Justin Trudeau Fragmenting Canadian Society With Abortion, Guns, Immigration Policies

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According to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, “We’re going to have to stand in the face of what very likely will be negative, divisive campaigns while we stay positive. Because we know that scaring people and dividing people might lead to short-term electoral gains, but it ends up hurting your capacity to govern for everyone.”

Only problem is, Justin Trudeau doesn’t govern for everyone. Who does he work on behalf of? Third World Canadians ONLY. Muslims, Sikhs, Chinese to some degree, as well as homosexuals and transgendered. How can he possibly say he works for all Canadians when he has NOT ONCE made public reference to Old Stock Canada, Anglophone Canada or Christian Canada? For Trudeau, these are the INVISIBLE Canadians.

The rest  as far as Justin is concerned. these folks can can all go jump in Lake Ontario. The man has displayed nothing but scorn for the Anglophone, Christian and Conservative people of Canada. His behaviour is downright punitive.

Justin Trudeau is a DIVIDER. East vs West, Big Business vs Environmentalists, Christian vs Muslim, Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice. Never has Canada has such an ideologically  partisan PM as King Justin. Simply put, his words do not match his behaviour– an age-old cliche of political leadership.

On abortion, Trudeau only has one thing to say: “No one should tell a woman what to do with her body. End of story. In the meantime, abortion is arguably the most complex human rights issue of our time. Recently, Mr. Trudeau attempted to influence American abortion policy. He failed. It is obvious Vice President Mike Pence doesn’t give a damn what feminist flake Justin has to say.

On gun control, our PM maintains a curious dual personality. On one hand, he wants to restrict gun ownership for innocent Canadians. The reality is Trudeau is using the mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, to push for gun control here.

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We don’t have a rash of mass shootings in Canada and most gun murders are carried out by criminals using already illegal firearms. Statistics show legal gun owners are among the least likely people to be involved in any violent crime.

On the other hand, Mr. Trudeau imports convicted ISIS killers to Canada, and permits them to walk the streets of our nation unimpeded. Quite the commitment to public safety, eh?

On the issue of immigration, a poll informs us less than 10% of Canadians want an increase in immigration quotas. Trudeau responds by raising the quota by 30%.

Bottom line: he doesn’t give a fig what the people of Canada THINK. Those who provide the funds for Trudeau to deliver to governments of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and Somalia— totalling BILLIONS OF DOLLARS— couldn’t give a damn about Canadian public opinion. It is the height of arrogance of the variety he inherited from Papa Pierre Trudeau--take hold of the consciousness and the fate of the nation you were elected to lead, and do EXACTLY what you want with it.

This is Trudeau-style leadership. The family of Pierre Trudeau have TRANS-formed our nation into an entity not a single Canadian asked for or approved. Media SAY NOTHING about this reality.

Abortion, Gun Control, Immigration. Three of the most critical–and divisive issues– in contemporary society. For each, and most other critical issues, Justin Trudeau’s decision-making has polarized Canadians like never before. Then again, this is his job. Not as prime minister, but rather as prime divider in a bid to fulfill the will of globalist forces twisting Canada into an a borderless nation-state with no core identity.

Of course, this proclamation only opens the door for a NEW CORE to take the place of the old. This is the bottom-line agenda of the King Of Canada. Vote him in for another four years and you will receive an additional four years of the EXACT SAME BEHAVIOUR.


3 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Fragmenting Canadian Society With Abortion, Guns, Immigration Policies”

  1. Plain and simple…..on a few things ..in regards to abortion, even though with all the education and literature out there it’s very sad that we still have pretty basically ‘stupid’ people roaming amongst us. but it is up the women in regards of what to do with their pregnancies. Canada is way WAY over populated as it is. and I blame Trudeau and his stupidIty cause no matter how u look at he does play a big BIG factor by bringing all these immigrants in. I have to ask the government for real…why the hell do the keep such bills and request pass. Trudeau I think should have been given permission to do a lot of things when it comes to our economy. yes he play a bad role in it but, who allows him to get with it is what wrong…Does anyone one not see or foresee the consequences that they are putting on Canada??? is the system really that hard up for destroying Canada. it doesn’t take no brainer to see the trouble yet to come. and what the hell is this ‘create more jobs business? it still hasn’t fixed any of the ones that have a job…how beyond stupid is it for real by bringing in more immigrants and giving them all kinds of money. it more then a ludicrous and beyond ridiculous mistake. sure just spend more put us in more debt. raise the taxes and bring more immigrants in cry more jobs wtf?? where logic coming from?? doe know ever think that maybe from all the people they allow into canada and all the babies they spread just so they claim citizenship. which just adds more to the debt because they then claim pregnancy and become the typical welly collector.Trudeau basically slowly turning Canada into just one big immigration flop house is what happening.and that maybe the wise thing to just cool down on the happy immigrant entry to something like ever 15-20 years. its not to say but hell let some people die first and free up space before showing more in. not going to be easy these have babies too. or do we have to clam up and follow china’s 1 baby rule. the whole government system has gone and nothing but a flaw. im so glad at my age i wont be around to have to live in the mess thats for sure

  2. Why, is the question. The reason is simple. If there are many blocks of either ethnic or religious groups spread around the country and they are officially recognized and even legalized such as the First Nations, it validates the special status and continuation of Quebec. it matters not that the process destroys unity and economic stability as long as Quebec remains separate.


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