “Supreme Leader” of Canada back in 2014.

Please do tell, fellow patriots–in addition to any Liberal Snowflake types: If ex- PM Stephen Harper of the Conservative type took 23% of his days as PM playing sandcastles on the beach in Tofino, B.C., what would be the collective mainstream media’s reaction?

Burn in hell, Mr. Conservative Suit & Tie Capitalist Pig. But when the culprit is the man who transferred Canadian of European Heritage to second class citizen status, CBC and the rest utter not a word of condemnation.

Now, it would be one thing if the publishers, editors and leading journalists in Canadian media was dominated by 3rd World Canadians— rather than a collective of “Old Stock” Canadians.

So why then do they defend a PM who has marginalized the communities from which these people personally derive–Anglophone, Francophone and secular Christian backgrounds.  Why then side with an Anglophone-bashing, Christian-punishing and 3rd World-promoting PM–when you yourself come from an Anglophone-Canadian heritage?

It is here that common sense Canadians can come to understand the Trudeau-entrenched social dynamic in Canada. On this basis, it only makes sense that Media MUST be controlled by forces outside of Canada–just as Justin Trudeau is himself.

How about this for a CBC headline:

“Justin Trudeau Devastates  Canadian Economy, Sells Nation to United Nations/ 3rd World Governments, Takes 139 DAYS OFF Since January, 2019”

Now that is a headline which should be understood by ALL Canadian citizens. It won’t be, because in 2020 Canada government are media, and media is government–just as it is in China, hero-nation of the family Trudeau.

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— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP(est. 2016)


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  1. the man is queer, he is afraid the world Wiil find out. (and they will) is wife is still there only to keep him in power


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