Justin Trudeau: From “Sunny Ways” To Wearing BULLET-PROOF Vests

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Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau took extraordinary safety precautions at a major election rally west of Toronto Saturday, donning an armoured vest and appearing with a heavy security detail because of a threat.

Prepared remarks had indicated that Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, was to introduce the Liberal leader. She did not appear or take the stage during the rally. We can understand why.

“For security reasons, we do not comment on security measures given to the prime minister,” RCMP spokeswoman Stephanie Dumoulin said in email.

Fine–CAP will comment instead. Unprecedented times and behaviours result in unprecedented public reaction. Justin Trudeau is a hated man. Frankly, he deserves every bit of it–save physical attacks and related violence.

Trudeau’s fundamental problem is one of forcing an agenda upon a nation whose citizens and voters do not directly benefit from his political decision-making. Who has benefitted?

Primary benificaries : Africa, Islamic nations, Third World citizens, United Nations, Global banking, Sikh Canada, Muslim Canada, Homosexuals and the Transgendered.

Justin Trudeau was elected by Canadian citizens, and immediately went to work on behalf of non-Canadians, delivering billions of tax-payer dollars on a silver platter to the governments of Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Nigeria, Jordan and Ethiopia. What was the first major political decision made? To import 35,000 Syrians to Canada. Benefit for Canadians: nothing.

All the while, Canadian establishment media neither questioned, nor criticized, Trudeau’s curious choice of tax-payer fund distribution.

Of course, there is more. On a domestic level, Trudeau’s most fervent political dedications have gone towards Third World migrants and refugees. In terms of religion, Justin unilaterally advanced the Nation of Islam above Christianity, Judaism, and other major religions. This was accomplished by way of a one-sided,  biased motion known as M103.

Tabled by half-citizen MP Iqra Khalid from Pakistan, M103 effectively elevated the Islamic faith above all other religions. What else? Try four years of running down Anglophone Canada by way of a series of vote-grabbing apologies to Canadian Sikhs, Jews, Muslims, Gays, and any other community Trudeau could dig up in order to demonize Anglophone Canadians. Media eschewed the entire affair–all of it.

These are some of the reasons why this week PM Trudeau was forced to wear a bullet-proof vest at a Liberal Party rally west of Toronto. Note that relative to the magnitude of the event, CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest are down-playing the situation. What a shock this is.

Another hidden element of this affair is found in the cover-up of Trudeau’s best buddy and advisor, Gerald Butts. Due to the shadowy nature of this scheming globalist, CAP is forced to merely speculate on Mr. Butts degree of culpability in this regard.

However, our opinion is that much of the mess is due to the guidance Butts provides to boss-man Justin. Sensible Canadians would most likely agree that the simplistic brain of King Justin is incapable of personally creating an agenda of this nature. Rather, CAP believe it is the scheming, “superior” mind of old school buddy, Gerry Butts.

For four years, our organization has put forth the idea that the so-called “leadership” style of the Trudeau- Butts agenda is rooted in socialist ideology. The Trudeau government is  pseudo-democratic.  It is only in name and theory that the Liberals are a democratically- oriented government.

This is, in fact, the root deception which common sense Canadians are now rejecting. It is also much of the impetus for angry citizens to threaten our prime minister with physical violence.

“You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

A phrase attributed to Abraham Lincoln–although there is controversy as to whether or not he is the originator. Yet, this is what Trudeau and boyfriend Butts have attempted to do to the good people of Canada–“fool all the people all the time.”

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It appears they have failed. Glory Hallelujah to that. Another four years of these globalist destroyers will surely bury Canada as a cohesive nation. Quebec might leave confederation. Alberta could separate. No one can say for certain, but CAP will maintain something tragic like the break-up of Canada will result from four more years of Trudeau, Butts, MP Ahmed Hussen, and the rest of the globalist culture-killers.

As CAP maintained from day one, Justin Trudeau is a divider. He came on like king of personal and global virtue, but the bubble burst over the four years he attempted to maintain an iron-clad grip upon the consciousness of the Canadian people.

What is truly sad is that the impact of the four years of Trudeau also affects the future of Canadian politics, and society in general. In simple terms, the giant mess Justin has created will reverberate for years–or perhaps decades–to come.

Can Canada work its way out of the mess Gerald Butts has made of our nation? Yes,it is possible. However, due to the Trudeau/Butts tag-team, the various identifiable communities of Canada are at each other’s throats more than ever before.

CAP maintain this is 100% intentional. It is to serve as a precursor for an entire revision of Canadian society. This we can already witness by the advancement of Third World Canada to the top of our social food-chain, and the related slamming of Anglophone and Christian Canadians as meat-headed racist bigots.

Who has made the accusation? Does it come from disgruntled Third World journalists and university professors who hate white Canada for its colonization of Aboriginal lands?

Yes, without question. But it also comes from “the top.” Justin Trudeau, Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen, Gerald Butts, MP Iqra Khalid and other ethno-centrics within the Trudeau government.

These are the reasons why King Justin had to pull his latest costume from his political “tickle-trunk”– a live-saving bullet proof vest.








7 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau: From “Sunny Ways” To Wearing BULLET-PROOF Vests”

  1. You are absolutely correct. Canada needs to change our Constitution to give the people the legal tools to get rid of rogue governments and politicians. In addition, currently politicians are above the law and even change laws to the benefit of themselves and their friends. This must stop. Politicians from all parties have conspired over the past several decades to slowly take away the rights of the citizens. These need to be reinstated. Canada is the only country that uses the first past the post system, this needs to be banned and replaced with a MMR model. Lastly, every politician must sign a Duty of Care to the people and provinces of Canada and a Duty of Loyalty to Canada. Contravention of these Fiduciary Duties should entail a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison. Lastly, politicians should be restricted from creating or using Their own or family foundations, trusts, charities, etc., to receive bribes from people, corporations, or countries who wish to do business with or benefit from the political connections.

  2. As is his practice, Trudeau latched on to one of the many vague threats that happen to all in the political limelight by using his security for grandstanding.

  3. Those UNGRATEFUL, ANTI-WHITE, 3rd World NON-whites CHOSE to come to the White Christian European-created Canada’s once-upon-a-time-paradise. White Christian Europeans settled and BUILT and CREATED a civillized and peaceful paradise.

    The gratitude by the anti-White 3rd Worlders is prodigious and proliferating.

    If White Christian European “Colonists” are so bad, research the result of France vacating Haiti, and the British being massacred into fleeing Rhodesia. Now Haiti and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), are BIG FAT JOKES. Without the most hated race on the planet (the White Man), the 3rd World would still be living in mud-huts, tents, igloos, and caves.

    I say to 3rd World-ers….If YOU come to Canada to bleed more money, then you TOO ARE COLONISTS and welfare parasites!!!

    Furthermore…..White Christian Europeans were enslaved by Muslims during The Barbary Coast Slave Trade. But neither the Lame Stream Media nor the Boards of Education and Colleges and Universities will disclose THOSE HORRIFIC details.

    The George Soros (Jihadi-Justin’s secret boss), agenda is ONLY to be force-fed the dire circumstances of all Non-White….Non-Christian…..Non-European “Minorities”.


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