Justin Trudeau Has Stolen Canada And Will Never Give It Back

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A 2022 study entitled “The Authoritarian Playbook” illustrates the nature of Canada’s progression from democratic society to authoritarian nation-state.

“For at least the last thirty years, the threats to democracy have evolved. Today, democracy more often dies gradually, as the institutional, legal, and political constraints on authoritarian leaders are chipped away, one by one.” 

“Slicing away at democracy a sliver at a time, modern authoritarians cement themselves in power, but they do so incrementally.”

As evinced by way of a half-century of political transformation. As we enter 2024, all signs say “go” regarding our country’s pending political destiny.

The catalyst for Canada’s pre-meditated conversion to authoritarian state began with the placement of ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau as prime minister in 1968. By opening Canadian doors to communist China, Trudeau Sr. kicked off Canada’s degeneration toward neo-authoritarian status.

On an incremental basis, first came our education system. Moving forward fifty-years, we witness the morphing of academia into a mass of anti-Canadian sentiment. With our colonial founding functioning as rationalization for the attack, gangs of embittered leftist radicals now rule the roost in Canadian academia.

The next major systemic transition was found in media circles, who today exist to reinforce government’s rhetorical attack on our nation’s identity, history and heritage.

“All politicians engage in spin, and many outright lie. But authoritarians propagate and amplify falsehoods with ruthless efficiency. Often, this disinformation is spread through coordinated networks, channels, and ecosystems, including politically aligned or state-owned media.”

State-owned media being the CBC, on the receiving end of a cool $1.2 billion dollars each year. Over 1500 corporate and independent media outlet also receive funding from the Feds.

“According to a 2019 study, authoritarian regimes have over time become less reliant on violence and mass repression to maintain control. The study shows instead that authoritarians have increasingly resorted to manipulation of information as a means of control.”

Blocking of news feeds on social media, internet censorship and online “hate” legislation being the ticket for our Liberal government.

“Authoritarianism also tends to embrace the informal and unregulated exercise of political power, a leadership that is self-appointed and even if elected cannot be displaced by citizens’ free choice among competitors.”

There is no mechanism in existence which serves as a vehicle for Canadian voters to remove a prime minister from power. The singular method is a successful vote of non-confidence in the House of Commons.

“Autocratic movements and regimes tend to weaken not only freedom of speech and the press, but the influence of any public voices that could serve as vocal counterpoints to the autocratic faction.”

Check the Trucker’s Convoy to Ottawa in early 2023. Frozen bank accounts, incarceration of protest leaders, media depiction as a gang of racists and white supremacists.

“Modern-day autocrats use demographic identity as a way to sow division.”

Critical to authoritarian success, pejoratives such as “Islamophobia,” homophobia and other woke warrior accusations sow seeds of social division. Through this methodology, identifiable communities are prevented from uniting into a cohesive social force that could potentially overthrow a ruling government.

“Authoritarianism is marked by ‘indefinite political tenure’ of the ruler or ruling party, often in a one-party state or other authority.”

New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh locks PM Trudeau in for an additional two years. With present polls indicating a landslide victory for the Conservative Party, the NDP leader works on behalf of the Liberal leader, thereby establishing an “indefinite political tenure.”

We pause to ponder the situation. Truth is, these concepts are not difficult to discern. A person doesn’t need a Ph.d in political science to do so. All one needs is basic common sense.

We fantasize about an exposure of these concepts throughout Canadian society. Once understood, the scales fall from the public eye as to media’s hoodwinking of society for the purpose of maintaining a Liberal neo-dictatorship.

Hindrances to free and fair elections in authoritarian systems may include:

  • Control of the media by the authoritarian incumbents.
  • Interference with opposition campaigning.
  • Large-scale spending by the state in favour of the incumbents.
  • Electoral fraud.

Funding of 1500 Canadian media outlets by the Liberals. Branding Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre a racist and Donald Trump wanna-be. Alleged federal election interference from the government of China. 

Having fun yet? Let the political pain continue:

Authoritarianism is a political system characterized by the rejection of democracy and political plurality. It involves the use of strong central power to preserve the political status quo, and reductions in the rule of law.

Did, or did not, Covid pandemic dissemination from China result in a suspension of rule-of-law? Was this not the direct outcome of government’s invocation of the “Emergencies Act?”

Holy Cow– is Canada ever in trouble. As exacerbated by the following:

According to the verbal output of neo-despot Justin Trudeau, every element of political policy will continue throughout 2024.

We stand witness as Canada’s “progressive” national leader intimates the idea that every fundamental of neo-authoritarian governance shall remain intact.

Welcome to the gospel of the “authoritarian playbook,” courtesy of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In the process, 40 million Canadian voters are rendered powerless.

After which Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Jagmeet Singh and their Liberal-NDP Socialist Coalition rant on about the importance of maintaining a “functioning democracy.

It’s a lie, of course. But what exists to stop them? At this point, the Conservatives are serving as a political carrot-on-a-stick. They’re all that exists in terms of hope for a future free and democratic society.

To be certain, it’s not much for freedom-loving Canadians to hang their political hat on.

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