Justin Trudeau Gives Millions To World’s Largest Abortion Drug Manufacturer

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Pro-life advocates have expressed outrage that Canada has given a grant of $8 million to Marie Stopes International (MSI), the world’s largest abortion drug provider.

“While Kenya and Niger have recently banned Marie Stopes International for promoting and providing abortion — actions which are illegal in both countries — Canada is giving the organization $8 million towards sexual and reproductive health rights which includes abortion,” said Michel MacDonald, executive director of the Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF).

So let’s get this straight: The Trudeau government are funding ILLEGAL PRACTICES within African nations. This should come as little surprise, as our ruling government have remained silent on female genital mutilation and child marriage in Canada– both of which are illegal practices in Canada.

“Africans are asking for food, education, clean water, and security, because of threats for from terrorist groups in some of the African countries. We are NOT ASKING for condoms, contraception, or sexuality education, that kind of advice, or abortion given to us by western donors,” said a spokesperson.

Yet Trudeau does it anyway. If African nations are not asking for what Justin Trudeau is delivering, why has he given Third World nations $650 MILLION for the purpose of mass abortion?

The answer is– no one really knows. Trudeau’s decision-making is UNFATHOMABLE. Why does he care SO DEEPLY about Africans while shunning the needs and desires of the Canadian majority? Why is WORLD WIDE FETUS DESTRUCTION a top priority for the King of Canada?

The Trudeau government perpetually work on issues secondary to the concerns of the people of Canada. Islam. Africa. United Nations. LGBT. Transgender. A  survey in 2016, from the Williams Institute, estimated that 0.6% of U.S. adults identify as transgender. Studies from several nations, including the U.S., have produced a statistical range of 1.2 to 6.8 percent of the adult population identifying as LGBT. Justin Trudeau is fully dedicated to both transgenderism and  LGBT pride in general.

On Nov. 27,2016,  Niger ordered that two MSI facilities operating in that country be closed down because they performed illegal abortions. Kenyan authorities banned MSI from providing abortions. None of it makes any difference  to the Trudeau government.

Justin Trudeau is constantly sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Attempts to push gender equality on the communist government of China. Failure. Ditto for Saudi Arabia. Funding Africa with $650 Million while abortion remains illegal in many of those nations. DEMANDING his Liberal Caucus vote pro-choice in perpetuity.

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Who is this former drama teacher to pull these outrageous stunts upon the people of Canada, as well as foreign nations? Because his name is Trudeau? What an odd-ball he is. What is his exact agenda here? NO ONE KNOWS–and we will be damned if establishment media will fill us in.

From the source article: “MSI has been caught out in violation of laws in different African countries,” Ekeocha said. “I would like Canadians to LOOK AGAIN at the nature of what their government is doing internationally.”

Look AGAIN? We haven’t looked THE FIRST TIME. Pourquoi? Because the abortion dynamic has FOR DECADES BEEN BURIED by government and media. Another Trudeau-family member, father Pierre Trudeau, established no-limit mass abortion within Canadian society. Since this time–some forty-odd years ago– not a single piece of push-back has occurred against the mass abortion industry in Canada. Media remain silent. MP’s live in fear of approaching the subject.

Canada MUST HAVE ABORTION ON DEMAND, including the right to abort at FULL TERM. This was Pierre Trudeau then, and it is Justin Trudeau NOW. No debate, no referendum, no public discussion–NO DEMOCRACY.

This is Trudeau-brand Liberalism–a bastardization of the spirit of democracy with socialist and totalitarian underpinnings. Want more? Vote for Trudeau on October, 21st, 2019, and your wish will be King Justin’s abortion-on-demand.

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  1. This announcement came 2 years ago but hearing about it again makes the whole scenario NO LESS DISGUSTING!!! If Trudeau cared a tittle about women’s health, especially in struggling countries he would fund women choosing life & birth with help to for families to get work, promotes child health, welfare & education, housing, etc etc. But all Justin focuses on is breaking laws in other countries by promoting death of babies while freeing women & girls to become pregnant again. This guy is UNBEARABLE & a disgrace to Canada.


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