Justin Trudeau, Gordon Lightfoot And The Demise Of Democracy In Canada

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“Mr. Lightfoot gave us so many special moments over the years. With a career that spanned over half a century, Mr. Lightfoot’s music told stories that captured the Canadian spirit, none more so than his iconic Canadian Railroad Trilogy, which will forever be a part of our country’s musical heritage.”

— PM Justin Trudeau

Trudeau’s homage to Canadian folk hero Gordon Lightfoot exists as a singular experience. For one time only, our PM has made positive reference toward the heritage of our country. Previous to this outlier, references to Canada’s national heritage from Trudeau have been infused with anger, bitterness and embarrassment.

For “Old Stock” Canadians, Gordon Lightfoot represents a Canada far removed from Trudeau’s post-modern, neo-communist prostrations. Throughout his tenure as prime minister, the PM has made it abundantly clear that he dislikes our national heritage.

In terms of historical focus, Mr. Trudeau is far more likely to speak of our railroads in terms of the Chinese labour it took to build them, and related suffering of so-called “minorities.” For him, the patriotic flavour of Lightfoot’s Canadian Railroad Trilogy is anathema.

“There was a time in this fair land when the railroad did not runWhen the wild majestic mountains stood alone against the sun.”

For Justin, Canada is not a “fair land”— and he wants to ensure traditional Canadians feel really, really bad about it.

Don’t you know? We are a nation steeped in racism, bigotry and genocide. Gordon Lightfoot wrote of a different Canada, before so-called parent Pierre Trudeau decided to transition our country to the land of Multiculturalism.

This event– unilaterally forced upon Canadian society– set our up nation for the self-flagellation expounded today by government, media and academia. Gordon Lightfoot was singing his songs in the year of Montreal Expo 67, one year out from when Pierre Trudeau single-handedly redefined our society.

Those of us who qualify as baby-boomers, those born in the wake of World War 2, can recall the refrain: “1-2-3 Canadians we love thee” went the Expo theme song. Pride in identity swelled within the Canadian ranks.

Then came Pierre Trudeau, and with him, the death of the Canadian dream. Yes, we were far from perfect. Acknowledgement of sins of the past– treatment of Aboriginal communities– was understood by the majority of adult Canadians. If we could change the past, we would. Unfortunately, it is not an option.

Thus arrived Canada’s “Garden of Eden” moment. Our innocence was lost. Cast out of the paradise of national virtue we were. Not out of choice, but rather through political manipulation.

“For they looked in the future and what did they see
They saw an iron road runnin’ from sea to the sea
Bringin’ the goods to a young growin’ land
All up through the seaports and into their hands.”

As written by Lightfoot in 1967. Little did we know the death of traditional Canada was at our doorstep. Pierre Trudeau became PM in 1968. One of his first moves was a reworking of immigration policy, shifting the criteria for entry to a “points-based” policy.

Society shifted on its axis. Within 20 years, immigration transitioned from 90% European to 90% 3rd World migrants. Media in Canada refrained from spelling out the transformation in black-and-white.

It would have been one thing if this fundamental change– bound to alter the state of society for all-time– was limited to the pragmatic. What followed has never been properly understood. In retrospect, we witness the building of new form of railroad.

This one didn’t lead from Halifax to Vancouver. This railroad carried the burden of shame manifest in modern-day Canada. The racism, bigotry, and homophobia referenced in myriad form by current PM Justin Trudeau.

“Behind the blue Rockies the sun is declinin’
The stars, they come stealin’ at the close of the day
Across the wide prairie our loved ones lie sleeping
Beyond the dark oceans in a place far away.”

Not in Justin Trudeau’s Canada, brothers and sisters:

Caucasians are encouraged to discuss discrimination and its impacts, break down systemic barriers and embrace diversity, social cohesion, inclusion, social justice, equity-deserving groups, intersectionality, reconciliation, Indigenous rights, missing and murdered Indigenous women and members of the two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities, racialized peoples, religious minorities.”

Down the railway track of time, this sentiment transitioned Canada to the post-modern status we are stuck with today.  The life sucked out of the Canadian spirit, Justin Trudeau and his gang of woke Liberal globalists currently work their transformative agenda.

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement marking the birthday of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan:

“Today, we join millions of Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims in Canada and around the world to celebrate the 85th birthday of their spiritual leader, His Highness the Aga Khan.”

The Aga Khan may be a “highness” in your mind,  but millions of Canadians do not share your vision. The communities you target– Old Stock, Anglophone, Christian, Heterosexual– likely prefer Mr. Lightfoot over the billionaire non-Canadian you bow to on a regular basis.

Problem is, Justin Trudeau cares nothing about the past– save his dedication to running down our heritage and history. For what purpose?

CAP is dying to understand. Why would the leader of a western democracy like Canada bash the smithereens out of his own country? Why would he apply laser-like focus to uncover the dirt lingering in our collective past?

Why does Trudeau absolve China of its historical injustices(10 million murdered in communist revolution)? Why would he absolve Pakistan(4 million murdered upon its founding), as well as the persecution of Christians, non-believers and heretics within Muslim nations?

There’s a reason, all right. The answer being that Mr. Trudeau is not charged with running our country– he is tasked with transforming our country. Between the two lies a world of difference. A difference which yet to be understood by a nation which recently hit the 40 million mark in terms of overall population.

“The Marxist view of history is that history is governed by universal laws and that according to these laws, a society moves through a series of stages, with the transition between stages being driven by class struggle.”

From capitalism to communism, as it were. Cultural Action Party has been diligent in defining Justin Trudeau’s take on transitional governance. The globalist brand of Marxist indoctrination is “neo-communist.”

New concepts have been injected into the social dynamic, for example, Trudeau’s dedication to LGBT, and transgenderism in particular. The other salient feature being a shift from  working class revolution to a “social justice” platform.

Instead of workers, the sufferers are the racialized, so-called “minorities,” religious communities(Sikh, Muslim), and homosexual-transsexual communities. Is or is not, Justin Trudeau all over this like white on rice?

Of course he is.

Marx’s work laid the foundations for future communist leaders such as Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin. Operating from the premise that capitalism contained the seeds of its own destruction, his ideas formed the basis of Marxism and served as a theoretical base for Communism.”

It also serves as the basis for governance in Trudeau’s preferred nation of China. At present, major consternation has broken out relating to alleged election interference from the Chinese government. Equally compelling are accusations that their government is harassing the family of Conservative MP Michael Chong.

“Justin Trudeau says any decision to expel a Chinese diplomat over alleged attempts to threaten a Conservative MP is being made very, very carefully.”

CAP can see why. After maintaining a covert form of partnership with China dating back to the days of Pierre Trudeau, there is no doubt that our current PM will continue to go light on China. He always has. So slight that one can expect little if anything to change.

Justin Trudeau is China’s boy, from soup to nuts. Their government helped transform a part-time drama teacher to pseudo-dictator of Canada, so he best be careful how he rolls.

The song of Gordon Lightfoot are devoid of all post-modern madness. They don’t speak of an animus toward national heritage. They are useless to our PM. Unless a venture is dedicated to a socialist reimagining of our country, it’s of no use to the Liberal government.

As long as Trudeau remains in office, the train car toward the demise of democracy in Canada will keep on rolling. In time, the image of Gordon Lightfoot’s Canada will fade into the political sunset in the name of Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution.”

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  1. Gordon Lightfoot will always be remembered as a true Canadian.

    trudough on the other hand will NEVER be remembered fondly.


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