Justin Trudeau Increases Funding To Islamic Nations By 50% Over Previous Government

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The most notable increases in year-over- year international assistance levels were to: Syria (+76%), Iraq (+67%), Jordan (+64%), Afghanistan (+47%), and Lebanon (+45%). Afghanistan is  number one in Canadian aid(paid with our tax dollars) at$233 million(CAD), followed by Ethiopia $ 193 million(CAD).

Nice for them, but how does this benefit  Canadian citizens? Quick answer–it doesn’t. The beneficiaries are Islamic governments.  Governments– as opposed to people. Within theocratic nations, who is to say the funds actually reach those in need? Perhaps a share does, but how does one confirm these monies are not being used by foreign governments to further their political agendas?

Here’s a heart-warming scenario: Trudeau hands $200 million to the government of Afghanistan, who then direct the funds back to Canada to pay for structures such as the new $50 million dollar mosque in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Heard of it? Most have not–because media fail to inform. After all, this wouldn’t  jive with the portrayal of immigrant peoples as the poor and the suffering–so scratch that bit of news

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Imagine, if you will, these funds not going to despotic nations, and instead being utilized to create programs to feed the poor and house the homeless in Canada. After all, taking care of our citizenship is supposed to be the goal of government. Instead, Trudeau prioritizes  transferring  hard-earned  Canadian tax dollars to Middle Eastern nations. Yes, previous governments have also done so–including the government of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.

The difference–apart from Justin’s ever-increasing foreign aid amounts– is that Trudeau also supports the Nation of Islam on an ideological basis. This and the massive dollar figure result in a unprecedented dedication toward the Nation of Islam.

Did Justin Trudeau campaign for prime minister based upon a fervent financial and ideological commitment to Islam? The answer is more than obvious. Did voters give  our post-modern PM a mandate to fund, support and protect Islamic interests in Canada? How about  going so far as to re-instate citizenship for convicted ISIS terrorists? The question is infused with pathos

Canadians need Justin GONE. Our tax dollars do not exist for a rich, smug trust fund-boy to use as a piggy bank for the purpose of funding theocratic Middle Eastern governments. If Justin wants to spend his time doing this, then he must not do so as prime minister of Canada.

It is obvious that a “Canada for Canadians” is anathema to King Justin. Tax-payers do not exist for the purpose of fulfilling Justin Trudeau’s ideological whims. PM Trudeau has usurped the role of prime minister. Of course, the man never had the skills to do the job properly in the first place.

As a result, Justin carved out a unique leadership position for himself as a globalist ideologue. Islam. Sikhism. Transgenderism. Homosexuality. Kind of an absurd collective, but then again, Justin Trudeau is the most absurd Canadian politician who ever lived.





29 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Increases Funding To Islamic Nations By 50% Over Previous Government”

  1. Watching this “photo-op”was disgusting to watch,throw on some coveralls and work a sweat for 1/2 hour/would likely be his hardest workout ever?Sleezy moron’s arrogance in handouts to Asian terrorists is unacceptable when we have Canadians STRUGGLING?gas prices,housing,infrastructures,health care are suffering because of misuse of taxpayers moneys collected from hardworking Canadians.How much tax has Trudeau paid all his life?CANADIANS NEED TO KNOW

  2. Justin trudeau is the biggest traitor to canada and should not lead and should be kick out. It’s the only reason his helping others then canadian people is for the votes.

      • When I think of our older peoples not getting a better life and care, he makes me sick.
        He is a total insignificant with no vision at all of what is happening to our country because of is stupidity.

          • That’s such an intelligent comment. Wondrous facts and meaningful connections. (NOT!!!) This is an example of the kind of judgementalism and self-righteousness that is hurting our human community and our planet! Sad!

  3. Justin Trudeau is a Traitor and a Communist …just like his father Fidel…oops I mean Pierre. There must be a way to get rid if him soon.

  4. This is fucking unbelievable. While Canadian are struggling. All our fucking money is going to other countries. He should move in there country if he loves them so much.

  5. Wtf I am glad we have not found life on another planet he would let them in to I can’t even say merry Christmas anymore or let my daughter wear a costume to school anymore cause of the imigrants here now and she is a native American should she not have the rights before anyone of other ethnic groups

  6. Justin Trudeau est un clown et un pauvre type sans conviction. Il est tout et rien à la fois. Il a sûrement un avantage à “licher” le cul de ces pays et de “licher” autant les communautés musulmanes du Canada. Je suis contente de voir que le Canada anglais est d’accord avec nous les Québécois. Dehors les libéraux en octobre et surtout, faites du ménage dans ce parti pourri et corrompu ! Une québécoise ben ben écoeurée !

  7. The Trudeu FOundation is the equivalent to the Clinton Foundation in America; it is a “Pay to play” Constitutional bypass orgaqnization…pay it and you get away with murder!

    I am just wondering when somone has enough guts to take him out, permanently!

  8. He’s doing exactly what has been status quo for so many PM’s. Do you honestly think anything will change in regard to foreign aid with the next prime minister? I think not. As bad as it is right now we can only hope that the next PM can raise the dollar against the USD. We won’t be hurting as bad if the next PM can do this. I don’t expect good things with the next election. We’re going down because all parties work the same side.


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