Justin Trudeau Gifts $50 MILLION DOLLARS To 3rd World Governments To Fight Covid-19

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“We can’t prioritize one population over another because it doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or what your socio-economic background is. The virus doesn’t care about those things.“

So says Liberal MP Karina Gould. Since when are the people of Sudan, Somalia and Senegal as high a priority as the people of Canada?

Answer: Since Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada. Forget “we take care of our own” Trudeau & Co. feel that despotic nations, theocratic dictatorships and human rights-abusing African governments are every bit as important to our government as Old Stock Canadians who have paid into the federal tax repository for the past 40 years.

The term is “cultural relativism”– a piece of Marxist ideology which is obviously near and dear to the Trudeau-Third World-Liberal assault upon Canadian identity and culture.

“The Trudeau government announced plans to pledge $50-million to the World Health Organization and other bilateral aid as a part of a larger $1-billion coronavirus response package.”

Surprised? No Canadian patriot should be. The dying Great White North is today the Liberal’s the land of MP Ahmed Hussen, and his personal project to dilute Old Stock populations by way of importing his “brethren peoples” to Canada.

This is the land of MP Maryam Monsef–Minister of Status Of Women who has never once spoken out against female-abusing practices such as female genital mutilation and Sharia-based child marriage.

This is MP Omar Alghabra’s Canada. This half-citizen religious supremacist has won his Third World-dominated GTA riding three times in a row-despite being one of the most hated MP’s in Canadian history.

Hate to break it to you, fellow patriots, but it is obvious that the Canada of 2014 and previous years is dead-as-a-doornail.

How many Canadians approved Mr. Trudeau’s $50 Million Dollar give-away referenced herein? How many of us voted for $1 Billion Big Ones to be taken from our pockets and shipped off to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia and over 40 additional 3rd world nations?

No one–that’s how many. Which Canadians voted for mass 3rd world immigration? Multicultural policy? Refugee policy?

No one–for ever and a day. And yet CBC and the rest of the media rot have the audacity to label Canada a “democratic” nation.

Bollocks to that–it’s damn lie. If it was not for the neo-socialist CBC, Liberal grovelling CTV, United Nations-pandering Globe & Mail and the rest, perhaps 80% of Canadians would comprehend the truth regarding the Trudeau Government:

They are, in fact, a subset of the United Nations, and not a true Canadian government in any true sense of the term.

WHAT CBC ARE HIDING FROM CANADIANS: As Covid-19 RAGES, Justin Trudeau EXPANDS Visa Program From China, Iran

Now, for a piece of reality. CAP are not interested in “blowing our horn” as such. However, what we can claim with authority is that our political party–officially registered in British Columbia, Canada— predicted this social upheaval within one month of Justin Trudeau taking office.

When we looked at the “Great Pretender” on television, we could practically smell the rot coming through the screen. This guy will be nothing but trouble for Canada, to the extent whereby this man could actually bring our nation to its knees.

CBC didn’t agree. John Ivison of Globe & Mail called CAP “sick.” The Toronto Star predicted nothing of this sort. Nor did CBC’s Andrew Coyne, or Chantal Hebert.

No–establishment media in Canada had to make a choice— trans-ition into a pseudo-communist media entity by way of the strong-arm of government, or potentially perish from a lack of funding.

This is how Trudeau, Gerald Butts and MP Bill Morneau seduced Canadian society. As a result, 37.7 Canadians sit in silence as the globalist agenda established by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau is fulfilled by spawn Justin.

Don’t you see? Pierre Trudeau is the prototype globalist. This commie-infatuated cretin was the first individual to trans-ition Canada to what it has become under sonny-boy Justin Trudeau:

A pseudo-socialist nation-state headed toward a full transition from democracy to dictatorship. Media say nothing.

Basic Marxist Theory: To seduce a nation like Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen and MP Omar Alghabra wish to do, two distinct forces must exist:

  1. Deliver an existential social threat from outside the nation– this is where the U.N., geo-political Islam, Communist China and Sikh Nationalism come in. Add a major dose of billionaire George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation,” and bang zoom– there you have it.
  2.  Create social upheaval from WITHIN the nation. This PM Trudeau has done by favouritism toward specific communities–Sikh and Muslim-– while marginalizing and demonizing our traditional communities– Old Stock, Anglophones, Christians.

Mix up all this macro and micro social consternation into one giant mess, pour and serve.

This is the true legacy of PM Justin Trudeau— the singular prime minister in Canadian history to work to destroy everything Canada has stood for since our nation’s founding in 1867.

Media say nothing about it–not a  single word.




4 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Gifts $50 MILLION DOLLARS To 3rd World Governments To Fight Covid-19”

  1. What is Trudeau going to give seniors we need a boost in our pensions as now we will have to get groceries and it cost more money stores in our area are using their prices and if we need delivery that costs extra.

  2. Stop the bleeding he’s going to bankrupt our country. We carry the burden of coming up with these funds as tax paying citizens. Take care of us. Someone needs to put our pm under control. Absolute disregard for money and the Canadian people. He’s a disgrace to his own people

  3. I couldn’t agree more about “Justin”,but for unknown reasons the average Canadian never bothers to do any research about our country or it’s politics. The CBC is their trusted source of information.
    By the way….this is my introduction to CAP, which I was not aware of prior.However,I don’t think that I would be interested in joining your ranks…why you ask? Scanning the list of topics for discussion I was immediately reminded of the “swelling ” ranks of special interest groups in the U.S. like Proud Boys and BLM and on and on.Your topics for discussion give birth to one of the reasons that things today are in such a mess,I refer to “paranoia ” rampant in the U.S. Many groups focus on what they hear or thought they heard or feel and that’s sufficient to fuel “arm yourself and take back what is deemed taken from you ” show up in numbers that give you that uplifting feeling seeing so many others that think the way you do.Therefore you must be right…..sadly “not”.


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